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I love women

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surveyPeople, you are missing the point! Of course, women get aroused, visually. That's why we all wear clothes! Women's reactions are totally conservative and "ewww-"like despite their true pulses! They are likely to put you in jail, if you try visual stimulation. "Indecent exposure!" Even if she was craving it!

The question is NOT about that. The question means, would a woman act on those pulses, positively (i.e. Seek any sort of sexual activity with source of arousal!) Again, 95%+, NEGATIVE!

I'm here to tell you, NNNOOOOOO!!! Otherwise, you'd see men raped all over the place, no guys killing themselves to just get a smile, and pubs and all that garbage places would just disappear in a heartbeat!

Women are different physically, physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and purposely. It's the truth. Deal with it! They are highly attractive, highly sensitive, highly motivated to seek STABILITY. Why would she risk getting pregnant and risk her emotions being trampled-upon, and destroyed, just for a meat-cucumber, that's a dime-a-dozen? All a woman has to do is smile! 170000 gig guys will be lined up awaiting their turn!

The question is absurd! Guys, I'm sorry, but you have NO chance!..