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User: Kristal_Rose
Member Since: 20-Jul-1999 Survey Central member for over 18 years
Surveys Created: 212
Last On: 2-May-2014
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Name: Kristal Phoenix
Sex: female
Location: City of the Angels, California
Politics: very left liberal
Orientation: non-sexual
Religion: Spiritual but not Religious
Birthday: 23-Mar-1963 (54.725 years old)

Quotation: VOTE NADER / All is God.

Comment: - That's my secondary email, checked weekly at best.
FB name is Kristal McKinstry in WA,US. I'm a night-owl, so keep it 2pm-midnight.
Tarot reader / Metaphysical counselor / Digital instrument designer.
Ecclectic guitarist: Hindu blues bach trance surf blue-grass, fibonacci time-signatures, tappistry technique, using Captain Nemo in the Quasars sort of sound effects.
Into almost all the arts and sciences from stone-carving to mystical nanotechnology programming.
Current activities: Building hybrid motorized tandem bicycle.

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surveyWell that's taking it to a level I wasn't even thinking about. It's not inconceivable though that one day google glasses will catch every item you put in your purse, and people wouldn't want to live without that because they wouldn't want to live without something reminding them that usually throw some purple lipstick in their purse when wearing that dress. ..and of course mind to mind implants may come about. With all that around, people might avoid interacting with anyone whom their glasses identify as not in a state of total public disclosure.
surveyMany times. I see it as inevitable, and therefore we should at least even the score on the concept, not they see us, we don't see them.
surveyLike me?