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User: Kirstii_oOX
Member Since: 28-Jun-2008 Survey Central member for over 9 years
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Name: Kirstii Swift
Sex: female
Location: Rotherham..x
Orientation: straight
Religion: Agnostic
Relationships: single
Birthday: 1-Oct-1992 (25.146 years old)

Quotation: Thrown and you bring the world down smile and it will smile back at you :D

My name is kirstii
Blonde Hair && Blue eyes
ii am a student at Wath Comprehensive school :)
ii aspire to become a psychiatrist mainly for children and teenagers but for people of older ages too
ive been helped soo much in my life so want to help others now :)
at the minuet getting over that lad luke but ii am slowly getting there :)
ii love meeting new people if you do want to talk then message me :D
if your someone who judges people on their looks or their hobbies and intrests then just dont bother talking to me :)

Recent Comments
surveyFair enough if you want to be a model or something you need your looks but apart from that i think that your personality gets you alot further in life than your looks do. In life you must comunicate with people to get where you want to, you could be the most beautiful person ever but if your a dog people or not going to want to know you the people who are polite and kind and are basically very nice people are going to get more life oportunities than good looking people who are horrible.
surveypersonally ii would say that yes there is a secret to getting over the person that you love but its only you who can figure that secret out, since everyone deals with pain a different way, some people like to talk about it and take each day as it comes others just seem too much on and just hide the pain.
i think that we never really get over love at first its just that we simply forget it and in some cases give our love to somebody else. When you loose the person you love the most it just feels like life is not worth living without them, i understand it all since i have been through it which is why im writing this now incase any lass/lad is reading now just to try and find an answer to get over that person. so heres what helped me and hope it can help you...

You have to take it at your own pace dont try move to fast move on when your ready to.
Think about what you want for yourself your the most important person so put that other person into the back of your mind and decide what is the best thing for you!!
Don't go running after the person if they cant see what a great person they allready have then they arnt worth your time and love someone whos loves you back and is totally devoted to you deserves it.
Try to keep yourself buisy do things that you really love doing and what you used to do before you met that person and keep with your friends :)
Most importantly smile and the whole world will smile back at you we were all born into this world to fight for ourselfs and to live our lives how we want to live it never let anyone bring you down and stop you from living the life you want they arnt worth it friends and family are the most important people they will see you through all your hurt :D
I really hope ive helped someone out there and all the best to everyone who has read this..x