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User: Irene007
Member Since: 2-Jan-2001 Survey Central member for over 16 years
Surveys Created: 285
Last On: 11-Mar-2017
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Sex: female
Location: Montreal
Orientation: straight
Relationships: widow
Birthday: 2-Aug-1961 (56.377 years old)

Quotation: A conscience is what hurts when all of your other parts feel so good. "Gigidy, gigidy..."

Do we really need men after menopause?

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surveyNo, not usually.

I spoke to Cleo this week, she says that she has some catching up to do with us. She was going to post it on FB but then I told her that some people don't like that place. She told me that everyone is on Facebook! I told her no.
We may all have accounts there but we don't all use them. So she promised to be on Facebook on the 25th - I will be here. Maybe I should set a time? I want you all here, I miss you guys so much.
surveyAfter what just happened with Pat and I tonight; I have some fodder for a couple of surveys!!
survey> We're still all here Irene... Beer I haven't been to bookface in months.

Funny I call it Face de Bouc. I got that from a French play where an old lady tries to explain FaceBook to her elderly friend. Literally translated it means; "Goat Face", it kinda stuck...

I went back for a while, just to try it again but it just seems to soak up more time than it's worth so I go only when I absolutely have to. Some people use it to promote their businesses (too cheap to have proper websites!) so I find my way there by obligation.

While I was writing this, I had a major blow out with my assh... boyfriend.

See how SC is so much better? I can post comments here that I wouldn't dare on BookFace. >smile