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User: IncredibAl
Member Since: 22-Feb-2006 Survey Central member for over 11 years
Surveys Created: 9
Last On: 9-Jan-2008
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Sex: male
Location: West Coast Canada
Religion: Christian/Protestant
Relationships: single
Birthday: 17-Oct-1955 (62.161 years old)

Quotation: "give me a long enough lever and a proper fulcrum and I can move the world."

Politics--right conservative, socialist, anarchist--it all depends on the time of day. I can be quite undecided, and I am unanimous in that.

I could get used to just sitting around, playing on my computer, giving profound answers to world-changing questions--or, I could spend all day on Survey Central instead!

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Why did you choose the user name that you use on SC?
If you think the written form of the English language is deteriorating, what can be done about it?
Why, (or why not)?
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surveyHe was too heavy for the reindeer to pull, so he and the sleigh got stranded, somewhere over the Bermuda triangle. He's never been seen again.


He had one too many eggnogs, and got stuck in a chimney in Germany. Because none of the reindeer are fluent in German, they couldn't find help. Rudolph tried sending morse code messages with his nose, but the whole language thing was still a problem. Within a few months, he should have shrunk enough to fall to the bottom of the chimney and get out.


Aliens, my friend, aliens. The sleigh was running too close to a spaceship, and when the mother ship was trying to pull the landing craft back, it actually locked its beam onto the sleigh instead. So, now Santa is trying to explain the whole thing back on Alpha Centauri.

It's always a good time to quit doing unhealthy things to your body.
surveyI think something as personal and life-shattering as being laid off absolutely needs to be done in person. Along with the inhumanity of doing it by email, there are the possible glitches--going out to the wrong person, , etc. that could happen.