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User: Enigma
Member Since: 25-Apr-2004 Survey Central member for over 13 years
Surveys Created: 264
Last On: 31-May-2015
Page Hits: 0 today (2 in the last 30 days)
Sex: female
Location: Ontario CANADA
Orientation: straight
Religion: Christian/Catholic
Relationships: married
Birthday: 12-Jul-1961 (56.428 years old)

Quotation: "Give him a gun and he thinks he's Superman. Give him two and he's God."


Recent Surveys
If I make the statement "One in four people that live in the United States think the sun revolves around the earth" what would you think?
There's a high-speed bus barreling toward you with no signs of slowing down. Your dog and a foreign tourist stand in its path, deer-in-the-headlights style. You can only save one. Which do you choose?
Do you think you're smarter than the average person living in your country?
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surveyPaid for some random guys meal at A&W when his debit wouldn't work. Hope he pays it forward.
surveyLoad things with my hands because I get paid and I enjoy it in paradise in the morning.