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User: CarlHalling
Member Since: 26-Feb-2002 Survey Central member for over 15 years
Surveys Created: 6
Last On: 30-Apr-2017
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Name: Carl Halling
Sex: male
Location: England, UK
Orientation: straight
Religion: Christian/Born Again

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surveyA lot of shower and shower head are in terrible bathtub and sink are both computer is horrifically glasses have been patched up multitudinous times...there's a broken drain outside my curtains are a pair of old vacuum cleaner is energy levels are at barely functional...
surveyAs long as there was food, and something to drink, and somewhere to lay my head, I'd just carry on; I think I'd spend a lot of time wandering around dreaming of the past, but I'd not want to exist like this indefinitely; the sense of boredom and isolation would weigh heavily, even on a loner like me. I'd just go on, waiting and wondering until it was time to say bye bye forever.
surveyNothing, I've not owned an iron nor ironing board, nor ironed anything I wear on a daily basis for several years now. Luckily I own clothes which are pretty well self-ironing. I'm on a very tight budget and an iron is nowhere near the top of my current must-haves.