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User: CarlHalling
Member Since: 26-Feb-2002 Survey Central member for over 15 years
Surveys Created: 6
Last On: 21-Aug-2017
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Name: Carl Halling
Sex: male
Location: England, UK
Orientation: straight
Religion: Christian/Born Again

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Recent Comments
surveyYes, I've had some beauties :)
surveyI have no recollection of this, although I did collapse in a restaurant back in the early 1990s: it was alcohol-related and I have little recollection of what happened, apart from feeling like death, getting up, and collapsing.
surveyI've never owned a smart phone, although I'll occasionally avail myself of a family member's phone, but no, I'm not in any way dependent on the smart phone phenomenon. Now the internet is another matter, there is dependency there.