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multiple21-Aug-2006opinionHyperman by votes62549.2%


What do you do when you're standing there at home bored to death?

24watch a movie or T.V.
22actually read
8Go call random people you know just to chat
7Play video games for a long time
2go play outside and play weird sports
1Go leave to a food place

posted 21-Aug-2006 5:05pm  
I 'actually read', once I've sat down and found myself a book.
posted 21-Aug-2006 5:10pm  
I don't stand at home. I sit.
posted 21-Aug-2006 5:26pm  
Read! Also play around on the computer whilst listening to iTunes.
posted 21-Aug-2006 5:28pm  
More likely watch a movie or T.V., read or go play outside.
posted 21-Aug-2006 5:29pm  
Read, watch tv, play outside with Caleb, go to the park, call people to chat, etc.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 21-Aug-2006 5:42pm  
check Other
posted 21-Aug-2006 5:48pm  
posted 21-Aug-2006 5:56pm  
None of the above...I do one of the million options you left out by not offering an "other" there!
posted 21-Aug-2006 6:06pm  
At home, there is always something one can do. I have loads of books to read also. I play computer games, talk to family or friends on telephone. There is always TV, or movies. Play crosswords, do a puzzle. There are many things I could do, never get bored.
posted 21-Aug-2006 6:06pm  
surf the internet or make jewelry
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 21-Aug-2006 6:37pm  
I'm very, very rarely bored.
posted 21-Aug-2006 6:49pm  
I have done all of those
posted 21-Aug-2006 7:18pm  

I usually do something that involves organizing or sorting listening to music or tv.
posted 21-Aug-2006 7:20pm  
I'm usually too busy to get bored.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 21-Aug-2006 7:34pm  
I am rarely that bored, but I frequently watch TV or a movie if I'm feeling too tired or lazy to do any of the other things I can think of to do.
posted 21-Aug-2006 10:17pm  
I might play video games..Which, you know I'm uber bored if I do that. I might actually read but if the book has really dragged me in then I don't have to be bored. I will go outside and play sports..not necessarily weird ones..but with weird people..I will call random people...And I will do alot of TV watching...But because I can't drive I can't just decide to leave to go to some food place.
Speaking of weird sports...I still have one of my friend's baseball cards from when we were 6 and 7..or 7 and 8...whatever it was we were really young..And we would pretend to be secret agent soccer players that lived on an airplane..and to get back in the room once we left...we had to use the cards. Wow..that was ten years ago...Ook..sorry..I'm done remembering things..
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 21-Aug-2006 11:24pm  
Sometimes I will just listen to the scanner.
(reply to llamamama) posted 21-Aug-2006 11:32pm  
Crazy stuff we come up with when we are kids, huh?
(reply to RGirl) posted 22-Aug-2006 12:27am  
Yeah, and then..we grow old and just aren't imaginative anymore...Or..if we's dirty..
(reply to llamamama) posted 22-Aug-2006 1:02am  
Or we have schizophrenia.
posted 22-Aug-2006 2:36am  
read, watch a movie or tv
posted 22-Aug-2006 5:04am  
Other, I look up on the internet.
posted 22-Aug-2006 6:44am  
check Other
I don't get bored. I always have something to do.
posted 22-Aug-2006 7:38am  
check Other
I don't. There's always something to do...
posted 22-Aug-2006 7:43am  
play with myself.
posted 22-Aug-2006 8:01am  
I'm not usually bored with kids to take care of, but in free time I like being online and drawing floorplans. Sometimes I do other stuff. None of the things on the list are things I'd resort to doing if I'm bored, except *maybe* watching a movie or t.v. but only if my husband or one of the kids is already watching something interesting.
posted 22-Aug-2006 8:11am  
Like, totally do crazy stuff
posted 22-Aug-2006 8:37am  
Read, there is a million books I want to read and never get round to.
And of course, listen to music.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Aug-2006 9:11am  
sit down, go through stuff I have like magazines and mail, maybe play a game for a little bit, maybe go outside and walk around, find something to do around my house, eat something, ...
posted 22-Aug-2006 2:27pm  
Just chat to my friends.
(reply to RGirl) posted 22-Aug-2006 4:43pm  
true haha
posted 22-Aug-2006 8:47pm  
I'm not sure I understand what is meant by "standing there," but I generally read for recreation.
posted 23-Aug-2006 2:02am  
watch a movie or T.V.
posted 23-Aug-2006 12:29pm  
Carry on standing.. and standing.. and standing.
posted 23-Aug-2006 9:42pm  
clean, watch a movie, get on the computer and mess with people, call someone
posted 24-Aug-2006 1:33pm  
I never get bored, I'm a distracted work-a-holic with a zen appreciation of my activities, so there's no time for boredom.

Ah wait, there are times I get bored, when I'm on a bus or in a waiting room, in which case I read or work in my design journal.
posted 24-Aug-2006 4:23pm  
Boredom is not something that I experience. I have a theory that only boring people get bored. I don't know. I can always entertain myself. I have a never ending supply of daydreams for example.

As there wasn't an option for this, I selected the only option available that was something that I do: "actually read". I don't own video games or a TV, I hate having pointless telephone conversations, I don't even know what a "weird sport" is, and I only go to restaurants when I'm hungry.
posted 28-Aug-2006 12:38am  
I am never bored. wink There's no option for me.
posted 28-Aug-2006 2:33pm  
I don't stand around at home unless I'm doing dishes or heating something up in the microwave. The choices are limited and don't cover what I do when I'm bored.
posted 28-Aug-2006 2:46pm  
Sadly, I never have enough time to be bored. There's always work or chores to do.
posted 30-Aug-2006 11:14pm  
None of these...I am so busy with full time family, pets and home there is no time to be bored......
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 10-Sep-2006 4:24pm  
I sit.
posted 24-Sep-2006 1:55pm  
I dont get bored.
posted 25-Sep-2006 2:45pm  
Don't get bored.
posted 3-Nov-2006 7:36pm  
I don't get bored. There is always some way I can occupy myself. Reading, watching TV or a movie, going for a walk. cleaning, going online, etc.
posted 4-Nov-2006 4:31pm  
My life is busy between work & my social life. When I'm home, I watch tv, go online, read, have company over.
posted 6-Nov-2006 7:07pm  
Doesn't happen.
posted 2-Dec-2006 3:19pm  
Standing? What happens if I'm sitting down and bored?

I will play Yahoo Games Mah Jong Solitaire, read my book, dink on the computer, maybe watch TV if something good is on Animal Planet, Court TV, or one of my documentary channels... all done sitting down.

I will also do things like clean the refrigerator (work stuff), tidy up my room, play with my remaining rat, Jay (Silent Bob is no more), smoke pot (if I have any)... when I had my Ultima Online account, I could spend the whole day playing that.
posted 10-Dec-2006 9:39pm  
Probably watch a movie.

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