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multiple9-Oct-2006personal experiencejudgescratch by votes42658.8%


What do you do when you're bored at work?

15This question does not apply to my work situation
9Find people to talk to
9Find work to do
8Surf the net
5Pretend to look busy
0Call in sick

posted 10-Oct-2006 11:17am  
If I am bored, than I am not working. If I am not working, than I am not earning money or honing my craft.
posted 10-Oct-2006 11:46am  
play a game
posted 10-Oct-2006 12:13pm  
Talk, or doodle/write bass lines.
posted 10-Oct-2006 2:32pm  
I don't have time to be bored at work.
posted 10-Oct-2006 2:39pm  
Surf the net (SC, of course)
Find people to talk to
Pretend to look busy
Find work to do
RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 10-Oct-2006 3:54pm  
If I'm at school, I'll read a novel or just daydream.
If I'm at work, I'm not bored.
posted 10-Oct-2006 6:31pm  
I never experience boredom. I have a theory that only boring people experience boredom. When I'm at work, I work. Sure, I'll take a break now and then, but otherwise I'm there to work not to aimlessly waste time.
posted 10-Oct-2006 7:10pm  
Other. I'm retired so this does not apply to me. But when I used to have a job and there was no work, I would surf the Net. If I was unable to get online I would read something brought from home. I was never without a book in my backpack to take to work, to read during lunchtime or whenever.
posted 10-Oct-2006 9:50pm  
Doesn't apply. When I did work I would find work to do.
posted 10-Oct-2006 9:58pm  
I don't work.
But how does one call in sick..when they are bored at work?
posted 10-Oct-2006 11:13pm  
If I ever got bored at work (which I don't) I would do a different type of work that is still work because that's what I'm being paid to do. How do you call in sick if you're already there? Hmmmm.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 11-Oct-2006 12:25am  
SInce I can get bored in the cab, I sometimes will sit next to another driver, and talk to them. OR I wll just take a nap.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 11-Oct-2006 1:08am  
I work for myself. I'm never bored at work. I do work that I enjoy. Sometimes I avoid work... usually by switching to other work. Sometimes by doing errands or playing a game.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 11-Oct-2006 8:57am  
i'm generally not bored at work, we are either busy or not busy. when i am not that busy, i will find people to talk to usually.
posted 11-Oct-2006 9:18pm  
Normally I would talk to employees, pretend to look busy, find something to do, or I would eat or drink something.. Doesn't happen too often though....But sometimes ya just don't feel like working.
posted 12-Oct-2006 12:30am  
It is so easy to talk and look busy or to talk and be busy or just find some food
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 12-Oct-2006 8:40am  
I don't get bored at work. I'm too busy.

I talk to upwards of 100 people a day.... An average of 5 min per call... I'm constantly talking and working for 10 hours straight.
posted 12-Oct-2006 2:15pm  
I'm a guilty net surfer. I always look at non work related sites at work.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Oct-2006 2:18pm  
On the whole, this question does not apply to my work situation - there's far too much to do to ever get bored. But when I work night shifts, they are very long and can be quite dull at times - you can't really potter around doing bits and pieces because you don't want to wake the patients up. Sometimes there are lots of patients who need regular attention so the shift is still very busy, but usually there are quite long, boring periods. I would spend them speaking with the two nurses I was on the shift with, and perhaps briefly with the on call doctors if they ever made it to our ward during the night. I might do some cleaning in areas that are often missed and where I would not disturb the patients. I might have some toast and butter to eat, and lots of water - we might even order a takeaway if we got all the patients settled before all of the takeaways shut. I would spend a lot of time reading through casenotes for anything that might have been missed by the day staff, and also for my own education.
posted 14-Oct-2006 7:22am  
This does not apply to me now, but I rarely ever got bored. There was always something to do.
posted 15-Oct-2006 9:55am  
One of the many times I got bored, I got a clip board, put some papers on it and walked around, occasionally stopping and looking at the papers and writing stuff down.. I did this for about two weeks before I got bored of doing that... No one bothered me since they thought I was busy... I did spend a lot of time drinking soda's in between times when I walked around.... The conclusion, if you look busy, no one will bother you and will leave you alone...

Ever read Dilbert... I was the perfect Wally....

Oh and I put some computer games on my computer and played a lot of "Bass fishing" ... love that "Boss Key'.....

As for the "I never get bored, I like working my fingers to the bone" crap... Get real people... Work is for those who do not know how to avoid it... the assorted jobs I have had, never paid me enough to actually want to work and accomplish anything so screw the boss and the job...
posted 15-Oct-2006 2:14pm  
Bored at work , I find plenty to keep me busy all afternoon long, more then enough work for me
(reply to llamamama) posted 15-Oct-2006 2:15pm  
> I don't work.
> But how does one call in sick..when they are bored at work?

Fake it
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 15-Oct-2006 7:47pm  
You can't call in sick when you're already at work.
(reply to llamamama) posted 15-Oct-2006 8:04pm  
I can be sick at work and she believes me, and sometimes we cannot help it
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 15-Oct-2006 8:07pm  
poker face But you didn't call in sick. You just said you were sick.
(reply to llamamama) posted 15-Oct-2006 8:13pm  
> poker face But you didn't call in sick. You just said you were sick.

Did not have to call in because I was here already he' he' oh dah
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 15-Oct-2006 8:42pm  
posted 1-Nov-2006 3:25pm  
I am not currently working but when I was working and we got bored we would have contests to who could sell the most, whatever.
posted 26-Nov-2006 4:25pm  
When I worked at the photo lab, there was always stuff to do. If my department was clear, I would find other areas where my help was needed. I was a full service employee.

And their very first "employee of the month".

Now, working with Alice and the Band, there is never a dull moment!

I especially liked our last trip with the full band where I was both road manager and driver. It's developed where I take care of the whole band when they get set up and go onstage.

In March, Eric Clapton is coming to the Key Arena and has Robert Cray as his special guest.

Alice use to tour with Robert Cray and his bass player is still one of her close friends. Last time they were here we all went out to dinner. She suspects we'll get free tickets and go backstage.

Perks! And you wonder why I love this job!
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 11-Jan-2018 5:23pm  
I have a different role now (nursing/healthcare assistant then, doctor now) but work is still usually too busy for me to be bored, but I do sit through some very boring meetings sometimes! If it's a boring meeting that I need to pay attention to and participate in (like one of our more drawn-out and unfocused ward handovers), then I will doodle as that actually helps me to concentrate on what I am hearing. I think people are sometimes surprised that I have been following along, because they think my doodling means I'm not paying attention, but really it's just an outlet so that I can actually listen to the salient information and respond. I'm often the most senior doctor at these meetings and I need to know what is going on and address any concerns and queries from other members of the ward team, so I can't afford to switch off. Departmental audit meetings, on the other hand, can often just turn into daydreaming time as they can be incredibly tedious.

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