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essay21-Feb-2011languageIseult by votes47460.5%


What words make you cringe?

E.g. I dislike it when people say 'sched' instead of 'schedule'.


posted 21-Feb-2011 7:43am  
Prinny for principal and Ima for I am going to. I'm sure there are others but I can't think of anything right now.
posted 21-Feb-2011 8:59am  
Shedule instead of Schedule. Axe instead of Ask.
posted 21-Feb-2011 9:23am  
Not pronouncing the "h" in huge (saying yooge). Drives me nuts.
posted 21-Feb-2011 10:08am  
I can't stand it when people say "welp" instead of "well"
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 21-Feb-2011 11:26am  
Preggers. This might be my least favorite word ever. If I were pregnant and a friend said I was preggers, they would seriously risk no longer being my friend.
posted 21-Feb-2011 11:44am  
Honestly?- The word "chicken" makes me cringe- I swear all the time and say "Fudge" etc, but that word is really quite vile......and a word I do not use
posted 21-Feb-2011 12:31pm  
Don't like when they use really bad grammar, like "he be...." but that's not just one word...
posted 21-Feb-2011 1:00pm  
"Babe" is a big one. I hate when people call each other babe. Or any other cutsey terms.
posted 21-Feb-2011 1:31pm  
axed instead of asked
posted 21-Feb-2011 1:58pm  
any owrd that isn't finished. The one that makes me cringe the most lately is "delish' For the love of Gad FINISH THE FUDGING WORD! It is insulting to a fine meal or a great dish to not finish the owrd and make it sound glib.
posted 21-Feb-2011 2:14pm  
When my manager asks me to 'make that report look sexy'.
(reply to autumnlight) posted 21-Feb-2011 2:18pm  
I'd give it a coversheet full of drawings...
posted 21-Feb-2011 2:37pm  
F-bomb, vajayjay, epic, fail, pwned, any kind of text/chat speak that's actually spoken (OMG, LOL, WTF, etc).
(reply to LindaH) posted 21-Feb-2011 3:16pm  
Ha! I have been tempted but unfortunately, along with cringeworthy phrases, he has no sense of humour!
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 21-Feb-2011 3:50pm  
posted 21-Feb-2011 6:35pm  
Too many to list. The beautiful English language has been undermined.
posted 22-Feb-2011 4:24am  
"Pissed" verses peeved, irked, vexed etc...
I'm sorry but I've NEVER been urinated off
posted 22-Feb-2011 7:16am  
posted 22-Feb-2011 9:57am  
Many abbreviations in spoken language. E.g. delish for delicious.

Exclamation 'Yum!'.

A very good friend of a mine will often comment: "Yum! This meal is delish!" It makes me want to cringe every time.

There are plenty of words and phrases that make me question one's taste and self-awareness but I cannot think of them right now.

posted 22-Feb-2011 9:58am  
Just a word, or can it be a phrase? "Comprised of..." does it for me. It should be "Composed of..." If you really want to use the word "comprise", remember that "comprise" is a synonym for "contain" or "embrace". "A zoo comprises many animals" not "a zoo is comprised of many animals".

Also, much as I like the CSI shows, they make pretty frequent use of the phrase, "Which begs the question..." followed by a question raised by their evidence. This is just wrong. The proper phrase to use here is, "Which invites the question..." "To beg the question" is a phrase used in philosophical criticism to describe a type of faulty reasoning in which the proposition you are trying prove is contained in one of your assumptions.
posted 23-Feb-2011 9:50am  
Yeah, I don't like that either....they sound like pompous jackasses. Pass the grape-poupon (jerks!)
posted 23-Feb-2011 2:13pm  
oh it makes my cringe when they say croak or some other stupid word
posted 23-Feb-2011 2:15pm  
Oh yes how why are you so bummed on those QWest commercials that just makes me cringe when they say bummed
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 23-Feb-2011 6:05pm  
(reply to bill) posted 24-Feb-2011 10:00am  
> peeps

I like marshmallow peeps.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to cprasky) posted 24-Feb-2011 10:10am  
I like to microwave them.
(reply to bill) posted 24-Feb-2011 1:08pm  
laughing out loud yes

gonna have to try that sometime when Sharon is away...
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to cprasky) posted 24-Feb-2011 1:56pm  
(reply to bill) posted 25-Feb-2011 7:14am  
Ya know, sometimes I think people have too much time on their hands. It was funny though.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to FordGuy) posted 25-Feb-2011 7:24am  
I was just looking for a regular video of microwaving peeps, but I found this and it caught me by surprise.
(reply to FordGuy, bill) posted 25-Feb-2011 9:34am  
Hmmm...all I see is abig blank block Oh well. We are between ISPs at the moment, so I have to content myself with the restricted access offered at work.
(reply to bill, FordGuy) posted 25-Feb-2011 10:32am  
That was funny!
posted 25-Feb-2011 4:19pm  
Radio and TV presenters who say "klommitters" instead of "kilometres". The measure is a kilo(1000) of metres. The mis-pronunciation arises because Webster thought that kilometre should rhyme with barometer, the -metre/meter part was the same thing, but it is not.
posted 26-Feb-2011 5:13pm  
posted 27-Feb-2011 7:57am  
'App' for application!
(reply to ASB) posted 27-Feb-2011 7:58am  
Oh yeah, I forgot about that one! :)
posted 27-Feb-2011 1:45pm  
Nucular. mostly I cringe about usage. "The two stories didn't jive", for example, where people use jive instead of jibe.
posted 27-Feb-2011 3:45pm  
The words "It's for the children" when liberals try and force some stupid law on you or take some of your freedoms away..
posted 28-Feb-2011 8:17am  
"ain't got no"....used in a phrase.
posted 14-Mar-2011 5:34pm  
"Gonna", instead of "going to".
"Wanna", instead of "want to".
posted 30-Mar-2011 10:41pm  
Niche - they pronounce it nitch when it should be pronounced neesh.
(reply to cprasky) posted 13-May-2011 2:39pm  
"To beg the question" is a phrase used in philosophical criticism to describe a type of faulty reasoning in which the proposition you are trying prove is contained in one of your assumptions. ........... Obviously, though i respectfully submit that I am at a loss and also not used to superfluous rhetoric which when read in its entirety, smacks of tautology................ *cue stupid grin*, Did that even make any sense? smiley:::smile
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 15-May-2011 3:54pm  
"To be honest", "Honestly". I catch myself saying them and cringe. I hear it so often, it's hard not to say it also.

I had a boss that used the word "basically" all the time. I think she thought it made her sound smart. Basically, I cringe if someone overuses the word "basically".
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Scott) posted 15-May-2011 3:58pm  

> pwned

How do you even say 'pwned' out loud anyway?

My kid (who unfortunately for me uses a lot of the slang that you mentioned lol) says "Powned".

Do you ever worry that text speak is just Newspeak?
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 20-May-2011 9:06pm  
I was sat on the bus today and a man sat next to me who'd obviously had a few, and wanted to chat. I was giving vague responses, until he decided to complain about the "Pakis" on the bus, after which I just ignored him. The oddest thing was that there wasn't a single person on the bus who wasn't white. Anyway, there are a lot of racist or otherwise offensive terms that would really make me cringe, including ones that I commonly hear coming from people I expect to know better - things like "pikey" or "gyppo", or "monged out". I think in those cases, people are often not actually aware that these terms actually are offensive. One of my friends was absolutely horrified when I explained what a "mong" was after she'd casually used the term.
(reply to Biggles) posted 8-Jun-2011 9:06am  
What's a mong?
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Maarten) posted 8-Jun-2011 2:45pm  
People with Down Syndrome used to be called Mongols (like the racial group) because of their facial features. That got shortened to "Mong" when used in an insulting or derogatory way.
(reply to Biggles) posted 8-Jun-2011 3:00pm  
I see. Thanks!
posted 17-Jun-2011 9:57pm  
posted 3-Jul-2011 1:48am  
"Putrid" or "stank".
posted 12-Aug-2011 2:57am  
Nigga' when used by urban youth when referring to their friends and themselves smiley:::frown

Any words indicative of hate or the oppression of verbal expression resulting from imposed or self adjusted ignorance.


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