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if you won $50,000,000 what would you do with it?

posted 3-May-2011 7:15pm  
Have a house built, no loan!
Improve my dad's property, new house, landscaping
Save most of it
Live on it, no working.
Buy things for the family
Go on vacation
posted 3-May-2011 7:19pm  
Buy a house of course. And stuff for it, like dwarf fruit trees for its yard. Put money in savings for emergencies, repairs, etc.
RainingFeathers This user is on the site NOW (5 minutes ago)
posted 3-May-2011 7:55pm  
1. Pay off my mortgage and get all the home upgrades/ renovations I've been wanting done.
2. Shop; need new clothes, kitchen stuff, furniture, etc.
3. Travel; take some time off work and see a few of the places I've really been wanting to visit.
4. Pay for some of the stuff family and friends want.
5. Invest (probably in fairly safe ventures, as I don't like too much risk and likely wouldn't need that capital to grow...)
6. Return to work part-time; love my job and would never want to stop working entirely, but shorter hours would be nice.
posted 3-May-2011 8:05pm  
Buy silver.
posted 3-May-2011 8:48pm  
Pay off my debts. Invest. Take my family on a nice vacation. Donate a few million to charity.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 3-May-2011 9:28pm  
Donate over half of it, give some to family members and then retire and have fun!
posted 3-May-2011 10:22pm  
Diversify. Probably try to figure out how to get some significant funds invested out of the country where they would be of use to me if/when the US really comes apart.
posted 3-May-2011 10:38pm  
Oh, and remember to set aside approximately $25,000,000 to pay taxes.
posted 3-May-2011 11:57pm  
spend it?
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me
posted 4-May-2011 12:34am  
Pay off all my debt, and start my own business
posted 4-May-2011 12:34am  
I'm a person that likes to live simply, set aside an account for my husband and I. . I would set my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, siblings, family up with comfortable accounts. I would help my friends. I would donate to good charities.
posted 4-May-2011 4:43am  
Well retire comes to mind first.
Give some to a few worthwhile charities.
And then Move, to get away from all the freeloading relatives.

(oh and transfer it to something other than US currency)
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-May-2011 7:31am  
Hire a lawyer and probably an accountant, then give Goldman Sachs a call.
posted 4-May-2011 8:54am  
The first thing I'd do is buy some beer. Then I'd charter a jet.
posted 4-May-2011 9:26am  
I'm not sure. I'd like to be able to live my current lifestyle without having to work, and, say, $5,000,000 would be plenty for that, and I could use some to help my parents and brother and sister financially, set up college funds for my nieces and nephews. But I don't want to own a multi-million dollar home or things like that; $50,000,000 is beyond my dreams of avarice.
posted 4-May-2011 11:36am  
First and foremost, I'd help my family out, as they are struggling right now, and give my dad a hefty chunk of it, for all the help he's given me over the years. Much of the rest would be funnelled into my artistic life. One thing I wouldn't do is buy a fleet of motor cars (smile)!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 4-May-2011 11:44am  
Buy a house, invest the rest, and live off the income.
posted 4-May-2011 1:55pm  
After the government takes half, I'd retire.
posted 4-May-2011 5:01pm  
Move far from here somewhere else
jen Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 5-May-2011 12:49pm  
put it in the bank
posted 5-May-2011 7:27pm  
Pay off my student loans.

Buy property.

Put the rest away.

Honestly, I don't know. I wouldn't want to win so much money. I would lose my focus. I am not used to dealing with so much capital. I'd prefer to win a million, I'd handle it much better.
posted 6-May-2011 3:01pm  
Nice house in the Hollywood Hills, a nice car, travel....and play (party) with the rest. I owe nothing to anyone. And of course, after all of that...the rest would go in the bank and I would hire a financial planner to invest or buy property...but keep a pretty good eye on him/her. Toss something to charity. Fifty million (with taxes) is not as much as you think that it is these days. As long as I had, at least, a million when I turn 70 would be alright with me. Who wants to be 95 with 500 million dollars, and you can barely get out of bed or go to the bathroom yourself?
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 8-May-2011 2:59am  
I would buy a jar of macadamia nuts.
posted 8-May-2011 8:12am  
Give each of my two children $10,000,000, give $1,000,000 to each of my favorite charities, buy a large parcel of land then go on an African Safari and invest the rest.
posted 8-May-2011 8:51am  
ooOOOooo smiley:::grin
Have a few homes scattered about the world. Stay here for a while, stay somewhere els, I'd like t become an International Playboy.
posted 8-May-2011 11:40am  
Figure out how to invest it properly.. I sure would buy a new house and a vacation house for the summer!
posted 8-May-2011 4:06pm  
Pay off house, pay bills, get house, cars, etc fixed up so they are in perfect condition, and buy a Harley. Then buy as much guns, ammo, and food as I could and store it, preparing for when the Democrats/Liberals destroy America...
(reply to Richard47) posted 12-May-2011 3:57pm  
You could hire the best caregivers, cooks, and live entertainment, and pay them really really well.
(reply to LindaH) posted 12-May-2011 5:54pm  
For 50 million, I want to be my own caregiver...but I would hire a Chef, have the best seats at concerts (I wouldn't want them to entertain for just me. I would have to be too attentive)
posted 26-May-2011 9:20am  
Pay off the house and husband's truck, fix up the house, and live just like we did before. We wouldn't want anyone to know we won any money but we'd spend it sort of subtly and help people subtly. We learned the hard way that the more you help, the more people expect and they think your money is equally theirs.
posted 7-Jun-2011 9:44am  
I'd buy houses in France, Ireland and NYC and travel between them. Also seeing many parts of the world.
posted 13-Jun-2011 3:06am  
Pay taxes, pay my bills off. Invest in our children's futures, our retirement funds, my business and help our extended families out.
posted 14-Jun-2011 3:57pm  
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (33 seconds ago)
posted 1-Oct-2011 9:04pm  
Unearned money makes me uncomfortable. My parents keep trying to give me money from my Grandma's estate, but I've managed to dodge it so far. I'm not entirely sure whether my objection is to it being unearned, or that it still feels like my Grandma's money. My parents keep saying that she wanted me to have some, but the thought of accepting it just makes me feel horrible, even though I accepted 12k from her while she was alive (to pay my tuition fees for medical school). Mostly, I think I want my parents to use it (invest it) sensibly - my Mum isn't really going to qualify for a proper pension so if anything happens to my Dad, she'll have no income. Unfortunately, they've never really had money to save, so they're pretty clueless. I told them for years that they should use a (small) lump sum they received following the death of a distant relative to pay off their mortgage, but they never did which needlessly cost them thousands. Meanwhile, unless I mess things up badly, I'm going to be much more financially stable than my parents were.

So, I suppose if I won that kind of money, I'd try and invest it, in the hope that I could make sure my parents were provided for.

EDIT: Answering surveys in the early hours = misreading the number of zeroes. I read it as $50k! I'm sure I'd manage to do at least a few non-sensible things if I won $50 million...
posted 11-Oct-2011 8:23am  
i would buy shoes clothes help my family friends and college tutition

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