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single9-Apr-2014ethics/moralityJessicaWoman99 by votes24147.9%


Should women earn as much pay as their male co-workers?

Equal pay for all women etc.


posted 9-Apr-2014 7:47pm  
Yep women should be earning as much money as men before I retired I was working with some men and I happened to notice these men they were making more money than me and for the same type of work I was doing and the other women I was working with they were also making less then the men who were working with us go figure? Men they make twice as much as any woman on planet earth equal pay for all women
posted 9-Apr-2014 9:13pm  
Duhhhhhhh ! Silly question. Of course they should.
posted 10-Apr-2014 12:25am  
And maybe this Bill will pass in Washington if it has not already
posted 10-Apr-2014 12:27am  
Yes, they should, absolutely, work is work.
posted 10-Apr-2014 5:13am  
Damn straight we should.
posted 10-Apr-2014 8:27am  
People with equal education, skills, experience, performance, and responsibilities should be paid equally.
posted 10-Apr-2014 3:22pm  
Same educational background, same experience, same length of employment, same position, then yes, she should get the same pay.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 10-Apr-2014 4:04pm  
Equal pay for equal work. Unfortunately, I have read (somewhere) that part of the problem is that while men and women may have identical responsibilities in the workplace, men are more likely to be given more advanced job titles or job descriptions. This in turn allows them to earn more, and also allows employers to provide evidence that their salaries are based on merit and skills rather than gender. That could be because men are favoured over women, or it could be that men are more likely to push for changes in title or job description to accurately reflect their responsibilities. Not to mention that men who ask for accommodations or pay rises are seen as confident and assertive, but women are seen as demanding and troublesome.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 11-Apr-2014 10:59am  
Equal pay for equal work.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 11-Apr-2014 11:02am  
> And maybe this Bill will pass in Washington if it has not already

The Republicans in the House killed it yesterday by unanimously refusing to allow a vote on it.
LindaH Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 11-Apr-2014 5:48pm  

posted 12-Apr-2014 2:48pm  
Darn retard Republicans vote down everything do not vote for a Republican?
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 14-Apr-2014 4:43am  
> Darn retard Republicans vote down everything do not vote for a Republican?

How about we just throw out all of government. Them damn democraps like to spend my money because they know how to spend it not me. Fudge them.
(reply to Lysannus) posted 14-Apr-2014 9:04am  
Right on.
(reply to Lysannus) posted 14-Apr-2014 11:08am  
Good idea! get rid of this government we can be the government?
posted 20-May-2014 9:43pm  
Yes, assuming they do the same amount of work and don't take time off for their kids. Off course, women do take more time off from work for family (for whatever reasons, including social pressure), which is arguably a problem of its own; but thats not something you can blame corporate America for.
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 20-May-2014 9:50pm  
Probably because the bill was either poorly written, or doesn't address the root of the problem. Any idiot can write any bill that says that X,Y,and Z should happen. Just like we have laws that says people shouldn't take drugs. Reality just doesn't work that way.
(reply to southernyankee) posted 20-May-2014 11:07pm  
Plenty of idiots in Washington

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