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multiple27-Jan-2013ethics/moralityJessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes30150.0%


Should women in the Armed Forces be allowed in combat?

2It all depends
1Something to say

posted 27-Jan-2013 2:20pm  
Of course.
posted 27-Jan-2013 3:39pm  
Yes, No, Something to say and It all depends. Sorry, did you want me to only pick one option? Then that's how you should have set the survey.
posted 27-Jan-2013 5:51pm  
posted 27-Jan-2013 6:57pm  
If they want to.
bill Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 27-Jan-2013 7:31pm  
I'd rather we disallowed both men and women from being in combat. Lets ban war.
posted 28-Jan-2013 12:47am  
Are we still arguing about this? I had thought it was a go..? If women can be double spies, ninjas...I'm sorry, why not???
(reply to bill) posted 28-Jan-2013 2:19am  
I agree.
FordGuy Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-Jan-2013 8:59am  
If we're talking about women that were born women, then heck yeah. I'd be more afraid of a bunch of pissed off women than I would men. A guy in a dress still has to bunk with the men.
posted 28-Jan-2013 10:20am  
I dated a man from the old country, that said Austrian woman soldiers, during the IIWorld War were the cruelest there was.

I do NOT believe in women in the military, or in combination men/women sports. I feel it would add more stress on men, if women were in the military.

Men are men, women are women, they have certain roles in life...let's keep it that way.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 28-Jan-2013 10:55am  
I think so, especially now that the lines between combat and noncombat are so blurry. A lot of women in the US military have effectively been serving in combat, but because they're not "allowed" to have combat jobs, that service was not being recognized, and they were being denied the rewards and promotions that come along with serving in combat roles. I think it's still fine to have physical requirements for certain jobs, which both men and women would have to pass. If a woman can't carry a 200-pound crate of ammunition, then by all means keep her out of the combat unit that has to do that. But let her be the sniper if she's the best shot.
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier
posted 28-Jan-2013 2:05pm  
I guess if that's what they want to do. My wife says no.
posted 29-Jan-2013 12:29pm  
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Jan-2013 1:16pm  
No and I don't think so because some women are not physically strong as a man is we just do not have the strength of a man
posted 30-Jan-2013 8:44am  
Yes. I'm pro equality in this.
posted 5-Feb-2013 7:39pm  
Yes, if they are well-qualified and want to do it.
(reply to bill) posted 5-Feb-2013 7:42pm  
posted 9-Feb-2013 12:21am  
I cannot believe this is even a question.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to bannee13) posted 9-Feb-2013 8:15am  
Welcome to Survey Central smile
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 21-Feb-2013 10:09am  

But to be clear, I think combat is stupid. Also, I think this is a perfect example of women not knowing when to keep their mouths shut. We had it made in regard to this.

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