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multiple12-Oct-2007books/literatureGalomorro by votes46666.3%


If you could win a subscription to any magazine available today, which would you choose?

21I'd like a subscription to:
6I don't like any magazines.
4I'd like to renew my subscription to:
1I don't read.

paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Oct-2007 7:07pm  
Newsweek, Time, or People
posted 13-Oct-2007 8:12pm  
I'd renew my subscriptions to National Geographic & Reminisce.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 13-Oct-2007 8:46pm  
I just sent in a card to subscribe to Body + Soul, but since I haven't paid for it yet, I guess I'd like it to be that! If it were to be a completely new subscription, I'd want one with a lot of easy, healthy recipes in it, but I'd have to look at the options to know which magazine I'd want specifically.
posted 13-Oct-2007 10:19pm  
I don't think there are any mags made that would interest me enough, although I do subscribe to "Herbs for Health." Probably if I joined a local history org and paid a subscription price I'd like their local history mag. Otherwise, probably to do with herbs, herb gardening, or vitamins-supplements, if there are such around.
posted 14-Oct-2007 12:19am  
Woman's Day I would love to have
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 14-Oct-2007 1:20am  
I'd like to renew my subscription to: Mad
posted 14-Oct-2007 3:20am  
I would be Mojo. I can't think of any others I'd want.
posted 14-Oct-2007 4:12am  
Knowing nerdy me a comic book subscription of some sort, I love Ms Marvel.
posted 14-Oct-2007 6:45am  
Reader's Digest
posted 14-Oct-2007 9:42am  
Readers Digest or People magazine.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Oct-2007 10:26am  
I'm actively trying to have less magazine subscriptions. My interest in magazines has really dropped off. They seem like a burden to me now. So, I'm letting them all run out to be free of them. About the only one I'm keeping is Entertainment Weekly. I think because it's light and easy to just breeze through. Plus, I like to keep up with new media that's coming out and EW has a good format for that.

I think what really killed me was The New Yorker. It's a great magazine, but it takes so much time to read it and it comes weekly. I tried to keep up (and read a lot of great stuff in the process), but eventually I just felt overwhelmed all the time. I think part of my problem is that I read relatively slowly, and reading is work for me (something I have to push myself to do). So, I need to concentrate on reading stuff that I choose to maximize the pleasure of it and keep my interest up.
posted 14-Oct-2007 11:07am  
Some European Nudist magazine LOL
posted 14-Oct-2007 12:28pm  
None. I get too much stuff in the mail as it is. I don't like getting anything bigger than standard size, unless it's parcel and/or from a buddy.
posted 14-Oct-2007 4:11pm  
Scientific American or a car magazine.
posted 14-Oct-2007 8:21pm  
Spider, the magazine for children. I used to get it but once my subscription stopped I knew my parents would think of it as too childish to continue. I'm so immature. laughing out loud
posted 14-Oct-2007 8:37pm  
Games, Film
posted 14-Oct-2007 9:16pm  
Rolling Stone. I love the movie and music reviews.
posted 14-Oct-2007 9:41pm  
I think I have all the magazine subscriptions I need right now.
posted 15-Oct-2007 4:10am  
I just can't seem to get away from magazine subscriptions...
posted 15-Oct-2007 8:23am  
National Geographic.
posted 15-Oct-2007 11:58am  
Discovery or National Geographic
posted 15-Oct-2007 2:46pm  
posted 15-Oct-2007 2:53pm  
Architectural Digest or Professional Homebuilder.
posted 15-Oct-2007 9:59pm  
Something completely pointless and "fluff". Maybe....Vogue? Nah...too many ads. Cosmo!
(reply to Liss) posted 15-Oct-2007 10:00pm  
What is Mojo?
(reply to MacGregor) posted 16-Oct-2007 2:28am  
It's a really good music magazine. It doesn't just do reviews and whatnot, it talks in depth about the production and things like that. The compilation CDs are often very good, too.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 16-Oct-2007 9:40am  
People or Cosmo. Those are my guilty pleasure magazines.

I already have Reader's Digest.
posted 16-Oct-2007 10:40am  
Cell, Popular Science, Consumer Reports, Popular Mechanics, Better Homes and Gardens, Gun Tests, Readers Digest, Time, National Geographic, Boy's Life (for my sons) Discovery, Smithsonian, Architectural Digest are just a few off of the top of my head but really any magazines in the following genera;

Health Science, Science (Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Sociology, Psychology), Sail boating, Guns, Mechanics (airplane, motorcycle, truck and car), Alternative Architecture or anything innovative and informative (not based on voodoo or crap science)
posted 21-Oct-2007 1:22pm  
National Geographic.
posted 29-Oct-2007 1:14am  
posted 7-Nov-2007 10:35pm  
posted 1-Apr-2008 6:57pm  
British magazine NME. Most of the information on my favorite bands can be found there and not in Canadian or American magazines...I just really like British bands
posted 10-Aug-2014 4:36am  
Men's Health
posted 16-Aug-2014 3:51pm  
I haven't bought a magazine for about 15 years.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Apr-2017 3:16am  
I would just end up with stacks of unopened magazines as I'd never find time to read them.

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