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essay2-Apr-2006hypothetical questionGLITTERBUG by votes60459.6%


You win 10,000 dollars. What would you do with the money?


posted 3-Apr-2006 3:22am  
Buy a kick ass stereo system with turntable. Great shelving for my records. Buy more records.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 3-Apr-2006 7:04am  
deposit it into my bank account
posted 3-Apr-2006 7:05am  
Pay off my debts.
posted 3-Apr-2006 7:38am  
Go buy hell of alot of stuff and put some in the bank for later in my life.
posted 3-Apr-2006 7:55am  
Spend it
posted 3-Apr-2006 7:55am  
Pay off my debts. Actually, I'd pay off some of my dads.
posted 3-Apr-2006 8:44am  
Buy toys.
posted 3-Apr-2006 8:53am  
Invest it.
posted 3-Apr-2006 9:38am  
Probably spend a little and put the rest back for a rainy day.
posted 3-Apr-2006 10:40am  
First I would go to Dunkin Donuts and buy everything they have. Then I would go to the mall and buy all the clothes I can find. After that I would buy security stuff. Then save the rest for emergencies.
posted 3-Apr-2006 11:09am  
Spend it and invest some of it.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me
posted 3-Apr-2006 11:41am  
Pay some of my debts.
posted 3-Apr-2006 11:59am  
Save it for kid's college and house remodeling.
posted 3-Apr-2006 12:16pm  
Pay off the stoopid IRS for the federal tax owed this year; pay my neighbor back some of what I owe him; get 130 or so of my old photos scanned and onto a CD so I can put them in my "Then" and "Now" albums on Shutterfly; put some money in to pay the May rent; stick something in a savings account; put some in the Fair Oaks Fund (huge multi-family, several-block garage sales in May); take my neighbor out to eat; order some more music CDs from Goldstar-Henda, the Portuguese music online site; pay my sister back some of the money I owe her. More things to do with it will probably come to me...
posted 3-Apr-2006 12:17pm  
If I can pay my bills and go on an exotic vacation, then I would be content.
posted 3-Apr-2006 12:43pm  
Put it in the bank.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 3-Apr-2006 1:03pm  
Use it.
posted 3-Apr-2006 1:09pm  
Use it to further my education.. and pay off the student loan I already pay.. ( how sad and crapty )
posted 3-Apr-2006 1:39pm  
Pay off some debt or fix broken things in the house.
posted 3-Apr-2006 1:47pm  
Well half of it would go to Habitat for Humanity ear-marked for the re-building of homes in New Orleans. $70 would go to paying off the library so I can get my borrowing priveleges back. The rest I would use to replace the DVDs and CDs I've had to sell during rough patches (but not for any new ones), and for school.
posted 3-Apr-2006 1:59pm  
Pay off bills, make a huge land payment.
posted 3-Apr-2006 2:22pm  
Buy a new car.
posted 3-Apr-2006 2:23pm  
Build my darkroom and by more equipment for it.
posted 3-Apr-2006 6:05pm  
Go where I want, Eat what I want, and make love to who I want.
posted 3-Apr-2006 9:08pm  
posted 3-Apr-2006 11:17pm  
Put it in the bank. Make payments on my credit cards.
posted 3-Apr-2006 11:56pm  
Hmmm.... not much money really. laughing out loud I would most certainly lend my friend the $1,500.00 she badly needs and I can't afford to give her. I would then just bank the rest,. My poor husband has been off work for health reasons for over two years and we don't have a lot of money living on one wage.
posted 4-Apr-2006 12:39am  
Pay off some debts.
posted 4-Apr-2006 2:13am  
I would buy a good used boat., complete with trailer. If there was enough over, I'd buy a used mobile home (with boat hook-up of course), then travel whenever I could.
posted 4-Apr-2006 6:17am  
Is that all! That's not enough to even think about doing much with. I won $3,500 2 weeks ago and spent it on food for a cookout and Beer. $10,000 would let me do that 3 more times. laughing out loud
posted 4-Apr-2006 7:26am  
Save it, and then i would think about what to do with it
posted 4-Apr-2006 11:25am  
Instant college for both kids! (And a little somthing left over for me :)
posted 4-Apr-2006 12:20pm  
Pay off some bills, put a couple grand in the savings account and blow $500 of it on any crap I wanted.
posted 4-Apr-2006 2:28pm  
I change it into sterling...
and buy a decent PC, and all the gadgets I want, and then put the rest in the bank.
posted 4-Apr-2006 8:34pm  
Go to Hawaii, and train with my favorite teacher, and travel all over training with the best bodyworkers the world haws to offer. It wuld be a quest.
posted 5-Apr-2006 9:32am  
Pay off my debts.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 5-Apr-2006 9:56am  
pay some bills and then buy my new TV and sound system.
posted 5-Apr-2006 9:18pm  
Go to Vegas......... and enter the World series of Poker event , that is in fact the correct Buy-in amount
(reply to gambler) posted 6-Apr-2006 1:13pm  
Do you ever go to Full Tilt Poker? I'm addicted.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 6-Apr-2006 1:55pm  
FTP is a good site, I almost bought in for $600 as they were offering a 100% matching bonus, but I couldnt find enough $2/4 tables .......... I play at Doylesroom and mostly Ultimatebet

Regards David
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-Apr-2006 11:48pm  
Pay bills..... go on vacation....
(reply to gambler) posted 7-Apr-2006 8:07am  
Well I only play with 'Play Money' so I don't lose my house or sumthin. smiley:::wink
(reply to FordGuy) posted 7-Apr-2006 9:42am  
I have been doing this for 3 years now, and am a pretty good lowlimit player, made about $4000 last year..and it gave me my spending money when I went to London this year
(reply to gambler) posted 7-Apr-2006 10:14am  
That's pretty cool!
posted 17-Apr-2006 6:15pm  
Put it in the bank so I'd have it for future schooling.
posted 14-May-2006 11:22pm  
Pay off some bills, save the rest for a rainy day.
posted 6-Jun-2006 7:02am  
Put it in our savings account. Boring, I know
posted 13-Jun-2006 12:21pm  
pay bills
posted 17-Jun-2006 12:38pm  
Put a downpayment on a house.
posted 13-Jul-2006 12:49pm  
Buy a few things I need and pop the rest in the bank.
posted 19-Mar-2008 5:44pm  
Id buy a car so that i can take my grandmother to dialysis
posted 22-Feb-2010 6:20pm  
I will go back to my Country to get marry in a church and introduce to my family my husband and our baby.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 11-Feb-2012 8:42pm  
Exchange it for pounds sterling.
(reply to LindaH) posted 12-Feb-2012 10:44am  
Land is paid off. Bills are all small. Hmmm... home improvements, then.

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