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essay9-Sep-2013monkeeeeeeeLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes22357.9%


What's the story?

I turned on the police scanner and heard this:

"You guys are actually trying to extract him from the tree?"

Can you think of an interesting backstory about what might have led up to that incident? We don't know if it was a human or an animal in the tree, so that's up to your imagination as well.


posted 9-Sep-2013 12:12pm  
A small kid crawled into a hollow of a tree and got stuck.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Sep-2013 4:13pm  
Jerry and his old friend Steve had decided to build themselves a catapult. Well, to be more precise (as Jerry preferred to be), it was a trebuchet. This was back in early summer just when the snow was all melted. They had been working on it for months and there had been many delays and deadends along the way. The window for prime launching season was soon about to close as winter arrived. Accordlingly, Steve and Jerry were in a bit of a panic to find something appropriate to launch from their new device. Most of their efforts had been focused on getting the thing to work in the first place.

Well, they were sitting in their lawn chairs, drinking a couple beers, trying to decide what to do about this predicament when Jerry suggests that perhaps one of them might fit in the sling. Jerry was a big guy. You might even say obese if he wasn't around. But, Steve was more the wiry type. And, Steve was no fool either. He knew what Jerry was suggesting. Just the same, Steve had in fact been imagining what it might feel like to fly through the air after being launched from their creation. He was not entirely opposed to the idea as he should have been.

More beers and discussion followed. Padding was devised from an old mattress Jerry had in his garage. They both judged the enterprise a relatively safe one given their analysis and preparations. And, it had in fact worked out reasonably well. Steve was unhurt and had in fact had a glorious flight through the air. But, the device worked better than expected. Jerry cleared the long field and ended high up in a neighbor's tree, still cocooned in the mattress. The tree that had very few branch on it below 40 feet.
posted 9-Sep-2013 9:16pm  
No it is 3 bears up in a tree
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Sep-2013 11:06am  
A skunk got itself wedged head-first into a hole in the tree.
posted 14-Sep-2013 7:44pm  
Keebler Elf goes on strike. Barricades himself inside the tree. Holds all baked goods hostage. Delicious cookies are at an all time shortage. Something had to be done.
posted 29-Sep-2013 8:50am  
I immediately assumed a person. I also assumed that he was climbing the tree to avoid capture by the police.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Oct-2013 2:29pm  
You misheard. They were actually trying to extract hymns from the tree, by turning it into musical instruments.

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