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essay17-Jun-2006sex/relationshipsmark_b86ad by votes55955.9%


What's your opinion on me giving a girl friend a swim suit?

I started this subject in the forum. Then, other members told me it would be a better survey than something in the forum.

Anyway, for those who haven't heard, one of my girl friends turned 21, recently. I've been thinking about getting her a bikini (maybe even a brazil type or one where the bottom is form-fitting on the back). A few years back, my mother told me you shouldn't get a girl friend a swim suit. More recently, I've hard of others getting their girl friends swimsuits and they look at me as crazy, when I say that's not a good idea.


posted 18-Jun-2006 4:49pm  
I already gave my opinion on this in forum.
posted 18-Jun-2006 4:56pm  
get her a gift certificate for the shop you intend to buy the suit and then tell her that it is specifically for her to pick out a swim suit. you could make a day of it, go shopping together and then have lunch. spending time w. a friend is more valuable than any gift but a swim suit is also difficult to pick out for yourself much less having someone else do it and often they are not returnable & what if she doesn't like it? She's stuck with it and may feel obligated to where something that she's not comfortable with.
posted 18-Jun-2006 5:23pm  
......... I think the only reason people say its a bad idea is that a swimsuit is very personal choice and women like to try it on first as well......... Its not like a coat/jacket that has some "play" room in sizes.

also if the girlfriend is not the generally considered "perfect" shape, then is she gonna want a Bikini?
I have been married for 10years and I would NEVER buy my wife a swimsuit/bikini...... or underwear even though I am pretty certain of the sizes
posted 18-Jun-2006 5:30pm  
Baaaadd idea!
posted 18-Jun-2006 5:35pm  
I think your mother gave you a wise piece of advice. I would have never thought of that. When it comes to swimsuits she is showing off more in public than usual, so it has to look and fit perfectly or she's not going to feel comfortable or sexy in it. If the cup size is too big or too small her boobs is going to fall out and while all you guys might be ok with that she probably won't be. I think it would be fine to help her pick one out, but do you really want to stand around for hours while she tries on a thousand suits. Not only that, she's going to want your opinion which doesn't really matter because she's going to get what she likes in the end anyway. I would imagine she might not be your g/f by the end of the day either. If you want to get her one give her the money and tell her to go get one. If she asks you to come with her tell her, " No babe I want it to be a surprise." Your friends don't know what their talking about, don't listen to them listen to your mother.
posted 18-Jun-2006 5:49pm  
I would suggest taking her out shopping for one and letting her choose.
posted 18-Jun-2006 5:49pm  
I don't know. My initial reaction was: "Why not?". It seems to me that I don't believe I've ever bought myself a swimsuit...they've all been gifts. But I'm a guy. Perhaps women prefer to buy their own swimsuits. I don't know. I've never bought anyone else a swimsuit. I can't think of any examples of women I know receiving a swimsuit as a gift. I do recall a friend's girlfriend spending an inordinate amount of time picking out a swimsuit for herself. She was quite pleased with the one that she eventually chose and wore it constantly for the entire Summer, around his apartment etc..

I'm actually having a problem remembering ever seeing any of the twelve women I've been romantically involved with wearing a swimsuit. I'm not saying it never happened, I just don't recall.

I'm probably not being much help. I'm guessing that the women will have a better take on this than I. The only reason I can think of why someone shouldn't buy a woman a swimsuit is because it is so personal that you will probably pick the wrong one. Sort of like buying a woman a purse. Women often have very specific ideas about what they require with certain products.
(reply to mark_b86ad) posted 18-Jun-2006 5:53pm  
You've got to be markb1986. The names are just too similar, and he did a couple of swimsuit surveys...
(reply to kitti723) posted 18-Jun-2006 5:57pm  
That sounds like good advice. I wish I thought of it. smile
posted 18-Jun-2006 8:12pm  
"One of my girl friends" How many do you have?

Bad idea. Girls like to buy their own to decide with which style would be more flattering and comfortable for them to wear.
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 18-Jun-2006 9:47pm  
I think it would be ok, but it might be something that you would want her to be with you when you purchase it.
posted 18-Jun-2006 10:22pm  
How many girlfriends do you have?
posted 18-Jun-2006 11:38pm  
I personally do not think it is a good idea. I may be old school (because I am old) but to me it seems tacky and presumptious.
(reply to Zang) posted 18-Jun-2006 11:53pm  
sounds like you're in for fun day of shopping & lunch with a dear friend.
(reply to kitti723) posted 19-Jun-2006 12:47am  
posted 19-Jun-2006 1:47am  
UMMMM.......I don't know how long you've been dating.......or how long you've had a girlfriend.....BUT........Buying skimpy, racy clothing for a girl is NEVER, EVER a good idea, unless she's a one-night, paid-in-full "escort." (or, unless you two have already talked about it, after she brought up the subject first).
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 19-Jun-2006 5:48am  
A girl friend, or a girlfriend?
posted 19-Jun-2006 11:43am  
I would definitely discourage you from buying one for her without her being there to help choose it, try it on, etc. In addition, she may be more interested in a different style of bathing suit - perhaps one she could actually swim in without worrying about comfort or modesty. There are many flattering bikinis these days that are made for actual use by actual women who actually swim. How about you offer to buy her a flattering bathing suit as a gift, and you can shop together until she finds one she really likes?
posted 19-Jun-2006 12:07pm  
I don't know... I don't care.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 19-Jun-2006 12:42pm  
Are you male or female? And I take it from your explanation this is a female friend and not a woman with whom you are intimate?
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 19-Jun-2006 12:46pm  
And has she expressed an interest in acquiring a new swimsuit?
posted 19-Jun-2006 1:00pm  
na, get something else.. she needs to try something like that on.. and then if its not right on her, she cant return it..i dont think you can return swim wear.
posted 20-Jun-2006 11:39am  
You pussy!

Haha, just kidding. Although, I do think there is a chance (probably a good chance) that she wouldn't like what you pick out for her.
posted 20-Jun-2006 12:24pm  
How about a pretty blouse instead? I guess there are some things that a woman likes to buy for herself, depending on the woman of course.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 21-Jun-2006 8:22am  
It seems like a bad idea, but maybe I'm just a pussy about such things. Girls can be pretty uptight about their bodies and such...
posted 23-Jun-2006 7:33am  
Hmm wry smile
posted 25-Jun-2006 10:34am  
For us guys it is fun to pick out and buy a swim suit,well who and I kidding, a bikini. I have and not once has it turned out well. It almost never fits right and they never seem to appreciate the gesture. The only times that it has gone close to as planned was when I simply took them shopping with me to buy them two. One I let them pick out and one I picked out for them. This way you both get what you want and you know that,on certain occasions she may wear the one you picked out.
posted 26-Jun-2006 10:06pm  
I don't think it's a good idea.
posted 9-Jul-2006 9:31pm  
It's too much of a personal type of gift to give a girlfriend. Maybe if you're engaged to be married, that would be okay, but if you're just casually dating, it wouldn't.
posted 10-Jul-2006 4:55am  
posted 22-Aug-2006 2:48pm  
I wouldn't think anything of it if a boy friend of mine got me a bikini.
posted 18-Sep-2006 3:57pm  
1. More than 1 girlfriend?
2. Why do you care what I think regarding what you get her or them? You need to concern yourself with what you or they might think about it.
posted 8-Feb-2007 2:17pm  
Bad idea.
posted 20-Nov-2007 8:32pm  
Not a good idea. I'd get her a gift certificate so she can get want she wants.
posted 15-Mar-2008 4:53pm  
posted 5-Jul-2009 2:35pm  
Hey nothing wrong with getting her a micro-bikini.. Heck hand her a couple long shoe laces and tell her to try them on... ROFL
posted 25-Jul-2009 1:43am  
It's fine if you don't mind if she never wears it
It'd be better to go with her and let her pick it out or you both pick one and you buy both
Both has happened to me.
posted 1-Oct-2010 4:51am  
It's a great idea... but choose one she would choose!
posted 21-Sep-2017 4:57pm  
Ah this is in poor taste and tacky shocking as well for any guy to give a girl a swimsuit like what??
posted 22-Sep-2017 2:09pm  
I think that is something one should steer clear of, getting another (especially a woman) a swimsuit.
It would be ok to take her someplace to pick one out she likes and pay for it.

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