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single4-May-2000opinionjonathan by votes861453.7%


What's your favorite button?

20Another button
13Someone else's belly button
11Your belly button
10The big red button
5Your computer's on/off button
4Your TV's on/off button
4Your VCR's fast forward button

posted 4-May-2000 1:52pm  
Omphaloskeptics Unite!
posted 4-May-2000 2:35pm  
Her button of course
posted 4-May-2000 3:26pm  
I think the big red button, but I am not sure.
posted 4-May-2000 3:36pm  
The button that makes this survey go away.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 4-May-2000 3:52pm  
"Button" is one of those words that looks and sounds completely absurd after reading it about five times in succession.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-May-2000 4:03pm  
the left mouse button on my mouse (most used)
the coffee button on lion and romkey's coffee-bot (does wondrous things)
the "activate jets" button on the Jacuzzi
the button on my garage door opener
posted 4-May-2000 4:08pm  
The big red shiny history eraser button!
posted 4-May-2000 6:13pm  
the Big Red _candy-like_ button
posted 4-May-2000 7:29pm  
my clit.
posted 4-May-2000 10:15pm  
my mother's buttons >smiley:::smile

I actually hate my computer's on/off button, because it's on the back of the tower...grrr >smiley:::frown
posted 4-May-2000 11:19pm  
My computer's mouse buttun! :)
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 5-May-2000 12:12am  
I don't have a favorite.
posted 5-May-2000 3:41am  
I don't think about my belly button, but someone else's sure sounds good about now. For appliances, I'd have to say the start button on my microwave. I'd like to make a political button that say's "Orphan niece is watching you".
posted 5-May-2000 3:52am  
he u anna end: 'Button' is like 'rabbit'; I remember years ago just thinking about 'rabbit' for a couple minutes. I was trying various accents, but the more I tried, the more it seemed 'that can't be right'.
posted 5-May-2000 1:08pm  
My SO has a VERY sexy belly button.
posted 5-May-2000 4:10pm  
My belly button
posted 5-May-2000 4:37pm  
Cute survey! smiley:::smile
posted 5-May-2000 11:29pm  
My brand-new daughter's belly button!
posted 6-May-2000 12:13am  
posted 6-May-2000 12:53am  
Congrats, kirst! smiley:::smile
posted 6-May-2000 6:59am  
happy, happy. What's her name?
posted 6-May-2000 8:41am  
My bi pride button
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-May-2000 11:20am  
kirst: Congratulations.
posted 6-May-2000 11:26am  
magbast: I bet you have never accidentally turned your computer off.

I had a computer in High School (A TRS-80 Model 4) whose RESET button was bright red, recessed, and off to the side of the keyboard. Still, on two occasions I mistakenly pressed it instead of ENTER to save a file.

I didn't hit it by *accident*. I purposefully reached over and hit it. It was big, it was red, it was shiny, and it was lit up. It was taunting me so I hit it.

As long as I kept my finger on it, I could see the stuff that had been on the screen, but I couldn't type anything. As soon as I lifted my finger, the screen went blank.

So, now you all know about my *least* favourite button.
posted 6-May-2000 5:46pm  
drdt: You seriously need to see the "Space Madness" episode of Ren & Stimpy if you haven't already...
posted 7-May-2000 12:11am  
mandy, pcpr, K_R, they: Thanks!

Her name is Claire. We're still trying to decide on the middle name. Any suggestions? Claire __________ Muldowney. She was born on Saturday, April 29th at 9:20 PM by C-section. 7 lb 2 oz, 23 inches. Okay, I've done my proud mama thing!
posted 7-May-2000 12:20am  
Claire Elise Muldowney
Claire Laurette Muldowney
Claire Felice Muldowney
posted 7-May-2000 1:39am  
Claire Corazon Muldowney
Claire Oberona Muldowney
Claire Goldenrod Muldowney
Claire Zephyr Muldowney
Claire Daktari Muldowney
Claire Ambrosia Muldowney
Claire Iridian Muldowney
Claire Agropina Muldowney
Claire Augusta Muldowney
Claire Luminata Muldowney
Claire Piper Muldowney
Claire Godzilla Muldowney
Claire Bellybutton Muldowney
- uh, scratch those last two.

"Space Madness" was a classic.
posted 7-May-2000 8:46am  
peyote button %-)
posted 7-May-2000 10:36am  
it's a toss up

  • Claire Bill Muldowney
  • Claire Romkey Muldowney
    congrats! smiley:::smile
  • Avocado
    posted 7-May-2000 11:13am  
    I like Kristal's suggestion of Claire Piper Muldowney.

    Twist's suggestion of Claire Elise Muldowney sounds good together, but I'm not as fond of the name Elise. Maybe Claire Alyssa Muldowney... or Claire Elisse if you really want to go French and frilly :)

    Other ideas:

    Claire Amara Muldowney
    Claire Emery Muldowney
    Claire Kiona Muldowney
    Claire Gabriel Muldowney
    Claire Liesl Muldowney

    Is Muldowney an Irish name? Here are some Irish girls names:

    Claire Kiana Muldowney
    Claire Kacey Muldowney
    Claire Siobhan Muldowney
    Claire Cecily Muldowney
    Claire Shannon Muldowney

    posted 7-May-2000 11:22am  
    More Celtic girls names:

    Claire Aidan Muldowney
    Claire Aislinn Muldowney
    Claire Alanna Muldowney
    Claire Casey Muldowney
    posted 7-May-2000 11:28am  
    And yet more Celtic girls' names:

    Claire Darcy Muldowney
    Claire Fiona Muldowney
    Claire Isolde Muldowney
    posted 7-May-2000 1:25pm  
    Claire Audrey Muldowney
    Claire Lauren Muldowney
    Claire Heather Muldowney
    Claire Lindsay Muldowney
    posted 7-May-2000 6:48pm  
    mmmm Soibhon!!!! I love that name.
    posted 7-May-2000 9:57pm  
    I like to press buttons!!! They are so cool.
    posted 8-May-2000 12:45am  
    Hey, thanks for all of the suggestions. I like Elise and Aidan. I could possibly use my middle name, which is a family name. Avery.

    I can never figure out how to pronounce Siobhan!
    posted 8-May-2000 12:55am  
    Siobhan pronounced like...chiffon...only more like shivon
    posted 8-May-2000 1:01am  
    Claire Avery Muldowney does sound nice smiley:::smile
    Tell us what you decide, when you do!
    posted 8-May-2000 9:06am  
    kirst - congratulations!
    romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
    posted 8-May-2000 10:00am  
    ! smiley:::smile
    posted 8-May-2000 12:08pm  
    I've been called Claire by family members all my life, it is my middle name. I think it is a great one too. Maybe you could name her Jewel Claire. Wait, no.......think of all the things that rhyme with Jewel....Drool.....the list is long.
    posted 8-May-2000 12:09pm  
    I've been called Claire by family members all my life, it is my middle name. I think it is a great one too. Maybe you could name her Jewel Claire. Wait, no.......think of all the things that rhyme with Jewel....Drool.....the list is long.
    Claire Bear......I think it is cute, that is what my sister calls me.
    posted 8-May-2000 6:31pm  
    The channel switch button on my cable converter box remote.
    posted 8-May-2000 9:01pm  
    my monkey button
    posted 9-May-2000 5:43am  
    tw: And just what does that do?
    posted 9-May-2000 7:32pm  
    I'm not sure...every time I push it something different yesterday I pushed it and ten minutes later the phone rang...I was like "WOW!" and then last week when I pushed it, I put on the telly and Donny and Marie were on! I was amazed.
    posted 12-May-2000 3:16am  
    tw: You need more practice with that thing. You should have Donny, Marie, why héll, why not a whole herd of mormons calling you on the phone mithin ten minutes. Then invite them over to push their monkey buttons.
    posted 15-May-2000 10:40am  
    I like Claire Elise.
    posted 21-May-2000 9:24pm  
    It's definitely between Claire Avery and Claire Elise.
    We're pretty sure we're going to use Claire Avery.
    posted 23-May-2000 12:59am  
    claire monkey?
    posted 28-May-2000 2:32pm  
    What a great idea! I hate tailgaters.
    posted 28-May-2000 3:13pm  
    You hate Me?
    (reply to mandy) posted 28-May-2000 3:40pm  
    No, you never tailgate when you're following me.
    posted 28-May-2000 4:33pm  
    I never follow you....

    twelve steps behind...remember...
    good girl.....
    posted 28-May-2000 10:13pm  
    ...yes, master. And master? You promised to do something about this hump...
    (reply to SueBee) posted 29-May-2000 3:05pm  
    what hump?
    Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
    posted 18-Jun-2008 5:00pm  
    Ick, buttons...smiley:::dead face
    (reply to kirst) posted 27-Apr-2017 4:23am  
    Congrats a good middle name could be avery why don't you name here that????
    Have a nice day
    posted 27-Apr-2017 7:13am  
    My phone's OFF button. Beer
    posted 4-May-2017 3:16pm  
    My TV remote control and the lights in my home remote control both are my favorite I can be in my car and turn the lights on in my home from outside how cool is that?
    posted 8-May-2017 2:56am  
    The one that make another mad so they go away when you get sick of them being around. I am pretty good at finding those buttons.
    posted 10-May-2017 8:45pm  
    The one that launches all the nukes in the world. One big boom and the world goes away...

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