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multiple7-Jan-2004opinioncaviartaste unsorted61755.2%


What's the best way to keep your feet warm in the Winter?

12Warming your feet by a toasty fire
8Warming them by the radiator or electric heater
21Thick wooly socks
9Fleece socks
11Wearing more than one pair of socks
1Battery powered insoles
1Put a little cayenne pepper in your socks
1Heatshields heat-reflecting thermal shoe insoles
3Thinsulate sock liners
8Run of the mill cotton socks
10My feet don't get very cold - so I don't have to worry about this.
15Other: (I have another one!)

posted 8-Jan-2004 2:43pm  
Pantyhose + cotton socks works great for me.
posted 8-Jan-2004 2:59pm  
Don't go out in cold weather, and turn your heat on inside. There is no reason to have cold feet inside your own home.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 8-Jan-2004 3:01pm  
smartwool socks
posted 8-Jan-2004 3:08pm  
I generally wear terrycloth slippers when I'm at home and warm socks when I'm out and about, but I also keep my feet warm in bed because our cat, Tilly, likes to drap herself across my feet while I trying to sleep. She gets rather crabby and whines at me if I turn over in bed and move her. smiley:::smile
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 8-Jan-2004 3:19pm  
I wear cotton socks and keep my feet on my cable router while I'm working. It keeps them warm. I got my dad a foot buddy for xmas.. it's like one of those foot massagers that you put your feet on, except it's just a stationary foot warmer.
posted 8-Jan-2004 3:24pm  
I regularly wear more than one pair of socks. First I put on a pair of very thin ankle socks and over that I'll wear a pair of rough sport socks.
posted 8-Jan-2004 3:56pm  
Take off my socks and put them on my husbands belly. (my feet, not the socks)
posted 8-Jan-2004 4:34pm  
Lap robes or blankets are also helpful. As are spousal units that serve as biological bedwarmers - nothing better to cure those popsicle toes.
posted 8-Jan-2004 4:44pm  
My feet don't get very cold--I just put a blanket over them when I go to bed. smiley:::smile

I did read in a book that old-timers used to heat bricks under the fireplace and wrap them in a blanket and placed the blanket with the bricks over their feet in the winter when they went to bed. It helped warm the whole body throughout the night, the way I understood it. smiley:::smile
posted 8-Jan-2004 5:29pm  
Take a hot bath. While your feet are still damp, apply baby oil to them. Put on a pair of warm socks, go to bed, and be sure to cover your feet. In the morning, your feet will be soft and warm, and you won't have callouses on your heels anymore. Honest. It works.
posted 8-Jan-2004 5:33pm  
Outdoors: big thick boots. Indoors: keep the heat turned up
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 8-Jan-2004 6:23pm  
get a good case of athlete's foot!
posted 8-Jan-2004 6:26pm  
uhhh...warm socks and shoes/boots/slippers etc.
posted 8-Jan-2004 6:45pm  
I can't stand wearing thick socks or more than one pair so I just wear the regular ol' cotton socks.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 8-Jan-2004 7:50pm  
Fire, heater, wool socks, slippers.
posted 8-Jan-2004 8:22pm  
Kick a well deserving person square up the butt.
posted 8-Jan-2004 8:45pm  
I have discovered a brand of socks called SmartWool that I buy in outdoor stores that I pretty much live in in the winter time and I have converted all of my friends over to them. They have these thick loops inside that wick moisture away from your feet for really active stuff like hiking or skiing, etc. and they are the warmest thing I have found. I just love them!
But I have always wondered about those little battery powered insole thingies - has anybody got anything like that? or those heatshields? I wonder how good those are?
My feet stay cold all the I'm really interested in this subject... smiley:::wink
(reply to bill) posted 8-Jan-2004 8:49pm  
ah - cool! you too have discovered the wonders of smartwool! aren't they great?!
posted 8-Jan-2004 10:16pm  
Toasty fire, for sure. As long as you're naked on a bearskin rug with someone you like to have sex with...LOL
I do have a tip for getting warm when you are cold, and it works. Run warm water over your wrists. Try it. It's amazingly effective. The temperature is -30 celcius with the wind chill here today smiley:::frown
posted 8-Jan-2004 10:19pm  
Good boots.
(reply to they) posted 8-Jan-2004 10:20pm  
My dog is my foot buddy. She'll lick my feet for as long as I let her. I love it! It's not enough to tickle them, just feels good. And I don't have any kind of a foot fetish, so it's not disgusting in that way. My s/o doesn't understand why I let the dog lick my feet, but it's because he won't do it smiley:::wink
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Munchkin) posted 8-Jan-2004 10:50pm  
I could see how it would feel like a light foot rub if it was a bigger dog. My chihuahuas have little tickly tongues. smiley:::wink

One night while I was working last week, I was freezing all night.. I finally checked the vent and my cat had been laying on it all night.
posted 8-Jan-2004 11:36pm  
My feet only get cold at home, because we keep the thermostat so low. I usually snuggle up under my duvet, and sometimes heat up a hot rice and lavendar pack that I made.
(reply to they) posted 8-Jan-2004 11:40pm  
Ha! Damn cats only think of themselves. Yes, my dog is a big border collie mix. About 85 pounds by my best guess. Very, very good dog. We adopted her about 9 months ago and she is sooo good and smart! All her toys have names and she'll pick out the one I ask her to get. And I can walk to the store with her without a leash -- she just trots along beside me. Doesn't bite the kids or anything. She's very attached to me. I can't go into another room without her following me. It's like having a 2 year old child the way she follows me around, but I like it. She's the very definition of loyal. She's about 8 years old, and was very well cared for, but the family broke up and the mother has M.S and couldn't properly take care of her. We are lucky to have such a good doggie!
posted 8-Jan-2004 11:40pm  
Rice? How does that work?
(reply to Munchkin) posted 8-Jan-2004 11:49pm  
It's dry rice in a fabric pouch, just zap it in the microwave for three minutes or so. All natural heating pad! You can stick them in the freezer too, to use as a cold pack.
posted 9-Jan-2004 12:32am  
By sitting with a thick blanket over your lap, hopefully while enjoying a good drink and an enjoyable movie by a fireplace. Cat in the lap is optional.

Another good way is with heated floors, a luxury in most places, but the standard form of household heating here in Korea. Sweet!
posted 9-Jan-2004 1:00am  
Cotton socks and a toasty fire are the very best, in my opinion. I've been known to substitute an electric heater for the fire when necessary.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Munchkin) posted 9-Jan-2004 1:04am  
She sounds awesome. I LOVE female dogs.. they seem to be very protective of women and children in particular.. in my experience, at least. It's too bad about the family that lost her though.
(reply to they) posted 9-Jan-2004 1:41am  
I really felt bad that the family broke up. They are really nice people. I saw the ad in the newspaper and replied because I always like to adopt adult animals that are spayed/neutered and if they are cats, declawed. The mom brought this dog over, cried, I gave her my phone number and the husband called to check on Dutchess and identified himself on the answering machine as "Dutchess' Dad". I thought that was so cute. I call them every now and again to let them know she's okay and happy and a real positive addition to our little family. I appreciate that they loved her so much and treated her so well that she is such a joy. I never had a dog as a kid, and we adopted another dog just before this one, but he turned out to be unpredictable and bit a neighbourhood kid really bad and I gave him back to the original owners because this dog just couldn't be trusted around children. We were lucky that we weren't charged over that bite. He would get a hate on for one out of every 5 people, so that's what made him unpredictable. This dog is a gem. We love her and she loves us. She was treated very well and we are lucky to have her.
posted 9-Jan-2004 1:42am  
The rice doesn't pop like popcorn in the microwave? Who knew?
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Munchkin) posted 9-Jan-2004 3:27am  
I'm always happy to hear about animals that are a part of a good home. I hear too often about the ones that were mistreated, I'm afraid.

One of my cats, Sybal, was taken from his mother too young and mistreated for the first 6 months of his life. A nasty woman with hateful little children offered him to me because he was biting and scratching the kids. For several months after we took him in, he was emaciated and scared. He bowed up and hissed if you tried to touch him or even if he noticed you watching him. Turns out he was scratching the kids because they deserved it. I don't blame the kids, just the mother for not teaching them how to respect animals (which I'm sure will turn into a disrespect for humans). He is now a beautiful, huge, cuddly, loving, sweet little baby. He's 8 years old, and more than one stranger in my home has actually offered to BUY him from me (as if!).

posted 9-Jan-2004 4:36am  
Wearing a thin close fitting pair first and then a thick wooly pair on top.
(reply to Munchkin) posted 9-Jan-2004 6:56am  
Well, not so far! I wonder what would happen if I left it in there for ten minutes or so... I think you can use dried beans as well.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to caviartaste) posted 9-Jan-2004 8:06am  
They are good, my wife wears them all the time. I can't do that, I get to hot. But, when I'm cold, they're great.
(reply to they) posted 9-Jan-2004 8:36am  
Now that's a story with a happy ending. Good for you.
(reply to Munchkin) posted 9-Jan-2004 8:38am  
when I was a kid, my family adopted a dog from my friends family because her parents were getting divorced. Your story struck me - because the dog we adopted was named Dutchess also. Ours was a beautiful Siberian Husky with gorgeous blue eyes. She was black all over with a white muzzle and had 2 white eye brows that looked like she had put on make up - like a girly girl on purpose! She was very "pretty". She was the sweetest dog ever and took to our male Alaskan Husky straightway. They were like our old married couple for the longest time. Dutchess ended up outliving Toby, which was our male, and she died when I was in college. But she was a great part of my life. Adoptions are sooo worth it, and it helps their families too.
(reply to caviartaste) posted 9-Jan-2004 9:04am  
I agree. It's so nice to have a good dog. Even though I had never experienced a dog's love and loyalty, I always knew it would be just like this. I know that this dog will leave an impression on my boys, as well. A good experience, just like yours did.
posted 9-Jan-2004 10:49am  
I don't know the best way, but damnitt tell me smiley:::wink
posted 9-Jan-2004 11:38am  
I usually wear an extra pair if it's real cold out.
posted 9-Jan-2004 12:25pm  
Move to a warm climate!
posted 9-Jan-2004 1:58pm  
Wearing thick wooly socks all the time. Socks and a heater work real well together. I like a heating pad myself if it gets too bad.
posted 10-Jan-2004 10:26am  
putting them on my so, he can warm them up just fine
posted 10-Jan-2004 11:55am  
Wooly socks.
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 10-Jan-2004 11:59am  
My feet and my hands are always cold. Inside the house they are just cold, outside the house wearing socks and boots and gloves they are very cold. If I take my gloves off they are almost freezing. I used to wear two pair of gloves sometimes and it's not like we have polar weather there; maybe just a few degrees under 0 (celsius).

I might not feel cold, but my hands and feet always are.

posted 10-Jan-2004 7:23pm  
All of these at once!
(reply to dora) posted 10-Jan-2004 7:24pm  
Seems to be typical of females. I am always warm, rarely sleep with a blanket. My wife's hands are always ice cold. Good thing she never has to touch me. Like touching someone with an ice cube.
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 10-Jan-2004 7:47pm  
My boyfriend is always warm as well. But so is my mom, so I don't know if it's typical of females.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 11-Jan-2004 10:06am  
Lots of layers.
posted 11-Jan-2004 4:55pm  
Thick wooly socks are what work for me.
posted 13-Jan-2004 8:31pm  
Warming them by either radiator, electric heater, or my hands. Just take my socks off and rub my feet for a few minutes.
posted 15-Jan-2004 10:33am  
Using various parts of your lover's bodies to warm them up.
posted 18-Jan-2004 1:13am  
I don't worry about this but in some situations (like at work where the heating is inadequate), and my feet stay cold all day, like this past week - I dream of soaking them in hot water.
(reply to they) posted 23-Jan-2004 11:57am  
We hear a lot of wonderful stories about rescued animals at our store. People come in with their dogs and tell how they got them from the humane society, or rescued them from some bad situation. It's very heartwarming to see they have a loving home now, and those dogs make the BEST companions! They seem to know they've been rescued and they appreciate it.
(reply to mandy) posted 23-Jan-2004 12:05pm  
Lucky you! smiley:::wink
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to SueBee) posted 23-Jan-2004 1:02pm  
I know my cat knows he's been rescued.. otherwise, he never would have come around.. you have a really cool job. smiley:::smile
(reply to they) posted 23-Jan-2004 4:13pm  
Yeah, most of the time I love it. The down side is dealing with the idiots who ask for advice and then don't listen, usually because they don't want to spend the time and/or money to do what's best for their pets. But the positive stuff far outweighs the negative. smiley:::smile
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to SueBee) posted 23-Jan-2004 4:15pm  
I think you probably get that response anytime you work with the public.. I feel the same way about my job.. don't ask the question if you're not going to listen to the answer!!
(reply to they) posted 23-Jan-2004 4:25pm  
Oh yeah! You know it! Damn people anyway!
(reply to SueBee) posted 25-Jan-2004 6:49pm  
posted 1-Feb-2004 9:33pm  
I like to curl up with my big old ugly warm snuggly sweater and pull it down over my feet. Somebody should shoot that sweater&bury it but they'll have to wrestle me for it first
posted 17-Feb-2004 1:29am  
being massaged oh yeah

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