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multiple16-Jan-2002personal habitsnotyou unsorted61859.8%


What do you do to wake yourself up, whatever time it is that you get up?

13Consume a hot / warm beverage
6Consume a cold beverage
5Smoke a cigarette
1Smoke something other than a cigarette
8Turn on radio
9Turn on TV
9Turn on computer
0Yoga / Meditate
11Wash face
16Take a shower or bath
2Have sex
20Go to the bathroom
1I don't do any of these things
0I do all of these things
11I simply wake up
5Other (please explain)

posted 17-Jan-2002 8:44am  
1. Bathroom
2. Scale
3. Shower
4. Dress
5. Get in car
6. Wake up somewhere between home and work.
posted 17-Jan-2002 8:47am  
You really wouldn't want to know. I am attempting to salvage the small amount of credibility I have left.

But hey I am a compulsive snooze button presser.
posted 17-Jan-2002 9:14am  
My child wakes me up, sometimes though i need the little extra help from coffee.
(reply to Dino) posted 17-Jan-2002 9:15am  

tis ok, i'm sure a lot of people want to keep their credibility as well!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 17-Jan-2002 10:04am  
I hit the snooze a whole crapload of times until I manage to haul my ass out of bed. At that point I am technically awake. Then I pee, take a shower, have coffee or tea and a bowl of cereal, and check my e-mail, SC, etc. And stuff. Then I'm ready to face the day.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Dino) posted 17-Jan-2002 10:06am  
I can never decide whether snooze is a god-send or the tool of the devil. I'm so addicted to it.
posted 17-Jan-2002 11:39am  
Coffee and a smoke,please.
posted 17-Jan-2002 1:27pm  
Cold water on face. Then I eat some cereal and turn on SC, when I can. My mother's working on that Oxford Press crap and she's dead to relinquish it.
posted 17-Jan-2002 3:28pm  
I simply wake up. I'm one of the best morning people you will ever know ((of) I bet.
posted 17-Jan-2002 4:32pm  
Well, I always turn on the radio, and the rest depends on what time of year it is.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 17-Jan-2002 5:56pm  
I just get up. Unless I'm running short on sleep I'm usually instant-on in the morning.
posted 17-Jan-2002 6:22pm  
I use an alarm clock to wake me up, then I get out of bed and put the light on so I cant fall asleep again, then I brush my teeth and wash my face, then have cup of coffee. That generally wakes me up.
posted 17-Jan-2002 8:56pm  
Coffee, cig, radio, & SC.
As far as actually getting up, I can easily sleep through three alarm clocks, so I ask god to wake me up with gardeners, sirens, or something, when it's important that i get up.
posted 17-Jan-2002 9:47pm  
I set the alarm clock. Sometimes I wake up just before it goes off. I consider myself to be "awake" right away, but I do all kinds of other things in order to be fully alert for work; bathroom, coffee, cigarettes, computer, bath...
posted 18-Jan-2002 12:45am  
Coffee and kisses from my SO
posted 18-Jan-2002 2:05am  
I go to the bathroom, wash my face and take a shower. Then I usually drink some cold water.

That doesn't necessarily mean that it would work, however...

Listening to energetic music and dancing a little around helps too.
posted 18-Jan-2002 2:06pm  
I simply wake up, but usually I got to the bathroom right afterward. I don't rely on an alarm clock, I just wake up when my body feels like it, which is usually around sunrise, sometimes a little before or after depending on when I went to sleep.
posted 18-Jan-2002 2:10pm  
This is an interesting survey. People seem to vary widely in waking habits, and the game The Sims reflects that quite well. Some are like me (come out of bed fully awake) and some are like my husband (resist getting out of bed, stagger around mummbling and rubbing their eyes, and don't get moving for a while). I wonder why that is?
(reply to mrbbear) posted 19-Jan-2002 12:40am  
Some people think it relates to when you were born. I was born at 8:15pm and left to my own vices, tend naturally to stay up till sunrise and wake up near sunrise.
posted 19-Jan-2002 11:21am  
Splash my face with cold water
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 19-Jan-2002 12:43pm  
I stagger to the toilet (which happens to be in the bathroom - but I don't actually go to the bathroom because it's where the bath is) then I stagger downstairs and get my schoolbag ready. then i stagger out the door and catch the bus. Then I wake up slowly during the hour and a half I spend travelling.
posted 20-Jan-2002 12:54am  
I turn on the t.v.,pee,take a shower,wash my face,brush my teeth,brush my hair,put on my make up,go downstairs,turn on that t.v.,make a cup of coffee(sometimes tea),make me breakfast,go back up stairs with my breakfast,watch t.v.,check e-mail.Okay I'm wide awake now,& ready for the
(reply to Dino) posted 20-Jan-2002 4:48am  
When I purchased a new alarm clock last year I made sure it didn't have a snooze button. Far too tempting to use!
posted 20-Jan-2002 9:57am  
Take 2 prozac, 1 ritalin and a coffee.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 20-Jan-2002 12:09pm  
wise! I have considered putting it on the other side of the room (and) swapping it for a super loud one. One of those metal thingies with a bell on the top.
(reply to Dino) posted 20-Jan-2002 1:42pm  
I had one of those once, but being a light sleeper the ticking drove me mad!
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-Jan-2002 1:25pm  
I don't.. my daughter always wakes me up long before it's time.
posted 24-Jan-2002 1:50pm  
I don't. I hate getting out of bed. frown
posted 24-Feb-2002 4:36pm  
Coffee. Oatmeal. Shower.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Jan-2018 6:31pm  
I have a dawn simulating alarm clock, which gradually comes up to full brightness over the 40 minutes before the alarm goes off. I often snooze it once or twice. I also have an alarm on my phone and my Echo Dot. My main bedroom light is set to come on ten minutes after my alarm clock hits full brightness. Once I'm vaguely awake, I have a quick look at the news and my emails on my tablet while asking Alexa to turn on my fan heater. Then I stagger into my little en suite loo and use the toilet. I get dressed and brush my teeth. If it's the morning after I've washed my hair, then I put my hair straighteners on while I brush my teeth, then swoosh them through the top layers of my hair so it looks like I've been pulled through a hedge forwards but not backwards. If I didn't wash my hair the night before, I just run a brush through my hair very quickly. I tell Alexa to turn off my fan heater. I go downstairs, put a clean uniform in my bag, put on shoes, coat and gloves and then tell Alexa that I'm going out (which turns off all my lights). Then I walk to my bus stop (about 12 minutes) before sitting sleepily on the bus up to work (about ten minutes). By the time I get to work, I'm getting close to being properly awake.

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