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multiple9-Sep-2003paranormalMograt by votes50753.3%


You are being visited by a spirit. How does this make you feel ?

Say that a close relative, significant other, or someone else that you cared deeply about has died. Their non-malignant spirit comes back to haunt you.

12Worried that I'm going MAD !
7The only spirits I care about are those that come in a glass
5Concerned that the spirit hadn't moved on
3Renews/ restores my faith in God (that there is an afterlife)

posted 10-Sep-2003 12:50pm  
Oh GREAT, I haven't tidied up or made coffee.
posted 10-Sep-2003 1:01pm  
I'd be thinking it was time to check into the State Hospital.
posted 10-Sep-2003 1:42pm  
spirits do not haunt
posted 10-Sep-2003 2:39pm  
Id be amused and if they tried to scare me Id laugh.
posted 10-Sep-2003 2:51pm  
I would either be 1) in denial, 2) confused, 3) worried about my mental health, or, in the very unlikely event, 4) actually submit into believing that there is some higher power whoes job is to keep track of and make brigdes so that people (souls) can devolp their relationships with this god-thing, and responsible for the concept of "moving on", whatever that means.
posted 10-Sep-2003 3:32pm  
Almost all of the above. It might give me new ideas about an afterlife, but nothing can restore my faith in god.
posted 10-Sep-2003 3:54pm  
There is no such thing as ghosts or spirits.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Sep-2003 4:13pm  
Worried that I'm insane. But probably happy to see them and talk to them.
posted 10-Sep-2003 5:16pm  
I really can't say how I'd feel in a situation like that.
posted 10-Sep-2003 5:18pm  
Scared b/c I don't know if the spirit is vengeful
Confused b/c I don't know what they want
Worried that I'm going MAD b/c it's someone I care about and so I would think that I'm hallucinating
posted 10-Sep-2003 6:28pm  
posted 10-Sep-2003 7:04pm  
Scared,confused and worried.
I don't believe in that stuff.
So confused mostly.
posted 10-Sep-2003 11:56pm  
Their non-malignant spirit comes back to haunt you? HAUNT ME?!? *screams* Runs to Mum.
posted 11-Sep-2003 4:08am  
My grandfather died some years ago and I remember waking up and looking at this person-shaped figure near the end of the bed. I asked, "Granddad ?" . I don't know if the moon came out from behind a cloud or not but the room became lighter and the shadow disappeared. I'm an atheist and I wasn't asleep/ dreaming. My mum told me later that my grandmother had a similar experience. I don't know whether it was my grandfather's spirit or not but it was certainly a strange experience.

posted 11-Sep-2003 4:15am  
If I was met by a spirit I think my first reaction would be - "Oh, f***, I am really delusional now!"
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 11-Sep-2003 4:52am  
I'm not sure what it would take to convince me that this was happening... but it would be a lot...
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 11-Sep-2003 9:02am  
Suspicious of a hoax.
posted 11-Sep-2003 9:33am  
It wouldn't bother me, I've lived in a place I thought was haunted and it pissed me off more than scare me when things happened.
(reply to romkey) posted 11-Sep-2003 12:40pm  
I feel the same way. If they do exist I'm sure that I will never be visited because it would scare me right into the hereafter.
(reply to Mograt) posted 11-Sep-2003 3:37pm  
Why do spirits always visit at night and stand at the end of the bed?
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to CarolL) posted 11-Sep-2003 7:18pm  
posted 11-Sep-2003 10:57pm  
Happy. Though I do like the ones that come in a glass, I would love it if a spirit would actually visit me! I have heard of others who have been visited by spirits, and I feel slightly envious.
posted 12-Sep-2003 11:09pm  
Scared, if they're haunting me.
(reply to LindaH) posted 15-Sep-2003 9:38am  
I was being serious and it only happened the once. (Sorry for sharing.)
(reply to Mograt) posted 15-Sep-2003 11:35am  
I know. I just noticed it's a common thing. A lot of people say they are visited by spirits standing at the end of the bed.
(reply to LindaH) posted 15-Sep-2003 1:25pm  
Oh, okay. I don't know, heightened awareness maybe, when we're getting ready to sleep - or just daydreaming. It was just odd that my gran had a similar experience. Anyway, I like to think that my grandad came back to say goodbye.
posted 17-Sep-2003 12:15pm  
I can't imagine how I would feel. I think it would have to happen first. Probably I would think that I was losing my mind.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Sep-2003 10:49am  
I'd probably be wondering where the cameras were.

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