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single4-Sep-2016opinionbill Bronze Star Survey Creator unsorted19157.9%


How valuable are the opinions of people?

1People's opinions are extremely valuable.
5People's opinions are significantly valuable.
6People's opinions are moderately valuable.
4People's opinions are minimally valuable.
0People's opinions have no value.

posted 4-Sep-2016 11:48am  
Depends on the people, what the opinion is about, and what advice might be needed.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Sep-2016 12:21pm  
This is very general. I had trouble answering this.
posted 4-Sep-2016 1:09pm  
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 4-Sep-2016 5:41pm  
Generally speaking, extremely valuable. However, it depends heavily on the person and the topic. The opinion of someone who is well informed on a topic is generally more valuable than the opinion of someone who is not, with occasional exceptions. Or, the opinions of people to whom a topic is particularly relevant are more valuable than the opinions of people who have no stake in the matter. And if you are a person who has to make an important decision and you don't know much about the particular topic, it's very important that you get good opinions and advice on the matter.
posted 4-Sep-2016 8:31pm  
It depends greatly on the person in question and the subject at hand.
posted 5-Sep-2016 11:02am  
This is a general question. Depends....
posted 6-Sep-2016 5:02am  
Depends on the person and what is being discussed.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-Sep-2016 6:34am  
Maybe I could have phrased this better. I think in most cases, people's opinions aren't that valuable (e.g. most people aren't that well-informed on most topics). So, I would say generally, opinion isn't that valuable.
posted 6-Sep-2016 10:23am  
They are infinitely valuable, to me, in so far as I believe in free speech, but beyond that, it depends on the opinion.
posted 11-Sep-2016 1:31pm  
How often do you want to hear random strangers' opinions about your lifestyle choices?
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Oct-2017 12:19pm  
Individual opinions have little value in the grand scheme of things, unless that individual is particularly powerful. But the opinion of The People can bring down governments, start or end wars, bring about social change... and surely that is a valuable power?

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