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When you use a vending machine, do you retrieve your product first or your change (if any)

20I get my change first
30I get my product first
12It depends
5I don't know
3I don't care

posted 13-May-1999 5:57pm  
minor tangent: I knew I had become a full fledged geek when I found myself executing a "change minimization algorithm" every time I went to the vending machines at work which was based on a knowledge of the type of change each machine returned.
posted 13-May-1999 6:04pm  
I usually use exact change. I can never get the machines to take my dollar bills. smiley:::smile But if I happen to give the machine more than it needs, I get my product first. I think so, anyway - I really never paid that much attention.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-May-1999 9:02pm  
Someone might steal my succulent waiting cookie if I don't grab it first. Who cares about the measly 15 cents...
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-May-1999 9:04pm  
Lizabeth, there's this trick you can do in which you fold your dollar bill lengthwise and it's suppose to help the machine think your money is good. It works for me on rare occasions. It's something to do anyway.
posted 13-May-1999 9:06pm  
Really? I've never tried that trick. I'll have to remember that!
posted 13-May-1999 9:17pm  
i generally get my product first...cuz if i'm using a vending's usually cuz i'm starving....
posted 13-May-1999 9:19pm  
i thought this was a good survey..too bad it was done anonymously
posted 13-May-1999 9:58pm  
The change is usually easier to get than the product, so I get the change first.
posted 13-May-1999 10:51pm  
Machines that refuse dollar bills remind me of a .sig I've seen long ago: "Madness takes its toll -- please have exact change." smiley:::smile
posted 14-May-1999 12:27am  
Diet Pepsi first...change later....
posted 14-May-1999 10:22am  
Can't remember the last time I've needed to get change from a vending machine.
posted 14-May-1999 2:30pm  
I have two hands.. I reach for them both. however, the change slot is closer than the item of purchase, therefor that hand reaches its goal first.
posted 14-May-1999 8:34pm  
Usually my change, but only because it tends to come out first. The lengthwise crease trick usually works for me - I've succeeded in getting some pretty ratty bills accepted that way, beady eyes and all smiley:::smile
posted 15-May-1999 3:58pm  
My most recent experience with a vending machine was at a rest stop along the freeway. The whole thing was behind a locked gate to protect it from vandalism, so I had to reach through the bars to put my money in the slot. The candybar didn't quite fall down all the way, and I could barely touch it with my fingertips. I nearly got my shoulder stuck between the bars trying to push through farther, and ended up grabbing the machine and violently shaking it until my candybar fell down to where I could reach it. I think I forgot all about getting my change. But it was worth it for the chocolate!
posted 15-May-1999 5:36pm  
The things some gurls will do for sugar!
posted 15-May-1999 6:37pm  
Not just any sugar -- sugar with CHOCOLATE! (I would not have done that for gummi bears.)
posted 16-May-1999 3:00am  
On most object spitting machines the things come out at different times - so I retrieve whichever comes out first.
posted 19-May-1999 2:57pm  
antony: argh. I do the same thing. I figure it so all the change I get back is quarters -- must be a holdover from coinop laundry days
posted 24-May-1999 1:37pm  
When I buy food from a vending machine I am hungry. So I like to get my hands on the food as soon as possible.
posted 2-Jul-1999 2:45pm  
This is not an issue as I have two hands.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 5-Nov-2017 8:05am  
Whichever drops first, I think.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 6-Nov-2017 11:42am  
My product. Though I very rarely use vending machines.

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