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multiple2-Oct-2013healthJessicaWoman99 by votes31253.3%


Do you understand the new health care laws in the U.S.?

January 2014 the new health care law takes place etc.

3What is there to understand

Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Oct-2013 8:32pm  
No. I've not taken the time to read about them properly, but I've picked up bits here and there. I'd be interested to learn more, because the current UK government has it in for the NHS, so it's always interesting to hear about alternative healthcare systems.
posted 2-Oct-2013 8:56pm  
If one has a pre-existing condition, four counts of retroactive insurance premiums should be added to the deductible of the five major points in the insurers past claim history or currently one pending. One needs to find the specific standard that applies to all aspects of the draft you later receive before signing benefits onto the policy that you are signing up for. If all points are needed then only the first two opposite stipulations apply when no other is presented or rejected. It takes all eleven pre-signed diagnosis statements to be submitted so 'health in use' conditions are left to the individual or family understated exceptions. All other forms are alphabetical in nature and are treated as such. I do not know why people think that this is so complicated.
posted 2-Oct-2013 9:10pm  
Yes I do understand new health care laws and for those who need health care to start shopping now for health insurance me myself I am already covered I have both Medicare and state Medicaid nobody is being forced to buy health care insurance think of this as being required to have auto insurance or you pay a fine
posted 3-Oct-2013 12:35am  
H*ll no.
posted 3-Oct-2013 1:03am  
I understand that the new healthcare law will hurt most every American - lost jobs, reduced hours, much higher premiums, less doctors, higher co-pays, etc. Hell, the dang exchange websites don't even work properly. Obamacare must go.
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 3-Oct-2013 5:53am  
> I understand that the new healthcare law will hurt most every American
> - lost jobs, reduced hours, much higher premiums, less doctors, higher
> co-pays, etc. Hell, the dang exchange websites don't even work properly.
> Obamacare must go.

So far I have been lucky (Other than an extreme premium jump 18% in my insurance due to butt-brain requirements) unlike many of my friends.
One is now looking for 2 other part time jobs as there are no full time positions being created. They are one of the 7 million who do not qualify for subsidies and must foot the whole cost.
They had their hours cut from 35 a week to 20 and in order to afford the premiums they figure they need to work 2 other 20 hour part-time jobs.

I went to the doctors the other day and had to update my medical and insurance history. When I handed it back they asked if I was going to be keeping my current insurance.
Turns out that many of the doctors will not accept the butt-brain insurance and require you to foot the bill and resubmit on your own for reimbursement.
No thanks that is a pain in the ass fight to get your money reimbursed, I know had to do that many years ago with my old insurance.

Heck obamacare aka unaffordable care AND obama must go. Maybe he ought look at the constitution (oh yeah thats right he keeps stomping on it with overbounded executive orders),
this is a Republic not a Socialistic regime (no offense to you who live in that type of country, but I value my republic).
posted 3-Oct-2013 9:28am  
I understand the general framework (insurance mandate, healthcare exchanges, subsidies for people with lower-incomes, business with 50 or more employees mandated to provide insurance, bronze/silver/gold levels of coverage, option for people or businesses to pay fee instead of buying insurance, vast majority of Americans won't need to do anything different, etc.).

Obviously, the resistance to the new law is troublesome. But, I suspect in time that people will come to appreciate and embrace it. Universal healthcare is something most modern republics have and their citizens are proud of it and want to keep it. I think if the opposition somehow succeeds in stopping Obamacare, it will be a major setback for our country.

The over-the-top resistance to Obamacare seems to be based on misinformation, speculation, buzzwords and just some arbitrary rejection of anything done by the opposing political party. Obamacare is very similar to the healthcare plan Republicans had in the 90s. Also, to the healthcare plan that Romney (former Republican Presidential candidate) helped to get passed in Massachusetts when he was governor. But, now that Obama did it, it's the worst thing in the world?

Republican have had 3 chances to stop Obamacare. When the law was passed, they didn't have enough votes. It got challenged in the courts and the (majority conservative) Supreme Court ruled that it was constitutional. Finally, in the last Presidential election, the Republican candidate (Romney) ran on repeal of Obamacare but he lost the election. Now, Republicans are trying to defund Obamacare by blocking largely procedural laws that just keep the government going or from defaulting (blocking these will likely hurt our still-recovering economy). It's getting a bit pathetic/desperate/insane. I think it's hurting Republicans and they really need to just stop.

Polls show that most people like what's in Obamacare but don't like the term "Obamacare". Clearly, there has been a media blitz smearing the term while at the same time little real information about the law and what it's about has gotten out. Over time, as the law goes into effect and most people see that it doesn't affect them or that it provides good things (e.g. can't be denied coverage for pre-exiting conditions, etc.); it's likely people will stop thinking "Obamacare" is bad. And, that may be why the Republicans are acting so desperately now.

But, I really think Republicans played with one all wrong. They've put so much behind blocking this law, despite it being the same healthcare reform they've promoted and created in the past. And, they keep failing. I guess they are a fractured party and they don't have good leadership. Also, they are getting yanked around by conservative media pundits (Limbaugh, Fox News, etc.) who don't really have the best interests of the party in-mind.

I hope Republicans can get their crap together. I think fiscal responsibility is still something most Americans agree with and they need to get back to that. I think they could potentially offer a lot in negotiating smarter ways to make cuts to wasteful government spending, entitlement reform, etc. But, the anti-Obamacare agenda is not working and just hurting them and the country (economic impact, the need for a viable 2nd party).
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 3-Oct-2013 10:47am  
I understand some of the basics, but there's plenty I really don't know about it. If I needed to get insurance through an exchange, though, I'm sure I would learn more.
ElvisFan67 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 3-Oct-2013 8:26pm  
Not really--I just hope they benefit us more.
posted 3-Oct-2013 8:32pm  
I understand isn't a health care program, it is a control program.

I received a letter from a friend that has Kaiser. She said her premiums are going up 97%.

I DO NOT like what I have heard of the program.
posted 3-Oct-2013 10:48pm  
I don't. Its too complicated for me to know enough about it to know if I am in favor or not, but I am leaning slightly against it. From my understanding, it supposed to be a lot like car insurance where you have to have it or pay a fine, except the rates are supposed to be close to being the same for everyone regardless of sex, age, pre-existing conditions, and even things you CAN control like smoking.

It would screw over the middle class who have to pay higher rates, while the poor get all sorts of subsides and the rich don't care either way; though thats slightly better than the current system of just letting people without money discharge their bills because they're judgment proof and force everyone else to eat the costs. At least now everyone has to pay something into the system.

So yeah, theres a lot of good and bad in there, and just too much to process for me.
posted 3-Oct-2013 10:54pm  
For what its worth, I should probably add that even though I think the ACA is likely a bad idea overall; the over-the-top antics of the GOP, shutting down the government, misinformation, and lets be honest, some of the opposition really is just because they don't like Obama, is likely to be more damaging to the economy than whatever damage the ACA would do.
posted 6-Oct-2013 7:00pm  
No,no one does...
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 11-Oct-2013 3:05pm  
Not fully.


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