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essay12-Oct-2006personal preferenceslone_star_john by votes50645.7%


Which U.S. states are friendliest? Least friendly?


posted 12-Oct-2006 1:46pm  
There are those, and then there are those other ones. Not to mention the ones over there.
posted 12-Oct-2006 1:57pm  
Dunno, never been
posted 12-Oct-2006 2:09pm  
I don't know!
posted 12-Oct-2006 5:10pm  
I don't know. I haven't been to many.
posted 12-Oct-2006 5:17pm  
Didn't we already have this question?
posted 12-Oct-2006 6:23pm  
Least friendly= whichever one I'm in. winking raspberry
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 12-Oct-2006 7:29pm  
I don't know.
posted 12-Oct-2006 8:27pm  
...I've only been to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas...And I've driven through..(including of course the ones I've been to)..Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi..
So I have no idea!!
posted 12-Oct-2006 9:39pm  
I wouldn't know since I haven't been in all of them. Atlanta, Georgia has one of the rudest people I think. The middle class working people will yell at you if you walk too slow on the sidewalk and the homeless people will curse you out if you don't give them money and accuse you of being a racist. I don't know about Georgia in general. Califorina and Oregon bums are very laid back and leave you alone at least, and the pedestrians just ignore you. Nevada is kinda wierd since most people there are tourists who will just ignore you and play the slots like zombies. THe nature hikers are kinda friendly though. The Mississippians and Alabamaninas are nice, but sometimes in a too nice creepy way.
posted 13-Oct-2006 1:34am  
I'm going to give it to South Dakota... because they never seem to get iest anything.
posted 13-Oct-2006 6:29am  
That just depends on what part of what state you are in.
posted 13-Oct-2006 11:02am  
Albania, Argentina, Botswana and Cucamonga.
posted 13-Oct-2006 7:18pm  
I think the southern and western states are friendlier
posted 13-Oct-2006 7:34pm  
I don't know. I don't know.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 13-Oct-2006 10:41pm  
DIdn't I do this already?
posted 14-Oct-2006 12:38am  
Hawaii is the most friendly! grin
(reply to southernyankee) posted 14-Oct-2006 1:36am  
So now I'm creepy? raspberry
posted 14-Oct-2006 8:41am  
That one.. over there ------------->>>>>>>>>
(reply to Amanda) posted 14-Oct-2006 1:48pm  
well, not you in particular
ElvisFan67 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Oct-2006 8:30pm  
I'd say Florida is the most friendliest and New York the least friendliest.
posted 14-Oct-2006 11:12pm  
NY, the greatest place on earth.
posted 15-Oct-2006 8:32am  
That's a real general question but I'd say that the North Eastern States are the friendliest - I think it has something to do with the cold weather or maybe the fact that it's where I travelled the most... You can find friendly people anywhere though - just be nice to them and generally they will respond with like attitude.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 15-Oct-2006 8:32am  
> There are those, and then there are those other ones. Not to mention
> the ones over there.

Especially that one!
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 15-Oct-2006 8:14pm  
(reply to Irene007) posted 16-Oct-2006 8:03am  
Oh thanks for reminding me of that one. I almost forgot. And to be honest, I think that one is my favorite.
posted 16-Oct-2006 7:28pm  
poker face
posted 18-Oct-2006 3:06pm  
All of them. All of them.
posted 19-Oct-2006 2:41pm  
I actually don't consider the state where I live (Pennsylvania) an overly friendly state.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 22-Oct-2006 8:53am  
I'm not sure but I think I'm in it right now.... Anyway, if people are not friendly; they sure are good looking!
posted 31-Oct-2006 5:17pm  
I don't know since I haven't traveled to every U.S. state.
posted 1-Nov-2006 6:43pm  
the friendliest...ohio
lease friendly....california
posted 1-Nov-2006 10:50pm  
I don't know.
posted 2-Nov-2006 3:17pm  
I've never been to another state.
posted 4-Nov-2006 4:19pm  
posted 6-Nov-2006 6:55pm  
No idea.
posted 8-Nov-2006 6:58pm  
All of them and none of them. I think it's possible that every state has its friendly and unfriendly regions.
posted 11-Nov-2006 1:36am  
posted 26-Nov-2006 3:11am  
How can hunk of geography influence people's behavior?

If I move, do I automatically take on the "persona" of that state? And what the fudge is a state's "persona" anyway? And how can it influence the people who live there to be nicer or more crapty?

I vote for Washington State in both categories. I've met both Angels and butt-holes here.
posted 11-Jun-2007 9:07am  
Indianapolis, IN, Smith Center, KS, Wisconsin are the friendliest. South is friendly, but it's phoney. Midwest is genuine. East Coast people are mean at first, but when you get to know them they are cool as hell and really loyal. Midwest and South are nice at first, then when you get to know them, they suck; awesome if you are passing through or just staying for a short time. Philadelphia has the meanest, they tried to compete with NY and when NY'ers got nice overnight, Philly was left being mean as hell. NJ has the coolest people you ever want to meet. Denver is best all around, but that's cause everyone is from somewhere else. Brattleboro, VT, cool ass hippies.
posted 12-Jun-2007 4:12am  
Seeing as I've not visited all the states, I couldn't possibly answer this.

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