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How do you typically express anger?

46I avoid expression (becoming silent, withdrawing, etc.)
32I express my anger verbally in a productive way (e.g. telling someone why you are angry and trying to resolve the problem)
21I express my anger by yelling or cursing
12I express my anger physically in a benign way (e.g. exercising vigorously)
7I express my anger physically in a destructive way (e.g. destroying property)
17I express my anger via a creative outlet (e.g. writing in a journal, singing)
7I typically express anger in a way not listed above
7I don't get angry often enough to have noticed a typical pattern of expression

bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Feb-1999 12:13pm  
I think about it a lot. Eventually I cool down. Then, if there still is some underlying problem or issue I resolve to bring it up to the other people if applicable.
posted 9-Feb-1999 12:37pm  
I find it interesting that you do not list destructive or malignant forms of verbal expression of anger.
posted 9-Feb-1999 1:05pm  
hunter: destructive or malignant forms of verbal expression include yelling or cussing. I guess I could have listed more (maybe just putting someone down...)
posted 9-Feb-1999 1:40pm  
I make anonymous snipes at the person I'm mad at (or just the world in general). smiley:::smile

[ Hey hunter, this is really bill. I'm just making this comment as a joke, and I figured it would be funnier if I made it as anonymous. ] smiley:::smile
posted 9-Feb-1999 1:45pm  
Silent treatment
posted 9-Feb-1999 1:52pm  
:)Goofball :)
posted 9-Feb-1999 2:10pm  
During a bout of normal anger I'll just be quiet and work out the anger. If I'm mad, which is very different than being angry, I will yell, scream, swear and potentially punch. I have a wonderful French temper.
posted 9-Feb-1999 2:15pm  
...and sometimes I turn the anger inwards and it becomes stress....
posted 9-Feb-1999 3:08pm  
I don't usually get angry; but when I do, watch out! I tend to explode. It's not pretty.
posted 9-Feb-1999 3:21pm  
it is internalized.. or expressed in a non-productive verbal way.
posted 9-Feb-1999 3:39pm  
I often supress it, and the watch it pop up in places it does not belong.
posted 9-Feb-1999 4:48pm  
I often yell or curse, but never in the presence of who/whatever I'm angry at; I'll yell or curse in private, or with a trusted friend and sounding board.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Feb-1999 5:07pm  
I have used most of these outlets at one point or another ;)... I think it just depends on who I'm angry at, where I happen to be at the time, and what the situation calls for.
posted 9-Feb-1999 5:34pm  
I prefer to tell people why I'm angry and try to find workable solutions. Sometimes I'm unable to do that, and I try to avoid expression in those cases. Sometimes I fail to realize that I'm unable to do that and end up trying and failing, in which case I often end up yelling. Also, I'm basically a loud and exercised person when excited or involved, so I tend to be perceived as yelling when I'm just being loud...
posted 12-Feb-1999 5:01am  
I express my anger through a kind of code that my friends recognize: "I'm very disappointed" through to "I'm extremely disappointed". The only thing I really swear at is the computer.
posted 19-Feb-1999 12:48pm  
Avoid and withdrawl or physical activity.
posted 20-Feb-1999 12:19am  
I used to either avoid expression, or (eventually) blow up. A couple of years ago I discovered that if I give the target of my anger a "raspberry" (usually my computer) then I can dispell the feeling quickly, and not save it until I explode, and hurt someone's feelings. :oP
posted 23-Feb-1999 8:37am  
You forgot to include WRITING FLAMING EMAIL AND NEWS MESSAGES YOU MORON!!! smiley:::smile
I find that how I express my anger depends mostly on the situation, and what kind of effect my response will have. Hence, I curse when I'm in traffic, become silent around people I believe are incapable of listening, and express my anger verbally in a productive way when it involves people I trust and respect.
I also write flames, most of which never get sent (thankfully). The process of trying to write down why I'm angry usually helps me realize that whatever is making me angry isn't worth the emotional energy I'm giving it.
posted 23-Feb-1999 9:00am  
I try to avoid writing flaming email while driving.
posted 2-Mar-1999 4:24pm  
I usually avoid expression until I know what I am anger about, then I express it verbally in a productive way. This method does not always work well for the other person involved who may have a different approach to handling anger...
posted 5-Mar-1999 7:24pm  
When I'm mad or someone does something to get me mad watch out for me!
I always speak my mind so if someone does something to me I
let them know what they did,& then my mind goes in to getting even & revenge on that person .& I always get my revenge
posted 5-Mar-1999 10:10pm  
patty: You go, girl. There is too much "turn the other cheek" bullcrap in our culture as it is. Getting revenge makes you feel cleansed and ready to move on with your life.
posted 6-Mar-1999 1:11am  
Revenge results in retaliation which results in further retaliation. Blood feuds once started never end.
posted 6-Mar-1999 2:39am  
Revenge IS retaliation. It balances the score.
posted 6-Mar-1999 10:34am  
The person who is revenged upon is unlikely to see the books as balanced and walk away, unless of course you simply kill them. And if you kill them retribution is likely to come down upon you and your family from the friends and loved ones of the person who was revenged upon. Extreme revenge results in retaliation from more sources than one. Justice is best determined by a third party that is, ideally, neutral.
posted 6-Mar-1999 11:02am  
My favorite phrase of the Nineties is "Three words that will change your life: let it go." I agree entirely with expressing one's anger, but I usually figure that letting the object of my anger take up so much of my thought in revenge-seeking, or even continued anger, is giving them power over my life that they certainly don't merit.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-Mar-1999 5:03pm  
anonymous - yeah, that's what the Croatians and Serbians think too. Oh, and the Irish. Oh, and the Arabs... Oh, and the Rwandans. Blood Feuds are at the root of many wars/massacres/atrocities.
posted 6-Mar-1999 10:19pm  
bill: And I guess all that's required for, say, the Tutsis and Hutsus to get along is for one to just stop retaliating? NOT. That would be a good way to get even more creamed.
posted 6-Mar-1999 10:20pm  
P.S. Believe it or not, there are ways to get revenge without the person knowing it's you.
posted 7-Mar-1999 1:16pm  
Anonymous---I don't think that is what Bill was saying at all. I think he was saying that the cycle of revenge and counter-revenge has been going on for so long that all parties feel like they are justified in doing whatever they want to in the interest of revenge. That there would be a lot fewer wars/massacres/atrocities going on today if people would refuse to respond to a perceived affront with violence.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Mar-1999 5:14pm  
I'll try another angle... If you fill your mind with thoughts of revenge and hurting other people, you darken your psyche. If you instead learn to forgive and forget you you lighten your psyche.
Revenge doesn't leave one with a good feeling after it's done, but forgiveness usually does.
If I had a way to stuff a virtual daisy into your disk drive, I'd do it.
posted 7-Mar-1999 6:25pm  
"This is certain, that a man that studieth revenge, keeps his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal, and do well." -Francis Bacon
posted 7-Mar-1999 8:50pm  
That can't be the same anonymous, if it is he/she has had a change of heart or can't read.
posted 27-Jul-2008 6:35pm  
Usually by being loud.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Oct-2017 7:27pm  
I inwardly seethe and get very frosty with the person I am angry with.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 30-Oct-2017 1:14pm  
Any of the first four, depending. Occasionally I throw something, too.

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