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single27-Oct-2009opinionpaulyw Survey Central Subscriber Gold Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier by votes32753.7%


What type of hand soap works the best?

16Liquid soap.
4Bar soap.
3I have something else to share.
2I don't use hand soap.
0Powdered soap.
0What is hand soap?

posted 28-Oct-2009 10:19am  
Liquid, but I only use that in the kitchen. I prefer to use bar soap.
posted 28-Oct-2009 10:53am  
Liquid. I get the herbal types from natural food stores.
posted 28-Oct-2009 12:21pm  
I like liquid soap. My preference. As for getting hands clean and killing germs it's less about the soap and more about the duration and technique of hand washing.
bill Survey Central Gold Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-Oct-2009 12:58pm  
liquid because it's easier to use
Enheduanna Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 28-Oct-2009 1:48pm  
I think they all work about the same.
posted 28-Oct-2009 3:08pm  
Liquid because everyone isnt handling it, liquid is more sanitary.
posted 28-Oct-2009 6:46pm  
posted 31-Oct-2009 7:28pm  
I only use Dove (Bar soap) in the bathroom. In the kitchen, liquid soap.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 1-Nov-2009 10:52pm  
I'm surprised you didn't include that foamy crap.
posted 4-Nov-2009 12:38am  
I don't know if it works the best but it is my favorite because it is fast, liquid soap.
autumnlight Survey Central Subscriber
posted 9-Nov-2009 4:48pm  
I'm allergic to soap so I don't use it.
ASB Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Dec-2009 2:57pm  
powdered? Never heard of powdered hand soap
ASB Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to they) posted 22-Dec-2009 2:59pm  
I prefer the foamy soap. You do not like it?
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to ASB) posted 22-Dec-2009 4:10pm  
Meh. It seems too light. I like something with a little weight.

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