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single8-Aug-2011productsIrene007 by votes30355.4%


Which of these two horrible toys described deserves the Fail Award?

9The Russian Roulette
3The Pez Gun

posted 9-Aug-2011 1:27am  
The Russian Roulette
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Aug-2011 7:02am  
Wow, that dude is annoying.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Aug-2011 5:46pm  
I watched it with the sound off so I may have missed something, but the basic concept of the Pez one was fine as far as I'm concerned (though clearly poses a major choking risk and would surely never be manufactured today), while the Russian Roulette one was a bit sick if it was intended for young children.
posted 9-Aug-2011 7:33pm  
I'll pick the Pez Gun, for the extra "can be mistaken for a real gun" factor.
posted 15-Aug-2011 11:04pm  
I can't decide. Probably the one that looks like a real gun.
posted 27-Aug-2011 11:12am  
First off, that is the most advertising that I have ever seen on a YouTube video. Normally, I wouldn't watch something like that on YouTube, ads... I shut it down and move to the next one.

Anyway... Yeah, they're both pretty bad. I think the pez one is worse. Japan doesn't really have a gun culture like the US, the toy looks like a toy more than a gun. Suicide has a different cultural meaning in Japan.

Encouraging children to take a realistic gun and firing it into their mouths just seems like a really bad idea.

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