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single28-May-1999sex/relationshipsanonymousby votes721058.2%


Are you turning into your parents?

11Yes, I am turning into my mother and my father
9not sure
5Yes, I am turning into my mother
5Yes, I am turning into my father

posted 28-May-1999 11:14am  
how can we avoid it?
posted 28-May-1999 11:16am  
While I do occasionally hear my mother speaking through my mouth, thank G-d I'm not actually turning into her. Yet.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-May-1999 11:49am  
a little perhaps, but not enough to say 'yes'.
posted 28-May-1999 12:03pm  
I am turning into an adult with many of the same concerns my parents had, similarities of personality to both of them, and behavior templates established by watching how they handled situations. But I wouldn't say that I am becoming either of them, or even an amalgam of the two.
posted 28-May-1999 12:32pm  
Don't even go there!
posted 28-May-1999 1:51pm  
I sure as hell hope not!
posted 28-May-1999 4:25pm  
I think "amalgam" deserves the green globule.
posted 28-May-1999 5:21pm  
I have attributes of both, but I have chosen a somewhat different path, and in some ways I have surpassed my parents.
posted 28-May-1999 6:30pm  
Not yet, but I'm sure I will someday.
posted 29-May-1999 6:55am  
somewhat like my father. consciously trying to avoid it.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 29-May-1999 10:19am  
more my mom than my dad, and i am happier about it than i thought i would be when i was younger.
posted 29-May-1999 11:55am  
I've noticed it happening a lot in little things - when I sneeze it sounds like my dad, when someone asks a general question when we're together we'll often answer the same thing at the same time - that kind of thing. It doesn't worry me at all, I just find it interesting.
posted 30-May-1999 2:58am  
oh god i hope not
posted 31-May-1999 5:45pm  
I'm turning Japanese...I think I'm turning Japanese ..I really think so!
posted 31-May-1999 9:40pm  
Must be song lyrics...?
posted 1-Jun-1999 1:27am  
"No sex, no drugs, no wine, no women, no fun, no sinnin', no you, no wonder it's dark!"
posted 1-Jun-1999 9:08pm  
No..I'd rather die. smiley:::raspberry
posted 2-Jun-1999 11:40am  
"Other"--I know that there are some things about me that I picked up from my parents, but I am consciously choosing those behaviors that I adopt.
posted 16-Jun-1999 3:29am  
heaven forbid.
posted 16-Jun-1999 9:22pm  
trying hard not too.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 5-Nov-2017 7:50am  
I have things in common with each of my parents, but I wouldn't say I am turning into them. I have a similar sense of duty and work-related-martyrdom to my Dad, but I don't have the clashing personal responsibilities (partner, children) that he had so there's not really any conflict/guilt there for me. I am naturally quiet, introverted and bookish like my Mum, but she wasn't forced to step outside of that like I have been, so I've grown beyond that outwardly, even if inwardly I am much the same.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 6-Nov-2017 11:30am  
I am a lot like both of them in many ways.

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