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multiple23-May-2000familyAustinsMom unsorted741652.3%


How do you treat your babies diaper rash?

If you have any treatments you may find useful to others please share them.

6An over the counter drug ex. desitin, balmex, etc.
7Take off their diaper and let them air out.
0I don't treat their diaper rash
1I have my own remedy.
0My children are grown, but I have a good remedy.
3My child doesn't get diaper rash
48I don't have kids
2Other, please explain.

posted 24-May-2000 12:01pm  
OK here is the secret to diaper rashes, my mommy used it with me and her mother & all the mothers before........... Parched flour... You take a cup or 2 of flour and burn it in a skillet, till it is a brown color, within just hours my sons rash is gone..... he gets rashes from taking antibiotics... The flour beats desitin and balmex and anything that you pay for in the store and i promise you this works...
posted 24-May-2000 1:43pm  
Heavy-guage sandpaper and a blowtorch. Hey, you laugh but it works!
posted 24-May-2000 4:33pm  
No kids. No idea.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 24-May-2000 5:45pm  
My 6 month old daughter doesn't get diaper rash... The only time she did have it was for about 2 days when we tried a generic brand of baby wipes. I think the most important thing in avoiding diaper rash is changing your baby often.. I think a lot of it stems from babies being left in disposable diapers that are made to hold about 10 lbs of excrement for LONG periods of time... Also, we use cloth diapers and I think air gets in a lot better... I have read that giving your baby naked time is a good way to get fresh air to the rash, though.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 24-May-2000 5:47pm  
Austinsmom: watch out for those liquid antibiotics for long periods of time.. they rot out future teeth. (My SO's niece is toothless because antibiotics caused her to have her baby teeth pulled early.)
posted 24-May-2000 6:03pm  
(they... thankfully my son had tubes put in his ears last month and hasn't had any trouble since. He never had a rash before they started giving them to him though.) I always thought it was from people not keeping their kids clean enough, but it also is caused by certain foods, medications and certain diapers and clothing. So it isn't always the parents fault when the kid has them.... I do know parents who don't change their child enough and yes they get awful rashes that are hard to get rid of...
posted 24-May-2000 7:52pm  
I don't have any kids yet.
posted 24-May-2000 8:12pm  
I don't remember my daughter having diaper rash. Wouldn't I remember that?
posted 25-May-2000 6:46pm  
When I watched my crack heads friends kids I would find them with diaper rash a lot. I would take the diaper off, clean him and put a little stuff on him and then let him roam for an hour or so.
They usually went away pretty quick.
posted 26-May-2000 8:06am  
Claire has had nappy rash yet although her bottom was a little reddish the other day. I used an over the counter drug, let her air out and I stopped using baby wipes (I used warm water and cotton balls instead). Anyway, it's cleared up.
posted 4-Jun-2000 4:36pm prescription
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to anonymous) posted 4-Jun-2000 9:07pm  
That is not for a diaper rash.. that's for a yeast infection caused by a diaper rash... How bad is it?
(reply to they) posted 8-Jun-2000 3:53am  
It STILL WORKS better than the rest! even without the yeast!
If you're scared to use it though...then "Boudreaux's Butt Paste"
...miraculous, cures most overnight! >smiley:::smile
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to sunflower) posted 8-Jun-2000 3:40pm  
My child doesn't get diaper rash.... probably because we change her more often due to cloth diapers.
posted 11-Feb-2006 7:34pm  
I do know that as a baby I had skin issues and my mother had to use cloth diapers.

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