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single11-Aug-2005hypothetical questionjudgescratch unsorted63757.5%


Would you tip the furniture delivery guys? How much?

Let's say you buy a $800. mattress and box spring set. The furniture store offers free delivery and setup.

20Yes, I would tip.
26No, I would not tip.

Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 12-Aug-2005 12:16pm  
Definitely. In fact, I did. I think I gave them each a twenty.
posted 12-Aug-2005 1:56pm  
I would have to ask someone, I am not sure the protocal.
posted 12-Aug-2005 2:18pm  
No, that's not customary here. They can get a cup of coffee, but that's it.
Btw, those guys get normal salary, health insurance, etc. No need for tips.
(reply to judgescratch) posted 12-Aug-2005 2:32pm  
I would make arrangements with the furniture store to include the tip in the cost of set, that way...I wouldn't have to worry about all that.
posted 12-Aug-2005 3:54pm  
No. Why should I? It's their job.
posted 12-Aug-2005 4:11pm  
Yes, they are giving a service we have to appreciate!!! we always give them about 30$, whatever the did as service..
(reply to CarolL) posted 12-Aug-2005 4:14pm  
You should do it because if you don't give them, they may not be nice when setup the furniture, they may not be awake when putting the couch on the ground!!!!! take care!!
(reply to Maarten) posted 12-Aug-2005 4:16pm  
You have to; although they get normal salaries, you have to give them some tip, as you give waiters in restaurant!!
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 12-Aug-2005 4:42pm  
I'd probably them $20 each or so, depending on how much work the delivery was.

It might be furniture delivery gals, too...
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to verouge) posted 12-Aug-2005 4:44pm  
In the US, people working in food service get paid below minimum wage; they're expected to make up the bulk of their income in tips. People delivering furniture are paid at least minimum wage; tips are a nice extra. There's a big difference in how their incomes work in the US.
posted 12-Aug-2005 5:20pm  
I wouldn't think to tip, but now that I know...maybe ten dollars?
ElvisFan67 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Aug-2005 6:55pm  
I haven't been, so I guess not. And I never meant to be selfish in not doing so (yes, I've had furniture delivered before).
posted 12-Aug-2005 10:29pm  
No. Unless they had to go to extra trouble with a difficult delivery situation and went out of their way to be helpful. Then I might.
posted 13-Aug-2005 12:53am  
Probably not unless I really liked them for some reason. Then I might shoot them twenty bucks or something.
(reply to romkey) posted 13-Aug-2005 3:41am  
I get it, but it's pretty the same here! Tips are for both nice extra; but at anyway we should give tips, for both of them.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to verouge) posted 13-Aug-2005 9:21am  
Tips aren't extra for food service workers, they're essential.
posted 13-Aug-2005 2:18pm  
No... It's his job.
posted 13-Aug-2005 2:20pm  
I might if it was a piano delivered to a 4th floor apartment with no elevator...
gambler Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Aug-2005 2:48pm  
Yes, I would tip.......... Probably about $10 per person
(reply to romkey) posted 13-Aug-2005 3:30pm  
that's right!! You have to leave about 5% of the fee!!!
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 13-Aug-2005 4:49pm  
No.. am I supposed to?
posted 13-Aug-2005 5:25pm  
I'd tip them both onto the mattress and oh...wait...
that's not what you meantsmile
posted 13-Aug-2005 6:42pm  
depends if they were hot
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to verouge) posted 13-Aug-2005 9:07pm  
It's 15% in the US.
posted 14-Aug-2005 6:33am  
i would either tip or offer them a drink or something to eat!
(reply to romkey) posted 14-Aug-2005 2:20pm  
Let me see, I was in dinner yesterday with 2friends of mine, it was 33$, so we payed 40$, 7$ extra.. It's 17.5% for three persons, 5.83% for each one!!
posted 14-Aug-2005 6:28pm  
No I would not tip him lol
posted 14-Aug-2005 7:26pm  
i dont know id have to know if you are expected to do this...ive never had anyone deliver furniture to my house.
posted 16-Aug-2005 7:00am  
Yes if they were on time and did a good job and so on.
I'd tip anyone who does me a good job, and does it right and quick and on time.
posted 17-Aug-2005 1:20am  
No, I've never tipped furniture or appliance delivery guys, are you even supposed to??
posted 17-Aug-2005 6:34pm  
No! God, do you have to tip everyone nowadays?
posted 21-Aug-2005 3:17pm  
no, its their job
posted 22-Aug-2005 1:19am  
No, I've never thought about tipping them.
posted 22-Aug-2005 4:57pm  
When we moved, 1 of the movers asked me for a tip, before they even loaded our stuff.
I told him I didn't have any money on me...and I showed him, all I had was $5.00.
He said, "No-Thanks that wasn't ENOUGH".
I called his company and told them, they said, there were NOT supposed to ASK for a TIP!
To top it off, when they did finally deliver our stuff a WEEK LATER. the glass on my printer was smashed.
Oddley enough, someone else we know used the same moving company they delievered his stuff and he had $6000.00 worth of damage. and they had the BALLS to ASK him for a TIP!.
posted 30-Aug-2005 6:59pm  
I don't view delivery drivers like this a "tippable" offense.
(reply to patarnone) posted 4-Sep-2005 9:25pm  
If you want to tip, thats fine.
But they are not supposed to ask for a tip.
posted 9-Sep-2005 3:47pm  
Most delivery people rely on tips, from pizza to furniture
posted 13-Sep-2005 12:04pm  
The last time I had something big delivered to the house, it was the new fridge-freezer. I didn't tip them.
posted 18-Oct-2005 1:40pm  
Yeah. I employ delivery guys and although I pay them well (yes I do) they are so extra happy when someone tips them. I'd give that back to another delivery team.
posted 27-Oct-2005 1:26pm  
posted 4-Nov-2005 2:07pm  
yes. I asked the guys if they wanted lunch or $20 a piece. They took the $$ and bought a cheap lunch and kept the change.
FauxLo Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-Nov-2005 7:17pm  
$5 - $10 per mover, so they can get some lunch.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 30-Apr-2010 9:10am  
I'm having a couch delivered today and thought to make a survey, but I see it's been done.

I finally decided not to tip... I decided that this morning when the delivery men looked at their delivery roster and saw my neighborhood, they assumed a tip was not in order.
posted 13-Jun-2010 12:17pm  
I am a furniture delivery guy and alot of people dont understand how much we go though each day..We average about 12 to 15 hours everyday dealing with at least 13-15 different households and personalities a day..We work extra hard to make sure you are comfortable with us and we work extra hard to make sure we dont mess up with walls, floors, existing items already in your home, etc..Not to mention its our responisibilty to make sure your stuff gets to you in a timely fashion..Yes we do get paid a wage but a little extra will always get the best service from any delivery driver you come across..So yes i say tip because there are some delivery drivers out here who dont care so if you find a good one tip
posted 20-Sep-2011 11:59am  
if they are professional and polite and do a good job i would this country the amount to tip i believe depends on your financial status.example i'm a carpenter,i've gotten tips,been offered a cold drink,cup a coffee etc.... but only by the blue collar typoe of people they'll praise your work and realize it's hot and you can use a cold drink or if it's cold give you a coffee.and throw you $10-$20 when the jobs done.if you have a huge house ,a garage full of mercedes,and a swimming pool your lucky if they say i guess the standard procedure in the us is if you can barely afford the furniture and are struggling to make ends meet give them $10-$20.if you are wealthy than no tipping
posted 24-Jan-2012 3:15pm  
My students don't tip me every time I teach a lesson. I understand that some jobs pay more than others, however, if you don't like the pay, get a different job. It has gotten to where every single profession thinks they should receive a tip. I wish restaurants would just add 20% to the cost of all of the items on the menu and pay their wait staff more money.

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