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Off-time politicking: Would you like elections to be held on the weekend?

In the mid-nineteenth century, Tuesday was made to be the official election day. This was so people who had to travel to polls by horse & buggy didn't have to disrupt their Biblical Sabbath (Sunday) in order to make to their voting booths.

Would you be in favor of moving election day to the weekend?

4Yes, move election day to the weekend.
2I'm not sure.
6No, horse & buggies or no, stick with the tradition of voting on Tuesday.
7I don't care.
3Since this creator hasn't given my answer, I elect to say this: [OTHER]

posted 16-May-2017 11:57am  
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 16-May-2017 12:30pm  
Weekend voting would still be a problem for some. Some Jews wouldn't vote on Saturday, and likely some Christians wouldn't vote on Sunday. And there are lots of people who have to work on weekends. There's also evidence that making election day a holiday doesn't increase turnout, so I'm skeptical of weekends for the same reason. The things that do increase turnout are access to early voting and to voting by mail, both of which are not readily available to voters in many states. Those are better things to work for, in my opinion.
posted 16-May-2017 1:43pm  
No stay with Tuesday the Amish will vote on the weekends
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 16-May-2017 2:36pm  
In civilised countries, we go to the polls on a Thursday! As long as postal voting is available (and can be signed up for fairly close to the day) then I think weekday elections are better than weekends.
posted 16-May-2017 3:08pm  
Don't care. I always vote my mail when I feel like it and not on any certain day.
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Biggles) posted 16-May-2017 8:16pm  
I think we usually vote on Tuesdays in Canada too, probably some sort of tradition we inherited from the UK.
posted 17-May-2017 8:55am  
I am usually busy doing fun stuff on the weekend, so keep the voting on Tuesday.
posted 17-May-2017 1:11pm  
Yes, but make it the whole weekend, not just Saturday or just Sunday.
posted 17-May-2017 11:57pm  
I want election day to be the day after tax day.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-May-2017 6:35am  
I like Tuesday as it's easy for me to go when there are no crowds given my flexible work schedule. But, if weekend voting would increase turnout, I'd support it. I also like voting by mail and many other proven techniques that increase turnout.
(reply to dab) posted 18-May-2017 8:34am  
> I want election day to be the day after tax day.

That's a great idea, but remember most of the sheep set up their withholding to get a "refund." Most think it's free money from the government, never realizing that it's their money that they've been without and earned no interest on.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 18-May-2017 10:11am  
Yeah, I know. I'd like to get rid of withholding too. I want people to have to write the check and see up close just how much they're being taken for. And then the next day they vote.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 19-May-2017 6:11am  
I think Tuesday if fine but it needs to be a holiday and/or there has to be early voting so everyone has a chance to vote.
(reply to dab) posted 23-May-2017 10:33am  
I agree 100%!
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 26-Jun-2017 7:04pm  
No. I get the day off as it is.
posted 18-Jul-2017 5:10pm  
Really does not matter to me

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