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single1-Nov-2004personal experienceTazwert by votes58952.9%


What time does Halloween trick-or-treating usually end where you live?

Just use your local time zone, please. Thank you.

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10I don't have trick-or-treaters where I live
88:31 - 9:00 PM
57:31 - 8:00 PM
48:01 - 8:30 PM
49:01 - 9:30 PM
4I don't hand out stuff on Halloween.
29:31 - 10:00 PM
2We don't do Halloween where I live.
16:01 - 6:30 PM
16:31 - 7:00 PM
17:01 - 7:30 PM
1After 10:00 PM
0Before 4:30 PM
04:30 - 5:00 PM
05:01 - 5:30 PM
05:31 - 6:00 PM
07:01 - 7:30 PM

posted 2-Nov-2004 12:44pm  
As I said in qual, I DON'T KNOW! This is my first Halloween in this neighborhood.
posted 2-Nov-2004 12:45pm  
It ends when it ends, usually at my house between 9 and 9:30.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 2-Nov-2004 2:52pm  
I don't know; there weren't any in my neighborhood and this is my first year here.
posted 2-Nov-2004 2:59pm  
I have no idea. I wasn't aware there was a certain starting and stopping point for this sort of thing.
posted 2-Nov-2004 3:57pm  
I don't know. I live in a huge condo complex that is gated, so the only trick-or-treaters we'd get (IF we got any, that is) would be other residents.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 2-Nov-2004 7:01pm  
Take a deep breath now, Kate! smiley:::smile
posted 2-Nov-2004 8:19pm  
It kind of depends on whether it falls on a school night or not. This year they stopped at 7:30 but it varies from year to year.
(reply to romkey) posted 2-Nov-2004 9:58pm  
Okay...but it irritates me when people ignore comments in qual. I'm better now. smiley:::smile
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 2-Nov-2004 10:38pm  
> Okay...but it irritates me when people ignore comments in qual. I'm
> better now. smiley:::smile

Actually, this scooted through qual before I could edit it. Sorry Kate. smiley:::frown
(reply to Tazwert) posted 2-Nov-2004 11:15pm  
Okay...I forgive you! As you can see from some of the comments. others didn't have "start" or "end" times either and I still have no clue as to what they are in my neighborhood. It's kind of hard to judge this when you get a total of ONE trick or treater all night and are stuck with over 5 lbs of assorted candy. I was so looking forward to seeing the kids in their cute costumes. smiley:::frown
posted 2-Nov-2004 11:17pm  
8pm is the curfew, methinks.
posted 3-Nov-2004 2:18am  
Before dawn the next day.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 3-Nov-2004 7:18am  
We've never had any kid make the long walk up our driveway.
posted 3-Nov-2004 7:23am  
It varies where I live. Some towns are 6-8 while others are 5-7. So b/w 7 & 8.
posted 3-Nov-2004 12:14pm  
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 3-Nov-2004 1:03pm  
That stinks. smiley:::frown Like they say in baseball "Well, there's always next year."

posted 3-Nov-2004 1:04pm  
8:30 to 9
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 3-Nov-2004 2:55pm  

We were out from about 6-7.
(reply to Tazwert) posted 3-Nov-2004 3:25pm  
True-but since it will be on a school night, I don't think I'll get anymore than last year. Next year my plan is to buy one bag of Hershey's Miniatures (20-25 bag) and whatever is leftover is mine to eat.
(reply to bill) posted 3-Nov-2004 3:26pm  
Maybe their mommies and daddies should drive them up to your door. God forbid their kids should get any kind of exercise!
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 3-Nov-2004 5:01pm  
Ah!!! As long as you like all the Hershey's minis... I know I do. smiley:::smile
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 3-Nov-2004 6:26pm  
you know...that's so funny you say that about driving the kids...we were SO completely weirded out by trick or treat this year. yes, it was chilly...BUT...parents were seriously driving their kids from house to house, OLDER kids. we couldn't believe it!
our kid walked, as he should..and frankly, i thought it was rather unsafe for the parents to be doing so, for there are no sidewalks in that town...just...grrrrrrr..
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 3-Nov-2004 6:34pm  
.8 miles round trip, up a big hill... not worth a little candy bar.
(reply to Tazwert) posted 3-Nov-2004 7:14pm  
What I don't like my son does. I'll just make certain that I get of bag of minibars that we both like.
(reply to justjulie) posted 3-Nov-2004 7:17pm  
I grew up in a small town and we walked door to door with no parents about. My grandmother didn't drive us anywhere to go trick or treating. Of course, we had to stay within a certain area, but there were tons of houses to go to. I understand that it's probably necessary for parents to accompany their kids nowadays, but it wouldn't hurt the parents to get out of the car and walk the neighborhood with their kids. They probably were in need of the exercise as much as the children!
(reply to bill) posted 3-Nov-2004 7:19pm  
Whoa...I didn't realize you were that far back from the main road! It must make for a lot of privacy and peace and quiet for you and jen. Now I understand why you didn't get any trick or treaters.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 3-Nov-2004 7:31pm  
my mom NEVER ever would have driven us...ever
yes, she accompanied us while we were young, like 5 & 7, but we had restrictions when we got older as well.
this past weekend just made me sad. the houses were "on top of each other", just like in any other small town. i just don't get it. not at all. walking around is half the fun!
some people...smiley:::wink
posted 4-Nov-2004 7:03pm  
Between 8:30 and 9.
posted 4-Nov-2004 7:55pm  
Australia - no pagan rituals
posted 5-Nov-2004 11:39am  
I don't care. It's not something I take much notice of.
posted 5-Nov-2004 3:01pm  
Around abouts 10pm
posted 6-Nov-2004 1:57am  
9:00ish here. I've had a few til 9:30 this year, though it's supposed to be from 6-9.
posted 11-Nov-2004 9:36pm  
about right before 9


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