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single31-May-2015personalityEnigma by votes29151.7%


Do you think you're smarter than the average person living in your country?

In the comments section, if you don't mind, I would be interested in knowing what country you live in and why you answer as you do.


posted 31-May-2015 1:31pm  
I don't feel particularly smart. Still, I seem to do better than average on tests and all too often I see what others do and say and I wonder why they're so unwilling to think.
posted 31-May-2015 2:22pm  
I live in America Colorado and I know I am smarter than most people I know and I have to be smart trying to figure things out on my own and I have to improvise and say ah ha"
posted 31-May-2015 5:35pm  
Yes, but it's a curse I tell you, a curse!
gambler Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 31-May-2015 5:51pm  
Yes, and not because I am well educated but because I live in Jamaica and we have a large illiteracy rate and poor educational infrastructure be more exact, people can communicate, but correct grammar, pronunciation etc is terrible - and not because of our patois.
e.g I attended a funeral and they had two priests and they BOTH pronounced "Condolences" - Cun-da-len-ces - it annoyed me no end!

My Son Kai, when he hits 12 (he is about a year behind) has few choices here and I despair where i will send him, from a special loving school of 10-12 per class to a "rowdy" large school with 40-50 students per class.....
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 31-May-2015 8:50pm  
Most likely, but especially in certain areas/ways. Concerning those ways, it is frustrating dealing with people.
posted 1-Jun-2015 2:21am  
In certain areas...
posted 1-Jun-2015 5:29am  
This is really subjective as to smarter than the average person. Really in what respect? In regards to math and most sciences I would say I am, at least to others in the USA (at least I can make change and do most math without the need for a calculator, some 3rd year calculus I will need a pen and paper to work them out).
But if this was History or some useless social science then no, in fact I might be below average in that respect.
posted 1-Jun-2015 12:46pm  
USA. I've scored around 145 on IQ tests, 800 math/760 verbal on SATs.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 1-Jun-2015 1:00pm  
I may be a little smarter than the average; I'm not sure. But I have had much more education than the average person, which probably makes more of a difference. I live in the US.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 3-Jun-2015 12:28pm  
I don't know.
posted 5-Jun-2015 10:57am  
I'm Canadian and I've taken IQ tests that suggest that I'm smarter than the average person living in my country.
(reply to gambler) posted 14-Jul-2015 1:39pm  
Can you home school in Jamaica? I recommend home schooling. It is not difficult, and less time consuming. I've known many people who have home schooled, and they said it took no more than 2 hours through 7th grade. High school, 3 to four hours daily.

Perhaps share with other parents, and form a home schooling group. The parents share, helping others. For example. five parents gather, take turns.

I tried to homeschool several decades ago, but the system told me I would be jailed if I tried to home school. Thank goodness, 80 brave fathers went to jail, had the laws changed, which opened the opportunity for parents to home school.
gambler Silver Star Survey Creator
(reply to LJD) posted 17-Jul-2015 10:11am  
no option for that LJD,, sad really
(reply to gambler) posted 17-Jul-2015 1:40pm  
Yes, it is sad that parents don't have the option. Let's face it, public schools are indoctrination centers.

I want the basics .Reading Writing, and Arithmetic..taught well. I remember when I was young, we had to perfect our writing skills. Not today.

I learned about 20 years ago, the students coming out of high school, couldn't do basic math...had no understanding. I found this out first hand, when attending a local community college. I also learned 20 years ago on an eye seminar, that the youth were not being taught how to read appropriately. To put it another way....they're teaching our young HOW NOT TO LEARN.
(reply to LJD) posted 20-Jul-2015 5:33am  
> Yes, it is sad that parents don't have the option. Let's face it,
> public schools are indoctrination centers.

Yep that is exactly what they are; teaching students real life skills, NOPE not happening.
And now writing/penmanship is not taught in schools, sad times.

> To put it another way....they're teaching our young HOW NOT TO LEARN.

Well how else will they keep the masses dependent on the government? Indoctrinate them young.
When people can think for themselves they are a danger to big government.
(reply to Lysannus) posted 21-Jul-2015 10:39am  
Lysannus, well said!

I have neighbors that had their young son in first grade elementary. She told me, they looked at the math program, but was so bad, they removed the boy, and decided on home schooling.

From my understanding some parents are sharing in home schooling, making small groups. They share also in social, athletic programs. The parents today are lucky they can home school. Parents in my day, were told we'd be thrown in jail.
(reply to LJD) posted 21-Jul-2015 12:58pm  
> From my understanding some parents are sharing in home schooling,
> making small groups. They share also in social, athletic programs.
> The parents today are lucky they can home school. Parents in my
> day, were told we'd be thrown in jail.

Yes but back then the schools were much better. They taught you what you needed to know to get through life, not pass some standardized tests and throw you out to the world.

Best course I ever took in college I loved everyone else hated. The professor would do a lesson but you never knew if that lesson would be on a test, or possibly from a chapter that he didn't cover or even mention except in the prospectus handed out in the start of the year. If the prospectus said on week 8 it was pages such and such it was YOUR responsibility to read them and understand and ask question. He would never say anything about it unless a question was asked, then would explain it.

I had another professor that handed out a paper in the beginning of the year stating what your project was that had to be turned in before you could take the final. 4 out of 12 students never bothered to read that and never finished their project and the kicker was not all the projects were the same so you couldn't copy from another. I remember that project vividly because I had to write a program that acted as an airport scheduling system for passengers, based on planes, where they were going, how many could fit on that plane, were any already on it, transfers from one plane to another if this was the transfer point, and to have it reschedule if a flight was cancelled bumping and filling where it could.

Those 2 professors taught self-reliance and not look to be spoon fed.
(reply to Lysannus) posted 22-Jul-2015 3:32am  
You're right, the professors you mentioned...taught!

You sound very bright Lysannus, a good student! I really feel for the students of today, I think many know they're not being taught as they should be. I remember once taking a class for Algebra at the local community college, and the teacher said he normally taught Chemistry. He did not know Algebra. The students in class were lost, a wasted term. One day, a substitute teacher came in and I learned more that one day then I did the whole term. I thought I was just slow in learning the math, but another student, right out of high school said it was not me, it was the teacher. I finished the class, had to learn on my own. Personally, I think they should do away with teacher tenure.

You are very astute in your observations of the intent of the education system of today...make people dependent, easy to control. Bottom line, they're teaching them how NOT to LEARN.

(reply to gambler) posted 25-Jul-2015 12:53pm  
Send him here to Canada!
posted 25-Jul-2015 12:54pm  
I like to think that I'm smarter than the rest of population. I think that in certain ways, I am. I live in Canada.
posted 13-Nov-2016 4:16pm  
Yes, way smarter than most and a thousand times smarter than liberals here.

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