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single23-Jul-2004opinionLelannd by votes711055.0%


What would you think the worst pain would be?

28Second or Third degree burns
2Migraine headache
1Electrical shock
1Broken bone
1Puncture wound
0Deep cut

posted 24-Jul-2004 1:54pm  
Mental pain.
Physical...having a limb torn from you maybe?

poisoning..something that makes you sick. sharp pains aren't a big thing, but feeling sick...same with migraine. pain resulting from disease like cancer would be worse than a cut.

posted 24-Jul-2004 1:54pm  
As far as I been told childbirth is more tiring and exhausting than "painful".

posted 24-Jul-2004 2:54pm  
"Pain don't hurt"........................brownie point for whoever names the movie

anyway back to the survey, Toothache, most other pain you can do something to alleviate it somewhat, toothache is just plain torture
(reply to gambler) posted 24-Jul-2004 3:21pm  
That's what I think when I get stomach cramps. I start pulling out my hair. When I have a toothache I just suffer but I'm still able to carry on a conversation.


there aren't any painkiller that work in that case, but if I take enough I can see tootache going away or fading a bit.
posted 24-Jul-2004 3:57pm  
Seems to me that it would be the burns, by far.
posted 24-Jul-2004 6:32pm  
Childbirth would be my guess as the worst, since I've experienced it first hand. While I haven't experienced passing a kidney stone, I understand it's pretty painful. As to third degree burns...the victim actually suffers very little pain in comparison to those with second degree burns. This is because with third degree burns, the nerve endings are gone and that's what causes the pain in the first place.
(reply to dora) posted 24-Jul-2004 6:34pm  
Trust can be painful too, especially if you are having back labor. That chiefly caused because the baby is descending the birth canal face up instead of face down. I went through 13 hours of back labor.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 24-Jul-2004 6:42pm  
Yes, but I think that on average, if there aren't any problems, it shouldn't be as painful as people make it to be.

But what do I know?

Only what my mother told me, I was an easy baby. smiley:::wink
posted 24-Jul-2004 7:00pm  
(reply to dora) posted 24-Jul-2004 7:12pm  
You'll never really know unless you have a baby yourself. smiley:::smile
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 24-Jul-2004 7:13pm  
I imagine it like being a slightly worse version of cramps. smiley:::raspberry

with the difference that you get a baby in the end!

when you have cramps you don't get anything.

posted 24-Jul-2004 7:15pm  
Lingering pain from a fractured bone. When I had my wrist broken as a teenager, I could hardly sleep that night because the pain was so severe. smiley:::surprise
(reply to dora) posted 24-Jul-2004 7:21pm  
Trust's worse than cramps.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 24-Jul-2004 7:24pm  
Well...sure, but it's for a purpose.


I think you're really happy in the end if everything goes well.

(reply to dora) posted 24-Jul-2004 7:32pm  
posted 24-Jul-2004 7:39pm  
After watching a show about a guy who was poisoned over a long period of time... poisoning
posted 24-Jul-2004 7:41pm  
Well, for pain not based on duration of time, I would hate electrical shock most. I can't even stand getting static shocks.
But, for long duration pain and suffering I've heard severe burns are about the worst.
posted 24-Jul-2004 10:21pm  
kidney stones
(reply to dora) posted 24-Jul-2004 10:22pm  
After two kids, I can tell you....they LIED! laughing out loud
posted 24-Jul-2004 11:48pm  
I get really sick during menstruation and cramps to where its like a car running over me over and over and over. So I picked that, although dislocating and breaking the join in my finger didnt hurt that bad, but once the doctors started pulling on it, it ranks right up there with menstruation. Of course I might have to change my mind after a kid.. but i dont ever want a kid.
(reply to dora) posted 24-Jul-2004 11:52pm  
When I have cramps I get puke in a toilet, a fever, and no motivation to move what so ever.

But thats why I started on meds for that time of the month (not birth control.. just pamprin and midol, works wonders actually)
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 25-Jul-2004 1:09am  
I don't really like to think about pain..

When you've experienced the kind that morphine won't fix, you don't really want to fantasize about other ways of causing it.
posted 25-Jul-2004 1:27am  
losing my children.
posted 25-Jul-2004 5:54am  
Of these: childbirth.
(reply to gambler) posted 25-Jul-2004 5:56am  
Road House.
posted 25-Jul-2004 7:13am  
"Pain is inevitable, suffering is not."
-Bhante Henepola Gunaratana
posted 25-Jul-2004 2:40pm  
I'd go with the burns.

Its an all encompassing throbbing nasty little thing being burnt.
(reply to Maarten) posted 25-Jul-2004 5:38pm  
smiley:::smile............Very good.............I love that movie
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 25-Jul-2004 5:41pm  
What about sliding down a giant razor blade using your balls as brakes? (if your a man of course)!
posted 25-Jul-2004 5:42pm  
or having a living snake shoved up your ass?
posted 25-Jul-2004 5:43pm  
or having burns over 50% of your body and being towel dried with a large piece of sandpaper?
posted 25-Jul-2004 5:44pm  
or being dragged naked over gravel stones and then taking a bath of lemon juice?
posted 25-Jul-2004 5:44pm  
I watch too many movies.................
(reply to gambler) posted 25-Jul-2004 6:19pm  
Not being a man I couldn't experience that, but I can imagine it would smart a tad! smiley:::winking raspberry
(reply to gambler) posted 25-Jul-2004 6:20pm  
It the live snake being inserted head first or tail first? Head first would probably hurt more.
(reply to iamdonte) posted 25-Jul-2004 6:23pm  
I SO agree with you on that! All during Lamaze classes we were led to believe that labor pains weren't going to be much worse than bad menstrual cramps. They so FUDGING LIED! Dr. Lamaze is a SADIST!
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 25-Jul-2004 7:33pm  
I think 3rd degree burns don't hurt because the nerves get fried or something like that. But, 2nd degree, ow.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 25-Jul-2004 7:54pm  
I think Lamaze just gives the S/O something to do (or just one more way to piss off the one who is pregnant - depending on your point of view).
(reply to iamdonte) posted 25-Jul-2004 7:59pm  
My coach was one of the people at class training to be a Lamaze coach and she needed to attend a certain number of births in order to be certified a Lamaze coach. She didn't show up until I was in labor for over 2 hours. I was none too happy as you can well imagine. The only person in attendance was a male labor nurse and I must say that he was much more sympathetic and supportive than the female nurses. Sadly, I only had him taking care of me for an hour before he went off duty.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 25-Jul-2004 8:08pm  
the snake one i heard on Mel Brook's History of the world pt1 and the setting was a roman shopping square and Gregory Hines had done something wrong and this roman centurion was asking people if they knew what the punishment was for this infraction and one person said the snake thing and the roman guard said " oooooh No, sorry thats the wrong answer, but we may use that in future" laughing out loud
(reply to gambler) posted 25-Jul-2004 9:20pm  
I thought that sounded familiar! If memory serves me, he called someone "honkus" and since he was a slave, that wasn't cool.
posted 26-Jul-2004 12:03am  
I've only experienced a few of these kinds of pain, but severe burns (even smaller ones) are really awful because the pain just grows and grows rather than tapering off. And it continues to hurt like hell for a really long time as it heals. My really bad cramps are sometimes an agony no medication can dull, but at least I know the worst of it will be over within a few hours and then I'll sleep it off (pain is exhausting). My burns made my body tremble all over, my cramps sometimes make me vomit from the pain. They're very different types of pain, but among the worst I've experienced.
(reply to gambler) posted 26-Jul-2004 2:58am  
I'not too fond of Patrick Swayze so I try to avoid his movies.

Whatever happened to him anyway?
posted 26-Jul-2004 4:21am  
Heartache after finding out that your previous roommate/ex-girlfriend was seeing someone while the two of you still lived together.
(reply to justjulie) posted 26-Jul-2004 4:23am usual you and I are on the same page smiley:::frown(
(reply to thevelvetcure) posted 26-Jul-2004 7:55am  

:::many HUGS to you as well:::
posted 26-Jul-2004 8:50am  
peeling off my fingernails! Ouch!
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 26-Jul-2004 8:57am  
Awww. That was not nice. smiley:::frown I think I would have been a bit miffed without a coach.
posted 26-Jul-2004 9:22am  
i think so
posted 26-Jul-2004 10:10am  
I've heard migraines are bad. Also, passing kidney stones is also purported to be horribly painful.
(reply to iamdonte) posted 26-Jul-2004 11:02am  
I certainly was not happy. Her excuse was that she had some personal things to do, yet she is training to be a Lamaze coach and had specifically asked if she could coach me. Maybe I'm wrong, but if you are training to be a professional Lamaze coach and you are asking people in Lamaze class to coach them through childbirth so you can get your certificate, shouldn't you be in attendance when they call and let you know that you're on the way to the hospital because your water just broke? She knew that I was about to go into labor withing the next 48 hours as is because the night before I'd lost the mucus plug while AT my Lamaze class and told her so. It really disappointed me because I had counted on her to be there with me and she wasn't. I hope she didn't do that to any of her other clientel.
posted 26-Jul-2004 2:05pm  
I think having any part of my body ripped off would be the worse!!!
posted 26-Jul-2004 3:52pm  
no contest........definitely natural childbirth..........and no it is not like "really bad cramps".....people do die
posted 26-Jul-2004 5:51pm  
I have a toothache now-I hope to God that this isn't anywhere near the pain of 2nd or 3rd degree burns or childbirth!
posted 26-Jul-2004 8:23pm  
2nd/3rd degree burns.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 26-Jul-2004 10:48pm  
I think I would have made a point of finding out who to write to/talk to that was involved in her getting her certification. Sounds to me like an incident like that should have set her back in her "studies". This is not only not damn well is mean-spirited when someone is counting on her and you are late because you had some things to take care of. I hope you gave her a piece of your mind.
posted 26-Jul-2004 11:13pm  
Burns. Has to be burns.
(reply to iamdonte) posted 26-Jul-2004 11:14pm  
I certainly did, but I never really had the time to do a follow-up as to I could file a complaint with. I was taking care of my grandmother who at the time was semi-bedridden plus a newborn and I barely had time to breathe, let alone try to file a complaint. I did give her a piece of my mind at the hospital, but I wish I had the time to do more. I hope that shaped her up somewhat and that she didn't pull this on another poor, unsuspecting mother-to-be, but I'll never know.
(reply to dora) posted 26-Jul-2004 11:18pm  
My second son was scheduled to be born on a Monday, but I went into labour early Sunday morning -- I had to endure the labour until they could gather everyone for the operation. Anyway, I was getting through the labour pains by pulling the front of my hair and reciting the alphabet -- so I understand about pulling your hair out. It helps.
posted 27-Jul-2004 12:14am  
I've never had a serious burn, migraine headache or been poisoned. Nor have I been through childbirth. The rest of them, I've had. Broken bones are not fun, but at least in my experience, more exhausting than painful. For me, menstruation was pretty horrible - probably the most painful, for ME. But I was unusual. The others were not fun, but not too horrendous. Also, menstruation was terrible because every damn month, I could count on being drugged up and still in lots of pain. Yuck.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 27-Jul-2004 8:24am  
(reply to Maarten) posted 27-Jul-2004 8:27am  
last i saw of him he attended the premiere of a movie called something like "havana dirty dancing" or something like that,
(reply to gambler) posted 27-Jul-2004 8:59am  
(reply to CarolL) posted 27-Jul-2004 10:37am  
Ah, yes, I also count and recite the alphabet. So either I'm really sensitive to pain, or my cramps are *that* bad? smiley:::surprise

(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 27-Jul-2004 10:27pm  
Too bad you couldn't find out what happened with her.
(reply to iamdonte) posted 27-Jul-2004 10:53pm  
Maybe with the declining popularity of Lamaze she found a new, more suitable career. We'll never know.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 27-Jul-2004 11:37pm  
Let's hope so.
(reply to iamdonte) posted 27-Jul-2004 11:39pm  
One can only hope.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 28-Jul-2004 1:08am  
deep second degree burns on a large percentage of your body would take the cake in my view. third degree burns are not painful due to the fact that the nerve endings are destroyed so thus no pain.
i worked in a burn unit my first 3 yrs out of school and the patients had a lot of pain and long hospital stays!
posted 30-Jul-2004 1:31pm  
Out of these, burns or broken bones or puncture wounds. Child birth hurts like hell, but the pain doesn't last as long as some of the others listed.
posted 30-Jul-2004 5:35pm  
What a list! . From experience, child birth, and passing kidney stones are neck and neck on pain. I've had migraines, toothaches, cramps, nothing compares to childbirth, and passing kidney stones. I have heard that 3rd degree burns are very painful.
posted 1-Aug-2004 9:23am  
Out of these I'd have to say BURNS!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 5-Aug-2004 5:42pm  
posted 12-Aug-2004 4:00pm  
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 24-Aug-2004 7:41pm  
Of these menstruation, but it really depends on which bone you break or where you get a deep cut.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 24-Aug-2004 7:46pm  
Women's experience of childbirth must be so variable. My mum had 3 kids, without pain relief and even tore with 2 of us (not me, I have a teeny head). Yet she says it was more discomfort than pain. She says she doesn't understand why women on the TV always scream and whinge so much. Me in particular, I just popped out nice and fast (and almost straight down the toilet...)
posted 29-Aug-2004 1:26pm  
Not a pain monger but, I have had almost every kind of pain . I have always felt that the migraine has got to be the hardest pain to endure. It's like catch-22.
posted 6-Sep-2004 5:15pm  
Burns... they hurt all the time, and for a really long time!
posted 21-Sep-2004 5:57pm  
A broken heart
(reply to Jabbc7) posted 23-Sep-2004 8:52am  
oh come on!!
posted 11-Aug-2007 10:19pm  
according to medical journals the highest pain is an amputation of a digit or crushing of hand. People often faint and sometimes die because of pain when these happen.
posted 26-Oct-2007 6:12pm  
The worst pain:
The first person who you saw when you 1st open your eyes the day you came into this world.
They took care of you and loved you every single moment.
One day, you open your eyes again and they're not around.
Gone~ forever....
Life will never be the same.....
The pain remains endlessly in your heart
Till the day when the time comes....
posted 14-Mar-2008 12:32am  
As someone who has experienced these... the burn is the easy part... the pain immediately after puts you into shock, and if you are lucky enough to be healed after half a year you have to deal with the nightmares of the horrible moment of being burned alive.
posted 10-Dec-2009 10:39am  
toothache are the worst, it seems like they never go away
posted 21-Feb-2012 9:04am  
I've had third degree burns, stabed twice, shot in the lung, had my middle finger on my right hand cut completely off and then re-attached with 7 hand surgeries (& gangreen setting in or a week in thmiddle), 5 broken noses. broken cranium, 3 broken ribs, 4 tendans torn laterally & clear thruogh - the mussles up under my knee (at the same time) in my left ankle, had kidndy stones, ....
I would have to say that pancreatitis is the worst pain possible. 2 - 3 days sometimes, extreme throwing up until there's not even bile left to come up, racking sweats and temperatures of up to 104 degrees spike for hours at a time, shaking vertigo, pounding-racing heart, gray skin & gallons of sweat, quick short gasping breaths for air causing my entire body to tingle like it's falling asleep. And all of these things could be easily bearable if it weren't for the incredible agony of pain racing and running throughout the body never going away for days sometimes. pain strong enough to actually make you dizzy and black out.
When I have an attack the hospital usually hits me with 4mg if dalodid and anti-nausia meds.

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