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multiple14-Jun-2000personal preferencesguillem unsorted54852.0%


Do you think the vulva is beautiful?

The vulva is the external and visible part of the female sexual organ.

From an aesthetic point of view only. Whether or not seeing female genitals sexually excites you is irrelevant to this survey.

10Yes, in general I find all vulvae beautiful.
15Some are, some aren't (please explain).
11It depends on whose vulva it is.
9I find it neither beautiful nor ugly.
11No, I don't think it is.
3I don't know.
0I don't care.

posted 14-Jun-2000 11:27pm  
Not a good picture, want to puke...
posted 15-Jun-2000 12:43am  
I don't like how mine looks as much as I like how my SO's looks.
She's beautiful!!!!
I've seen some hideous ones in my excursions into pornville, all wrinkly and saggy....EEEEK!
I like them delicate and light and evenly proportioned with just the right amount of hair. Those appeal to me as the most beautiful.
posted 15-Jun-2000 12:43am  
cody...grow up!
(reply to mandy) posted 15-Jun-2000 1:32am  
He can't. He's still a child. Too bad he's so immature. Pity, he seems like an intelligent kid.
posted 15-Jun-2000 5:27am  
I haven't seen many... But trying to be objective, I would say the vulvas are not beautiful...
posted 15-Jun-2000 6:36am  
Definitely in the top five most beautiful things I can think of. A woman nursing her child is number one. A spider web glistening with dew is up there too.
(reply to cody) posted 15-Jun-2000 10:18am  
You said in the qualification process that this survey is like asking "Do you think an armpit, foot... is beautiful?". I disagree. It's curious to find out the difference between attraction (sexual in this case) and the sense of beauty. Are they related? And that's the question I bring to the world... smile
posted 16-Jun-2000 1:15am  
Don't know about beautiful, attractive certainly.
posted 16-Jun-2000 5:19am  
I checked ``I don't know.'' Whenever I've seen one, I've been too caught up in other matters to think about aesthetics. wink
posted 16-Jun-2000 3:11pm  
Never tell your wife
That the source of her beauty
Lies between her legs
(reply to ILJ) posted 16-Jun-2000 7:41pm  
If you don't tell her
she might be inclined to find
lesbians who will!

laughing out loud
posted 18-Jun-2000 1:03pm  
Ya, they are beautiful. Each has its own characteristic. Of course I have seen too many, yet. ;)
(reply to Lauren) posted 19-Jun-2000 5:13am  
You forgot the nose.
The nose is always the point.
posted 19-Jun-2000 5:06pm  
Frankly, no. Not really. The funny thing is, I've heard from some women that they find penises ugly (maybe just mine). But my penis, lumpy and veiny and bent and strangely pigmented etc etc as it is, never seemed particularly UGLY to me. I guess it's just what you're used to.

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