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single25-Jan-2008opinionicurok by votes39469.7%


How do you think your self image compares with the way you are generally perceived by others?

self image


The conception that one has of oneself, including an assessment of qualities and personal worth.

12I think my self image is worse than the way I'm perceived
9I don't know
4I think it's about the same
4I think my self image is better than the way I'm perceived

they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 26-Jan-2008 8:37am  
It's apples and oranges.

posted 26-Jan-2008 8:43am  
i don't know how i'm perceived, all i really know is how i feel.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (1 minute ago)
posted 26-Jan-2008 9:01am  
It's more complicated than that. Sometimes, it's better, sometimes worse. Also, there's a kind of feedback loop involved which distorts everything. I tend to assume people think badly of me, and this may well be the case sometimes. But, I'm probably wrong much of the time too. I spend a fair bit of time worrying that people might be put off by something I say. Another part of the time I spend saying things that are potentially a bit rude. That basically encapsulates my fluctuation. I'm either feeling like I'm funny and appreciated by most and I say things they are a bit rude. Or, I do a 180 and get worried that people will hate me for what I just said. There's time in the middle too, most of the time, where I'm pretty bland and feel neither the urge to be rude or worried about what I've said.

I think for the most part, people don't think much about me, and my mistake is assuming people care (one way or the other) more than they actually do.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 26-Jan-2008 11:46am  
I think my self-image is probably slightly worse than the way most people perceive me. But there are certainly individuals whose perception of me is rather worse than my own self-image - I hope they aren't the ones who are right!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 26-Jan-2008 11:54am  
I think it's probably pretty similar, but in different ways. I think some of the things I have a poor self image about may not be things that others either see or think negatively of, and vice versa with the things I think of as more positive aspects of my personality. Some things I don't like about myself are also certainly things other people don't like about me either, though. (And ditto on things I do like about myself.) On the whole, I imagine it all balances out.
posted 26-Jan-2008 12:57pm  
I have no idea.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 26-Jan-2008 1:12pm  
Most of the time, the same. But I do think sometimes people perceive me as being unfriendly or dishonest.
posted 26-Jan-2008 2:41pm  
No. Obviously people like me & see the better in me more than I do.
posted 26-Jan-2008 3:47pm  
I probably I see myself as a lot cooler and less nice than I actually am. I probably come across as quite lazy and boring, uninterested, because I can't hold a decent conversation with many people.
posted 26-Jan-2008 4:16pm  
I see myself as worse than others see me, I think. I have a pretty negative self image.
posted 26-Jan-2008 4:30pm  
Maybe about the same or something like that
posted 26-Jan-2008 11:58pm  
I think my self image is worse. Much worse.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 27-Jan-2008 8:57am  
it's really hard to know......... at times i think it is in line with what people think and other times i think it is way off!
posted 27-Jan-2008 10:04pm  
I see myself as fairly good looking. I think that most people percieve me as good looking.

Now personality. I can get very paranoid and I'll go from these ego trips to states of despair where I don't think anyone ever wants to talk to me. Some people don't like me, but that doesn't bother me.
posted 28-Jan-2008 10:38am  
Everyone seems to agree that I'm pretty wonderful! raspberry
posted 28-Jan-2008 7:14pm  
Much worse.
posted 29-Jan-2008 6:41pm  
It goes both ways, I'm sure. It depends how I feel about myself on any given day...
(reply to bill) posted 30-Jan-2008 12:11pm  
"I think for the most part, people don't think much about me, and my mistake is assuming people care (one way or the other) more than they actually do."

shortly after scotty and i got together, I realized that he tends to be on the paranoid side. I said to him one day, (and funny for he remembers it, for the man doesn't really remember squat), "what makes you think you are SO important that everyone everywhere all the time is checking you out and what YOU are doing?"
wasn't being mean, but making a point that really, no one (stranger) really gives a rats ass one way or the other, just your eyes are the ones that they happened to catch in this vast sea.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (1 minute ago)
(reply to justjulie) posted 30-Jan-2008 4:16pm  
I think about Scotty a lot. My cat does too.
(reply to bill) posted 31-Jan-2008 6:09am  
laughing out loud
cats have a tendency...
posted 31-Jan-2008 5:24pm  
I think it's pretty close. There are some thing I'm sure others see in me, that I'm not aware of. But I'd say the way I perceive myself is a little bit different from the way others perceive me. I'd say, I don't think too good of myself. There are those who think better of me than I do of myself, but I know there are people who think worse of me. At least I have enough self-respect to consider myself as human.
posted 1-Feb-2008 12:02am  
I am not sure, it's probably worse, but osmetimes better. Examples will include: for my birthday, my Mary got me some new work pants because I had one pair that made my butt look big. I had no idea, and I wore them several times. (bittersweet gift). Ergo, I thought I looked hawt laughing out loud
A different example: I got my photo taken for my pasport. OMG. It looks like something you see on channel 5 news, the picture showing on the screen and the story of an escapee from the trailer park, left 3 kids, high on drugs and a missing boyfriend. My Mary said it didn't look that bad. She said most of it was nice.
(reply to bill) posted 2-Feb-2008 9:11pm  
I read your comment and thought you were reading my mind. That is exactly how I feel most of the time. I tend to be more quiet than others because I'm afraid I might say the wrong things.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (1 minute ago)
(reply to lily333) posted 3-Feb-2008 9:33am  

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