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single1-Oct-2000opinionAndyroo by votes941260.9%


Do you think that professional athletes should be allowed to participate in the Olympic games?

Consider that the Olympic games are traditionally an amateur sporting event.

37No they shouldn't be allowed.
24Yes they should be allowed.
7It depends on the sport.
7I don't care.
2Other. (please specify)

posted 1-Oct-2000 7:21am  
I'd rather the professionals weren't allowed. I felt the Olympics were more fun to watch when it was just the amateurs.
posted 1-Oct-2000 8:17am  
we see way too much of these overpaid professional crybabies as it is!
posted 1-Oct-2000 9:20am  
A professional athlete should be allowed to compete in the Games, if he competes in a sport other than the one he's a professional in.
posted 1-Oct-2000 11:00am  
No. When they become professionals, they are aware of the fact that they can't compete in the Olympics. It's all part of it.
posted 1-Oct-2000 12:06pm  
I don't care, but it seems to me that the whole idea of the olympics was supposed to be that it was amateur.
posted 1-Oct-2000 3:22pm  
I don't think they should be allowed because it takes away the opportunity for amateur athletes to gain exposure. It also adds an unfair advantage in some sports where some countries will completely over power others. I think that with baseball, basketball and hockey or any other sport where athletes are paid to play...they should not be able to play in the games. Figure skating doesn't allow it and therefore no other sports should. It's just America's way of making sure they win a medal in that sport.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 1-Oct-2000 7:42pm  
no, i do not!
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to ironart) posted 1-Oct-2000 7:43pm  
good point, i agree......but definitely not in their professional sport.
(reply to jettles) posted 1-Oct-2000 9:20pm  
While I also agree it gets rather hard when you have to decide where to draw the line. Can a professional 100m runner compete in the 4x100m relay? In the 200m sprint? In the hurdles? In the decathlon? etc. etc. It might be clear cut if a hockey player wants to become a sprinter (as one Australian did) but what if a shotputter wants to compete in the hammer throw? Ah well, I agree in principle but I'm glad I'd never have to decide should it ever come up smile
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 2-Oct-2000 1:14am  
For example Hockey they started this in Nagano (sorry if I spelt it wrong) the NHL stoped play for the 16 days of the Olimpics to allow any players who whished to play for there national teams, they also paln to do this in 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
posted 2-Oct-2000 8:27am  
I think it should be changed so that anyone, any sport can enter!!

It's the way forward
posted 2-Oct-2000 8:29am  
The best athletes should enter the Olympics and most of the best athletes are professional so there's your answer!!!
posted 2-Oct-2000 8:42am  
We don't want athletes like that African swimmer who almost drowned, do we?
Then the 100 m sprint would take 30.87 secs and the marathon two days.
(reply to Maarten) posted 2-Oct-2000 9:02am  
You don't like Africa, do you!?
(reply to anonymous) posted 2-Oct-2000 9:19am  
I don't respond to anonymous comments.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Maarten) posted 2-Oct-2000 9:36am  
He didn't almost drown. And I think it was really cool that he showed up and swam; he had way more Olympic spirit than most of the athletes who competed! Developing countries have to start somewhere, and even though none of their athletes stood a chance of winning, they showed up and competed anyway. Why should we discourage people who won't win? They deserve their chance to participate in the Olympics if they make their national team, just like all the other athletes.
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 2-Oct-2000 9:51am  
With the Olympics we are beyond the point that competing is more important than winning. For athletes is the most important tournament of their carreer. So they want to compete in a serious fashion, not with amateurs who took their first swimming lesson 8 months prior to the Olympics (in case of the African athlete).
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Maarten) posted 2-Oct-2000 11:22am  
But I think the Olympic "spirit" *is* more about competing than winning. I know it sounds cheesy to our cynical ears, but I think the Olympics are about countries coming together and cooperating and playing a bunch of games together, not about beating each other at them. The importance of the Olympics for individual athletes' careers is only secondary; the percentage of athletes at the Olympics whose careers are seriously affected by their performances there is probably very small. And that African swimmer *was* there to compete in a serious fashion; he hadn't swum much before, and wasn't good at it, but he was still the best his country had. The Olympics was obviously an important and serious thing to him, one that he was willing to basically humiliate himself in public for, because he was proud to have the chance to be involved. And it could well be the most important tournament in his career, too: the story is inspiring and could not only encourage other people to get involved in sports, but also encourage people to invest in helping athletes in developing countries.
(reply to Maarten) posted 2-Oct-2000 2:06pm  
You just did! he
(reply to cody) posted 2-Oct-2000 6:14pm  
I mean I don't answer anonymous questions.
posted 4-Oct-2000 9:09pm  
Since when was the Olympics an amateur event? I'm sure it wasn't that way in Greek times.
(reply to drdt) posted 4-Oct-2000 10:47pm  
In greek times the olympics was a display of strength and the ultimate goal was someone's life being lost...Anyway the Olympics have ALWAYS prided themselves on being for amateur athletes.
posted 7-Oct-2000 7:35am  
The Games should remain for amateurs only.The fantastic atmosphere and spirit of the Games in Sydney must be protected and promoted for the future.Impossible if commercialism took over,re Atlanta??!!
posted 7-Oct-2000 3:14pm  
Mark Maguire doesn't think so so I'm going to agree with the big guy.
posted 9-Oct-2000 6:49pm  
I think in the modern era of sporting, it's probably a bit misleading to try to distinguish professional athletes from amateurs, from the standpoint that many of these "ameteurs" go on to get huge commercial endorsements. Generally, though, I think it's a lot better to send those who play for college teams, minor leaguers, etc, otherwise it's like having a high school kid beat up a 2nd grader.
posted 16-Oct-2000 2:57am  
The Olympics is the best of the best, right? I'm sure the Chinese gymnastics (woman) team don't have to work or pay for anything...[gesh when they don't get gold their coach gets fired] why shouldn't our top notch athletes participate?
posted 30-Oct-2000 3:56pm  
Only if they're not American. Let's level out the playing field!
posted 26-Feb-2010 4:15am  
We have very little respect for most so called professional athletes. Cheating, drugs, greed, scandal, etc., are the thoughts that come to mind when we think about 'professional athletes'.
If the Olympic Games continue to accommodate 'professionals', We WILL Be Tuning OUT.
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