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single23-Jun-2005opinionAmanda unsorted53657.8%


Do you think that people should be allowed to purchase soft drinks with food stamps?

food stamps: a stamp, coupon or card, issued by the U.S. government to people with low incomes, that can be used to purchase food

Inspired by a recent discussion in the forum.

4I do not know/care.

posted 24-Jun-2005 10:48am  
No, food stamps are to ensure that poor people are eating nutritious food. Soft drinks are crap. Franklly, though I could easily afford sodas, and kool-aid type drinks, I don't drink them because they are no good.

Further, food stamps are to be used for enjoyment, but for basic sustenance
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 24-Jun-2005 11:15am  
No... but, then again, I'm not sure it's worth trying to come up with a new system for food stamps that disallows the purchase of non-healthy foods. There lies madness.
posted 24-Jun-2005 11:53am  
No. If poor working people who are not on food stamps should have to give up extras so they can pay the bills, get the heater fixed, and pay out of pocket to replace Johnny's broken glasses, their taxes shouldn't be going to pay for someone else's extras.
(reply to LindaH) posted 24-Jun-2005 12:18pm  
I couldn't have said it better myself.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 24-Jun-2005 12:28pm  
posted 24-Jun-2005 2:51pm  
I don't know. On one hand, I don't really agree with the idea of "food stamps", nor will I pretend to know enough about the US system to pass judgement on how they do things. On the other hand, obviously consumables which lack nutrients are not food.
posted 24-Jun-2005 3:38pm  
no, they should only be spendin it on crap that they really need....instead of wastin tax payers dollars on crap they dont need
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 25-Jun-2005 9:23am  

I don't think people should be able to buy any unhealthy food with food stamps.

posted 25-Jun-2005 6:54pm  
I object in general to the concept of food stamps. It is abused and many of the people I see using them are anything but poor according to the guidelines. They eat better than I do and usually load up their groceries in a nice car.
posted 26-Jun-2005 6:23pm  
yup, because if they couldn't, how would they be able to treat an upset tummy? (saltine crackers & ginger ale/7-up) and don't tell me that they can just go buy OTC crap either.
(reply to Zang) posted 26-Jun-2005 6:24pm  
i totally agree...but if that was really the case, there wouldn't be much on the store shelves, eh?
(reply to justjulie) posted 26-Jun-2005 7:10pm  
> yup, because if they couldn't, how would
> they be able to treat an upset tummy? (saltine
> crackers & ginger ale/7-up) and don't tell
> me that they can just go buy OTC crap either.

With cash? Food stamps are intended to help lower income people purchase food to eat. It's not intended to pay for *all* of their groceries, because most people on food stamps do have money coming in. It doesn't cost much to buy a little 7-up. Other people who don't have food stamps go without buying sodas when hard times hit, and will save, or pay that little extra when they need 7-up. People on food stamps can do the same.
posted 26-Jun-2005 8:48pm  
Yes.......... but then thats my initial answer , uninformed etc etc
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 26-Jun-2005 9:47pm  
i think if we give food stamps out then people can buy with them whatever they are allowed to according the the rules of that program. it is not my place to say!
if you don't want people to buy soft drinks then work to change those rules.
(reply to LoriJanine) posted 27-Jun-2005 7:08am  
i know what food stamps are about, and what their intended use is for. we have never bought crap or soda. yes we have money coming in, but sometimes food stamps is all a family can really afford. food stamps only purchases food stuff, not toilet paper, or toothpaste or anything else of the like. so until "they" consider soda no longer a food stuff, then there will always be somebody who buys soda w/ their stamps.
(reply to jettles) posted 27-Jun-2005 7:09am  
right on!
(reply to justjulie) posted 27-Jun-2005 8:44am  
If they can't afford to buy soda with cash, they can't afford to use their food stamps. They need to use the stamps for their food, kwim?
(reply to LoriJanine) posted 28-Jun-2005 7:40am  
sure, it may be obvious to "us" as to what "they" NEED to do...but you must also remember that many upon many folks haven't figured out that whole want/need thing yet.
as i said already, until "they" de-classify soda as a food stuff, there will ALWAYS always always be somebody out there who buys it w/ their card. and that is just the way it is.
and frankly, back to my ginger ale reference....i would be super pissed off if was doing shopping w/ stamps, and seriously had no cash and my kiddo was feeling under the weather, and i picked up a 2-liter of ginger ale to bring back home to him, and they wouldn't let me get it w/ the stamps. i would be irate. sure i could understand why they would de-classify soda as food stuff, but i would still be pissy about it
posted 28-Jun-2005 2:30pm  
I think most people answering this survey are confusing the term "soft drink" with "fizzy drink". A soft drink is anything that isn't alcoholic and that includes concentrated orange squash as well as Coca Cola.

In my local supermarket (Tesco), they have their own economy brand (called 'Tesco Value'). You can buy a 1 litre bottle of Tesco Value Orange Squash for 16 pence (30 cents). That's hardly an extravagance.

Do I think people who buy big bottles of Coca Cola (tm) with their food stamps are misguided idiots? Yes.
Do I think a blanket ban on the purchase of "soft drinks" with food stamps is a good idea? No.
(reply to justjulie) posted 28-Jun-2005 3:37pm  
I can totally see your point. While in a perfect world, we'd all have enough cash to buy our kids a soda, or ice cream, or whatever from time to time, the fact is that we all don't. I guess I just don't like seeing the people that abuse food stamps. Having a cart full of sodas, ice cream, Little Debbie's, etc. But, would it bother me if someone bought ice cream for their kid when they had a sore throat? Nope. Would it bother me if someone bought a Ginger Ale for a tummy ache? Not at all. I had never even thought of stuff like that before reading your comments. When I made this survey, my thoughts were that people should only be allowed to buy healthy foods with food stamps. No soda, no popsicles, no ice cream etc. But, I've changed my mind. Now I don't think I would support a ban on buying those types of things with food stamps. Because for every person that is abusing the system, there are people who aren't. The ones who aren't shouldn't have to suffer because of the few that are. Once again, good ole Jewels, has opened my eyes. smiley:::wink
(reply to Amanda) posted 28-Jun-2005 6:26pm  
(reply to Amanda) posted 28-Jun-2005 6:39pm  
it just sucks, for in a world full of credit cards and savings accounts and money to fall back on, there are many upon MANY folks who have none of those resources at their fingertips.
me and heyzeus are some of those many upon many, and we're also one of the ones who collect food stamps
(reply to justjulie) posted 30-Jun-2005 10:46am  
I came across something a while back where it was suggested that one should shop for groceries on the outside aisles because that is where the supermarkets always put the "real" food, the crap being all in the inside aisles. It hadn't occurred to me before that, but that was already the way I tended to shop. The only inside aisle I tend to go down is the one with fruit juice and breakfast cereal. Although some stores have an inside dairy aisle.
(reply to Zang) posted 30-Jun-2005 3:38pm  
that's the way we shop too...the outside aisles. we too go down the center ones for cereal and for soup and the occasional box of cookies for the kids
(reply to justjulie) posted 1-Jul-2005 2:31pm  
Does the government give out food stamps or do people at a certain income level buy them for less than face value? I don't know anything about them, I'm not an American.
posted 1-Jul-2005 6:28pm  
Yes, I do. I don't think that the government should control everything you can eat with food stamps. Not everyone eats in the same manner.

If Matty remembers a while back, he had a survey about "garbage food"--Tripe. Now some would not want to eat that, but some of us would in a heartbeat. Tripe=cow stomach lining. HEHEHE!!
(reply to justjulie) posted 1-Jul-2005 6:42pm  
I always like your reasoning, some will never get it.

When I am eligible for food stamps I also incorporate coupons and sales. It saves me food stamp money and I can buy more food with it. I am no longer eligible.

Hey Glassa, I am no longer eligible for medicaid as of today either. You should be glad. Now I can just pay for my meds. Does anyone know anything about Express Scripts? My BC/BS offers that and I have many meds. smiley:::frown
(reply to Enigma) posted 2-Jul-2005 10:07pm  
The government gives it out. It's only available to those who meet certain criteria and the amount they receive is based on their income and the number of people living in their homes. People do not always receive enough to purchase food for the whole month, sometimes it is used more of a supplement.
posted 3-Jul-2005 2:33pm  
Maybe, but i think that soft drinks arent a necessity, and u could/should but it in the store with the food(like you do anywhere/everywhere else with food stamps)
posted 4-Jul-2005 12:41am  
They can buy whatever they want as long as it's made for Human Consumption.
(reply to Enigma) posted 4-Jul-2005 9:48am  
they give out food stamps, but under certain criteria. it is pretty much based on income, family size and i'm almost certain that particular bills play a part in the big picture also.
(reply to freebird) posted 4-Jul-2005 9:57am  
the only reason we are eligilbe right now, is thanks to my hub's daughter who is here w/ us for the summer. otherwise, we make (seriously) 30 dollars too much to qualify. I'm very thankful for them right now, for this child has a healthy appetite.smiley:::smile
That the way i do my shopping too...sales, coupons etc. Just because we collect some, doesn't mean we're out buying soda and chips and crap like that, or does that mean that we can go out and do other things "extra". it means that we are able to keep fresh fruit in the house, or have some meat in the freezer, or have some milk and 2 different types of cereal. it means that we can eat fresh food instead of "dead" canned stuff, and oh what a wonderful treat that is!!!

(and sorry i don't know anything about perscription plans or anything of the like, but BEST of luck to you and finding the right plan or offerings)
(reply to justjulie) posted 4-Jul-2005 11:38am  
I really don't think the average food stamp user abuses them either. And with electronic benefits cards (EBT's) no one can really sell theirs anymore. At least I can't see how. I like the new system far better than the old stamp books. Yes having extra means fresh fruit and salad fixings like fresh spinach which I love and other items like that. I don't eat chips, I do drink soda's but not so many that we would spend all our money on them. I love Iced Tea so I do buy and drink a lot of that. I do have to buy water though, we live in an oil-rich area of NM and the ground water is YUCK. So everyone buys water here. I used food stamps to do that as well. You can even buy seeds for food that you would want to grow if you have a garden. We can't this year, it's been over a hundred all week. Yesterday July 3rd it was 108. Today the high will be 102. We are gonna roast down here. I plan to get into my grandson's pool with him. smiley:::smile
(reply to Zang) posted 4-Jul-2005 11:45am  
that's pretty interesting. I noticed the candy on one outside aisle of the store and the cookies on another. Hmmmm........

And why do they stick the fresh fruit and veggies in the middle?
(reply to freebird) posted 4-Jul-2005 5:18pm  
Apparently they arrange the grocery stores differently where you live...
(reply to Zang) posted 4-Jul-2005 6:57pm  
to be honest I don't see a real pattern. I always thought it was in such disarray. Or maybe the stores here are just weird. I am sure those in the city--we only have one real city in NM--are arranged in some order to facilitate easier shopping or sales tactics. I live in rural NM and things work differently I guess. The land of "Poco Tiempo" or tomorrow. laughing out loud
(reply to freebird) posted 5-Jul-2005 7:53am  
i agree. smiley:::smile

be certain to wear sunscreen, or at least a big floppy hat or something. stay cool, sista'.
(reply to Enigma) posted 5-Jul-2005 8:27am  
The government issues food stamps to those who qualify under the poverty guidelines. And the guidelines should be revamped because more and more need them but are over-income by a few dollars. I am one of those. You cannot buy food stamps less than face value at all. Those who do sell them at less than face value are committing a crime. That is exactly why the govt. went to an electronic card benefit--addicts would sell their food stamps at about 50% the face value and get money for their drugs. The electronic benefit card helped put an end to that.
(reply to freebird) posted 5-Jul-2005 8:28pm  
Ahh...I see. I'm sure there is a big difference between a big Vancouver supermarket and a small town New Mexico grocery.
posted 23-Jul-2005 6:33pm  
why not.. or they can get tap water for free
posted 25-Jul-2005 8:26am  
I don't know, I cannot be the judge of what people eat, being a free country and all. Those who qualify for the stamps, I guess they can choose whatever they spend their stamps on. It is ultimately their choice.
posted 29-Jul-2005 12:17pm  
yes that would help alot! that's a very good idea!
(reply to Amanda) posted 23-Aug-2005 8:08pm  
you are the chosen one... tag
posted 31-Aug-2005 6:48pm  
Well no, because I don't want anything issued by the US government in my country.
posted 9-Sep-2005 1:53pm  
I think only healthy food items should be purchased with government food stamps, but that would create a policing nightmare.

On the same topic, toilet paper, monthly needs, shampoo, soap... these necessary needs aren't allowed with food stamps, either, so go figure.
posted 14-Sep-2005 5:12pm  
It's embarrasing enough to have to be on food stamps, without someone telling you what to buy. you obviously can't afford many pleasures in life, and now you're going to be denied a diet coke?
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me
posted 27-Oct-2005 6:49pm  
I am undecided.
posted 2-Nov-2005 11:56pm  
Hell no! Soft drinks have no nutritional value, and are not required to sustain life. I am so sick of those welfare rats whipping out their government cards to buy Doritos and Coke instead of real food. And after paying for the food with the government card, they whip out a roll of bills to buy beer!! At the same time, they're wearing $80 Tommy jeans, $30 Lancome foundation, and driving a nicer SUV than anyone else in the area. This is not what FDR meant when he set up the welfare program all those years ago.
posted 11-Nov-2005 10:51pm  
If they have a job they pay taxes too!!! So relatively speaking they pay their on benefits!!So let them have their soda!!
(reply to royallelf) posted 11-Nov-2005 10:52pm  
Also, if you have Temporary Assistance for Needy Families you HAVE to have a job!!
posted 29-Nov-2005 3:34pm  
Sure. Why not? Are we to subject recipients of food stamps to bread and water?
posted 8-Dec-2005 3:45am  
They already cannot buy essentials such as soap, deodorant or tampons, or other luxuries, such as supermarket prepared meals or alcohol. Why the hell not let them buy soda? If you say they can't buy soda, then why should they be able to buy twinkies or something like that? And then we get into food definitions, which will cost more taxpayer money. Jeez....not sure why this was even asked, but I like that the question irritated me! Thanks!
(reply to cabinfever) posted 8-Dec-2005 4:08am  
And it's not what most people are using it for. OK, I wasn't there to see, so maybe you saw someone actually doing this. .BUT even if there is one person doing this, there are probably about 50 who are legitimately trying to feed their families. If they would change the system to include non-food necessities like toilet paper, soap, cleaning products, etc, then I would agree to limiting food stamps to healthy, "necessary" foods only, but they won't do that. If I were defining what food stamps could be used for in the grocery store, it would be everything but alcohol, cigarettes, abusable non-prescription drugs, and things like books, dvd's and the like. Anything else that is comestible OR that is necessary to maintain social interactions, health or a job (such as TP, tampons, soap, deodorant, diapers, household cleaning products, aspirin, children's cough syrup, etc) would be allowed.
posted 18-Feb-2006 12:34am  
Soda is detrimental to one's health.

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