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multiple14-Jun-2000personal preferencesguillem unsorted57849.1%


Do you think the penis is beautiful?

From an aesthetic point of view only. Whether or not seeing male genitals sexually excites you is irrelevant to this survey.

6Yes, in general I consider all penises beautiful.
16Some are, some aren't (please explain).
9It depends on whose penis it is.
9I find it neither beautiful nor ugly.
10No, I think it's ugly.
2I don't know.
2I don't care.

posted 14-Jun-2000 4:31pm  
It's pretty nasty. Second only to the scrotum among external male features in terms of yuck factor.
posted 14-Jun-2000 5:41pm  
Other: "I think the penis is beautiful." Not a phrase I could see myself using in conversation, but sure, I see beauty many things. The human body is beautiful. I'm assuming you mean human penises.
posted 14-Jun-2000 6:35pm  
I think a lot of them are very nice to look at. The flaccid human penis is a little....mmmmm....silly. An erect or semi erect penis that is thick and nicely shaped is something I could stare at for hours...and I have been known to...mmm in pictures, I mean. Uncircumsized ones look a little odd to me, I'm sure only because I just haven't seen too many.
If a penis is very small or oddly shaped or very thin, or strangely curved I do not find it as beautiful.

I've been pretty much ruined by gay porn though...I realize my standards for human penis beauty have been influenced by the perfection offered up in this medium. So sorry if I sound harsh or sexist or narrow minded about the human penis boys. I'm a victim of the porno agenda! smiley:::raspberry
posted 14-Jun-2000 8:45pm  
Only when it's erect.
posted 14-Jun-2000 8:53pm  
It is not my particular theory or conception of beauty. It looks like a wee space alien or a mushroom that's been in the moist wilderness too long.
posted 14-Jun-2000 11:31pm  
Mine: Yes, it is a fudging work of art. But another mans... no, thats sickening. hehe.
posted 15-Jun-2000 1:50am  
I find human genitalia beautiful, both the penis and the vulva. Some genitals are strikingly more beautiful than others, but all are beautiful in their own way because they are primarily what make us sexual creatures and sex is a beautiful thing.
posted 15-Jun-2000 5:31am  
In erection, yes. Penises are beautiful. smiley:::smile
(reply to mandy) posted 15-Jun-2000 5:34am  
I'm afraid all we are influenced by the porn paraphernalia. Not only in terms of beauty, but also of self-esteem and a misunderstood conception of what a good penis should be like.
posted 15-Jun-2000 7:51am  
I wonder why this survey rates so differently to the one about whether the vulva is beautiful?
(reply to icurok) posted 15-Jun-2000 10:06am  
Don't know. Maybe there are some "penisphobical" people around... smiley:::wink
(reply to guillem) posted 15-Jun-2000 10:23am  
I checked (sad pedant that I am smiley:::smile). The correct term is either phallophobic or Medorthophobic.
posted 15-Jun-2000 10:24am  
It really depends on the individual member.
posted 30-Mar-2007 3:36am  
I solemnly swear that even as a totally straight guy that even catching a glimpse of an uncircumcised penis makes me wanna bum rush the guy, pull his shaft skin forward as hard as I possibly can and either bite that sh*t off or get some scissors and do it. There should be a law against those things ... so cheesy and stinky ... sniff sniff yuck you can smell that sh*t from a mile away. I know some guys a bit more dumb in nature, a bit more simple in their way of dealing with things, I've seen 'em. I hate to say it, but I think most people know who's cut and who's not ... personally I think the uncut have a rougher time in life.
posted 31-May-2008 8:01pm  
I think that the human penis is a very beautiful and important part. Without the penis we wouldn't be able to procreate. Whether I think that It is a beautiful part of EVERYONE, I don't really believe so. Some men have really beautiful, long, and thick penises. To me, the penis is the second most beautiful part of the male body, besides the face,
posted 9-Oct-2009 10:36am  
Just look at the Swollen Glans of a hard Penis, a beautiful sight.
(reply to mandy) posted 9-Oct-2009 10:38am  
Me too. So much Porn on the Net.
(reply to guybgdon381) posted 9-Oct-2009 1:34pm  
That comment from the year 2000 in no way reflects the woman I am today who would shudder to even type the word p*n*s.
*laughs and runs off to her closet to pray*
posted 23-Oct-2009 4:30am  
I never thought of it, not even measure its length!
posted 4-Nov-2010 11:18am  
I think most of them are. I think they look much better erect. I personally prefer uncircumcised. Small ones are ugly, and by small I mean under 5 inches when erect. Small ones actually kind of gross me out. Also, ones with overly large heads aren't very attractive. Although it's not important to have a HUGE penis, they do look a lot better - but freakishly big would also be ugly as it would look alien. I don't understand how anyone who could think an average or big penis is ugly, and I find it bizarre that any man straight/gay/bi could find his own penis ugly as they have to see it every day.
posted 10-Jun-2011 5:46am  
Its a penis.Its not Mt.Everest,a wedding or a baby staring you in the face so new to the world and its not a bat winged mutant from venus,an open container of sour milk or the one eyed beast from greek mythology.Its a human penis. Skin so thin it looks close to raw meat,it has no bone so it ain't a mouses (boner)and it gets lined with smegma (gross!)cut or not circumsized)if its not kept clean,a phallus shape reprod tube.Its a penis.

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