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single15-Feb-2001personal preferenceshildagard by votes1162158.9%


Do you think that Mona Lisa is smiling or being sad?

To view the painting, go to: - interesting theory about painting.

Mona Lisa is painted by Leonardo Da Vinci (1479-1528) in 1506. It's been one of the most famous and admired painting in the whole world. Why? Well, there are few thing. First, the question of this survey: is she smiling or being sad? And if you are in the same room with that painting you have feeling that she is looking at you where ever you go.

37She's smiling
23She's neither smiling or sad
8No opinion
6She's being sad
3I'm not familiar with the painting/I never saw it

romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 15-Feb-2001 9:27am  
I've seen her... she's smirking!
posted 15-Feb-2001 10:22am  
She's definitely smirking. Maybe it's because she has no eyebrows.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 15-Feb-2001 10:27am  
She looks to me like she has a secret.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 15-Feb-2001 10:33am  
She's being enigmatic.
(reply to they) posted 15-Feb-2001 10:35am  
maybe she isnt wearing any panties lol
posted 15-Feb-2001 10:48am  
So I looked at the painting and I'd just like to completely destroy one of the theories...Her eyes are at the right corner of both eyes...therefore...if you're standing on the can't possibly feel like she's staring at you because she's not even looking in that direction...secondly...I think she's sad, but smiling. I think she's wearing a mask like a lot of people do where they're feeling sad inside, but they wear a smile on the outside. It's a mysterious thing.
posted 15-Feb-2001 11:12am  
She's smiling. It's her mysterious smile, that looks like she's sad.
posted 15-Feb-2001 12:06pm  
I don't think it's always easy to tell what people are feeling by the look on their face. I sometimes get a serious look that sort of looks like I'm pouting. People think I'm sad or angry when I'm not. People even tell me to cheer up.
posted 15-Feb-2001 12:24pm  
It's a demure, don't show any teeth smile.
posted 15-Feb-2001 3:03pm  
I think it's a sneaky I-know-something-you-don't-know smile.
posted 15-Feb-2001 6:11pm  
It depends on how focused my gaze is.
posted 15-Feb-2001 6:20pm  
It's such a knowing someone's eating her out under the table or sumpin'
posted 15-Feb-2001 11:18pm  
She's smiling...just a little bit. I know that look. I think she wants to DO me! >smiley:::smile
posted 16-Feb-2001 12:16am  
She is sad. Why do you think she is called "Mona" Lisa? duh!
posted 16-Feb-2001 2:43am  
She's thinking about the blow job she gave Da Vinci moments earlier.
posted 16-Feb-2001 11:23am  
I'd say she has a kind of complacent, sly, knowing smirk.
posted 16-Feb-2001 2:04pm  
It never seemed smiling to me. I like the spirits in the background waterfall though (da Vinci was real into moving water studies)
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 16-Feb-2001 5:50pm  
I don''t remember noticing the waterfall. I will have to go to the library or something and look for it.
(reply to juliw) posted 16-Feb-2001 6:02pm  
There's a link to the painting in the question.
(reply to Matt) posted 16-Feb-2001 6:20pm  
Thanks, I'll have to check it out
posted 16-Feb-2001 6:51pm  
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 16-Feb-2001 11:44pm  
Funny, I never noticed the background before. Thanks for pointing it out.
(reply to juliw) posted 17-Feb-2001 9:52pm should do it. is fun too.
I had to take Tara back to a shop to point out that she didn't pay attention when I said the huge waterfall paintings were animated like the little one she discovered. We bought lotus flower candles.
(reply to Pooh_Bear) posted 17-Feb-2001 9:55pm  
as above to juliw, but almost the same as the explanation links I missed till now.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 18-Feb-2001 10:58am  
Thank you! I had to get a pen and paper so I could write down those websites to check our later. The lotus flower candles sound really neat. I just bought some ocean mist scented candles, in a pretty ocean blue, yesterday
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 18-Feb-2001 11:44am  
I went to the two websites you suggested. On the site, I read and learned a lot from the explanation, but my AOL-TV could not display the picture. I liked the monamorf site, though. I also tried the two websites mentioned at the top of this survey, but my AOL-TV could not get them, either.
posted 18-Feb-2001 5:18pm  
She is smiling like she has a secret that you really want to know and you would be ever so happy if she divulged it but she will never reveal it.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 19-Feb-2001 12:07am  
Thanks for the site information. smiley:::smile
posted 19-Feb-2001 8:30pm  
Depends on how you look at it, of course. It is readily apparent that the painter didnt want you to know, so there is no correct answer.
(reply to cody) posted 20-Feb-2001 4:32pm  
posted 22-Feb-2001 1:24am  
It's a sad smile.
posted 22-Feb-2001 7:46pm  
I believe that she is smiling...the feeling I get is one of serenity.
posted 24-Feb-2001 3:47pm  
now that I think of it, I always found the painting depressing.
posted 25-Feb-2001 12:54pm  
She looks like she's got something up her sleeve. To me, it's more of a smirk.
posted 27-Feb-2001 6:58pm  
I think she is deep in thought.
posted 28-Feb-2001 8:44am  
It's kind of like she's just seen something a little amusing but cant smile much because she's sitting for a painting.Someone could have fallen over in the background or stood in some paint and trampled it across the studio or something like that!
posted 1-Mar-2001 6:36pm  
she is smiling sadly
posted 2-Mar-2001 3:28pm  
Polite I'd say. Not much confidence behind it.. It's a "mouth" smile... no fun in the eyes to back it up.
posted 3-Mar-2001 1:16pm  
I think she is trying to smile, but she can't. She has bad teeth and they hurt.
posted 3-Mar-2001 4:01pm  
Shes smiling but has a sad look in her eyes
posted 4-Mar-2001 10:04pm  
She's just smug...
posted 9-Mar-2001 5:16am  
Cover her mouth and look at her eyes.
(reply to micah) posted 9-Mar-2001 12:24pm  
uh, yeah? and?
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 9-Mar-2001 6:48pm  
Did it help at all?!? ::head down:: I just thought it might help. Sorry.
posted 10-Mar-2001 10:05am  
And she had bad teeth!
posted 8-Apr-2001 7:23pm  
I can't decide.
posted 20-Apr-2001 6:35pm  
I don't know, good question though.
posted 21-May-2001 3:17pm  
I'm looking at it right now. I had to own a copy, and even if it was quite pricy, it's not the original Mona Lisa.
My opinion is that she's smirking, but under that mysterious smirk she is hiding something larger.
(reply to Vamp_Angel) posted 22-May-2001 8:25am  
Wooden teeth?
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 22-May-2001 3:49pm  
No. Just today, I read in the newspaper that scientist were able to see, using the X-rays that Leonardo da Vinci had drawn three other versions of Mona Lisa under.
(reply to Vamp_Angel) posted 22-May-2001 10:25pm  
Wonderful. Your world is interactive.
posted 2-Jul-2001 2:12am  
I think she's hiding something.She might have had bad teeth or something.You know like a missing tooth or a wide space between teeth,or smoked too much & had yellow teeth.You know a dental problem......So it was more like a sad smile.
posted 8-Sep-2006 9:50am  
she has that slights smile you can tell by her cheek bone
posted 19-May-2007 12:51am  
I think she looks more thoughtful than smiling or sad.

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