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multiple8-Feb-2013sportsJessicaWoman99 by votes22145.5%


Do you think that the Denver Colorado Broncos are good enough to win next years Super Bowl?

The National Football League in America the USA and the Denver Broncos made it all the way to the playoffs and they lost against the Baltimore Ravens Peyton Manning is the QB


jettles Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 9-Feb-2013 6:04am  
Possibly, I don't really follow football.
Enheduanna Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 9-Feb-2013 11:37am  
I have no idea, nor to I really care.
posted 10-Feb-2013 12:53pm  
Yes, any team in the NFL that makes it to the playoffs (and then some) has a chance to win the SB the following year. There's just so much parity in the league that its anybody's game. Also, Peyton is fairly inconsistent, so expect anything between him winning the whole thing to ending the season 4-12.
Lysannus Survey Qualifier
posted 11-Feb-2013 4:58am  
Don't know enough about football, nor do I care enough about it.
posted 11-Feb-2013 9:01am  
I know nothing of the subject matter.
LJD Survey Qualifier
posted 11-Feb-2013 11:04pm  
I know nothing about football...just see men running back and forth.
posted 12-Feb-2013 3:49pm  
No I am getting this feeling that my Denver Broncos they will never ever win any Super Bowl at all Peyton Manning will be a very old man by the time the Broncos go to their next Super Bowl and I am very disappointed right now

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