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multiple27-Jul-2006opinionEnigma by votes38358.3%


What do you think is the best method for fostering energy conservation?

12More education
10Tax credits for citizens and businesses that cut consumption
8Make customers pay the full market cost of energy
8Tax credits for the renewable energy industry

posted 28-Jul-2006 3:24pm  
There are a million ways to conserve energy that have already been put out there but riding a stationary bicycle to make the TV run would help out alot.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 28-Jul-2006 3:52pm  
Tax credits of both types, education, and a big government-sponsored program to research alternative/renewable energy sources.
posted 28-Jul-2006 6:41pm  
Don't care.
posted 28-Jul-2006 7:48pm  
I think education works for those of us who are thrifty, but those who are not could care less. I guess it would take a lot of research and man power but I think if the power company could figure what the average kilowatts are for a home of various sizes, they could force people to conserve if they were able to control the watts that a home gets on an average day ( when conservation is desperately needed). I know someone is going to have something to say about that being just so wrong when you're the one paying for it. Sometimes things like that have to be done because of those who only care about their own wants and needs. Some years a go in this area because of a drought people was urgently asked to conserve water. One way to do that was not to water your lawn. Some people (mostly the rich with stately lawns) had their sprinkler system going as usual until it was on the news that it was a mandatory conservation and people watering their laws would be fined. I think all the answers above are good but I don't like the, "Make customers pay the full market cost of energy." other than the rich who could afford that?
posted 28-Jul-2006 9:47pm  
Not only the full market cost, but include what are known as uncompensated externalities. If coal plants had to pay for all the damage that their exhaust causes, then stack scrubbers wouldn't look so expensive.
posted 28-Jul-2006 10:41pm  
I'd go with all of the above.
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 28-Jul-2006 11:06pm  
> Don't care. say that a lot. Other than your cats do you care about anything?
posted 29-Jul-2006 2:38am  
Tax credits for cutting consumption.
posted 29-Jul-2006 3:16am  
Screw the tax credits, I'd add humongous sales taxes to each vehicle purchase; airplanes, cars, motorcycles, boats...
(reply to ultamate) posted 29-Jul-2006 3:30am  
Not a whole lot.
posted 29-Jul-2006 1:06pm  
We need transportation, we need our automobiles. I know they could perfect a fuel that would lost less, with little or no cost to the environment. But those that are in control of the present system doesn't really want change. I don't want to lose our mobility...that is dangerous. Presently, I say regulate the gas industry. Of course, we need to be responsible when it comes to water, something we can't live without. After looking at the big picture, it appears to me someone wants to control us big time...make us into a third world country. They want to destroy our standard of living....yet they will live in a state of luxury.
posted 29-Jul-2006 6:45pm  
Brandy it's the way forward

I love this song love

It's delicate...
posted 30-Jul-2006 6:50am  
All but the top one and other.
posted 2-Aug-2006 12:32am  
People respond to money. Make them pay, give tax credits.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-Nov-2017 12:22pm  
It has to target businesses more than individual consumers.

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