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multiple16-Jan-2006opinionRogue by votes78355.1%


Do you think a 18 year old dating a 30 year old is appropriate?

I need to know. Thanks.

12I'm not sure

posted 17-Jan-2006 10:22pm  
as long as they are both happy.
Heck, I would not mind a 60 year old dating a 12 year old. as long as they were both happy...
However, when "dating" becomes "babysitting" thats pushing it.
posted 17-Jan-2006 10:26pm  
Sure, if the boy is 18. It's genetic, men reach their sexual peak around that age, and women reach it around their 40s. That kind of relationship makes perfect sense.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 17-Jan-2006 10:49pm  
depends on the situation and the people involved.
paulyw Silver Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (6 minutes ago)
posted 17-Jan-2006 11:22pm  
posted 17-Jan-2006 11:27pm  
check I don't think it's inappropriate for an eighteen-year old to date a thirty-year old.
posted 17-Jan-2006 11:29pm  
i sure do, i think a 50 yr old and an 18 yr old is pretty sweet too, it helps keep people gossiping and we all know how much we all need that
posted 18-Jan-2006 12:08am  
It depends on the situation.
posted 18-Jan-2006 12:15am  
That's only 12 years difference. If I were 30, I'd sure date an 18 year old! I wish you had more details in your survey, just somebody's "age" is not much to go on.

Hell, I'm 60 and I'd date a 30 year old!
posted 18-Jan-2006 1:02am  
Depends on the people involved. Maturity levels, life experiences, etc.
(reply to Halifax) posted 18-Jan-2006 1:04am  
> Heck, I would not mind a 60 year old dating a
> 12 year old.

That's not dating, that's pedophilia. >frown
posted 18-Jan-2006 1:36am  
Allowable? Yes. Appropriate? Depends on the relationship. It would be inappropriate to date ones boss or teacher but fine to date a classmate - even if they they significantly differ by chronological age.
(reply to cabinfever) posted 18-Jan-2006 3:09am  
> |> Heck, I would not mind a 60 year old dating a
> |> 12 year old.
> That's not dating, that's pedophilia. >frown

That's not pedophilia... that's LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE. >smile
(reply to FauxLo) posted 18-Jan-2006 3:11am  
You sick bastard Solo... don't make me filter you too! >smile
(reply to cabinfever) posted 18-Jan-2006 3:13am  
laughing out loud You've been fiesty lately. I LIKEY!
(reply to FauxLo) posted 18-Jan-2006 3:16am  
Yeah, for some reason I've been feeling... I guess 'fiesty' is a good word. Just slightly 'out there'... and I don't have anyone to talk to or argue with except my three-year-old. Been trying to get my fat ass in gear lately... tired of being a lump on a log. I'm glad you LIKEY, because I'm likin' it too! wink
(reply to cabinfever) posted 18-Jan-2006 3:19am  
Good. You shouldn't bottle things up. Otherwise you'll make the same mistake I did and it'll consume you... then before long you'll find the chip and your shoulder that carries it have become one.
(reply to FauxLo) posted 18-Jan-2006 3:24am  
I'm one HUGE, tempered-glass bottle, Solo... with a huge-ass cork in it. I've had to be since I was little.
(reply to cabinfever) posted 18-Jan-2006 3:35am  
Throw the cork away and breathe, girl. Just get rid of it!
(reply to FauxLo) posted 18-Jan-2006 3:54am  
If I tossed the cork, who knows what would happen? The men in white coats would come get me...
"They're coming to take me away, haha! They're coming to take me away!"
posted 18-Jan-2006 6:34am  
Whatever floats your paedo boat
(reply to cabinfever) posted 18-Jan-2006 7:14am  
Nah, girl. That's Calgon... those aren't men... they're bubbles... lose the cork. yes
posted 18-Jan-2006 10:14am  
Who gives a turkey?
posted 18-Jan-2006 10:27am  
Yes, it's inappropriate.
posted 18-Jan-2006 10:51am  
As long as the 18 year old isn't my daughter, I'm fine with it.
posted 18-Jan-2006 12:15pm  
It would definitely depend on the individuals involved. For the average 18-year-old, I would think that finding someone closer to his/her age would be better. However, I started dating a 31 year-old when I was 21. We married when I was 29, so who knows?
(reply to Zang) posted 18-Jan-2006 12:17pm  
I'm with you on that thought.
posted 18-Jan-2006 12:18pm  
Only if it's a trusted relative.

No, my opinion it is not. On many levels.

Is that you Irene?
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to FauxLo) posted 18-Jan-2006 1:22pm  
Hilarious reply! laughing out loud bubbles...
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Jan-2006 1:23pm  
I think it's probably okay, as long as you don't take on a parental role to any kids he might have, old enough to be your younger sibling.
(reply to LindaH) posted 18-Jan-2006 1:48pm  
> I think it's probably okay, as long as you
> don't take on a parental role to any kids
> he might have, old enough to be your younger
> sibling.

grinlaughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud
posted 18-Jan-2006 7:17pm  
Kinda creepy..But maybe..Don't ask me..I think 15 year olds are creepy wry smile
But I guess it's ok..not like the 30 year old is old enough to be the 18 year old's parent..
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier
posted 18-Jan-2006 8:00pm  
Sure, no worse than a 6 year old dating an 18 year old. Or a 30 yr old dating a 42 yr old, or a 42 yr old dating a 54 yr old, etc. Well, I guess people would object to the 6 yr old/18yr old combination. Amazing how age difference mean less and less as you get older.
I guess that means maturity levels balance out in time?
Strange isnt' it that most might think it odd for an 18/30 dating combination, but say take 3 years off each for a 14/27 yr combination and you've got a child molesting pervert on your hands. That's why there should not be age laws beyond maybe 12 years old, like Japan.
Now, you'd never in a million years get me at 53 dating a 65 yr old woman. I'd rather be doing the 18 yr old thing.
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier
(reply to FauxLo) posted 18-Jan-2006 8:02pm  
> laughing out loud You've been fiesty lately. I LIKEY!

Does anyone really give a crap if someone else filters them out? Don't let her threaten you, huh.

(reply to cerealkiller) posted 18-Jan-2006 8:06pm  
laughing out loud I'm the filtering master... and I wouldn't blame anyone for filtering me out. What am I going to do about it? No one censors me. Some think they have, but nah... (Oh! With the exception of Bill, of course. He kinda' censored me. >smile)

...besides, I think she was kidding. wink
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to FauxLo) posted 18-Jan-2006 8:13pm  
You're not bad, trollish or annoying in any way. There's this new person coming around making stupid, pointless, bordering on irrelevant comments in different surveys. I almost want to filter him on general principle, but naaaah.. sometimes it's interesting to see what he will say next. *not naming names*
(reply to LindaH) posted 18-Jan-2006 8:16pm  
I think I have him filtered out. >smile mrtempler or something... I think I filtered that name out after the first or second day he appeared. Am I right?
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to FauxLo) posted 18-Jan-2006 8:17pm  
laughing out loud somehow I had a feeling you would guess.
(reply to LindaH) posted 18-Jan-2006 8:17pm  
BTW, I am bad, trollish and annoying in many ways! >smile

It's part of my charm. winking raspberry
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to FauxLo) posted 18-Jan-2006 8:21pm  
You are bad in a good way.
(reply to LindaH) posted 18-Jan-2006 8:23pm  
wink Thanks! You're good in an ever better way!
(reply to kirst) posted 18-Jan-2006 9:27pm  
As a bachelor, that's something I don't think I'll ever have to worry about. grin
(reply to Zang) posted 19-Jan-2006 12:12am  
That's a plus. It's scary thinking about it, though, when you have a daughter.
posted 19-Jan-2006 1:29am  
Other, it would depend on their relationship. If it was teacher/student or employee boss, that might cause problems. I would also have issues if the 30 year old was married and was cheating on his/her spouse with an 18 year old.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 19-Jan-2006 1:36am  
posted 19-Jan-2006 3:36am  
How can one answer this without any further details? However, the word "appropriate" seems strange here, to me at least. (Maybe "dating" has a different meaning to you.)
(reply to Zang) posted 19-Jan-2006 3:39am  
Good answer! wink
(reply to Hans) posted 19-Jan-2006 8:05am  
Hi! How's it going? smile
posted 19-Jan-2006 2:49pm  
I was seeing a 35 yr old when I was 19, so I would say no.
(reply to Zang) posted 19-Jan-2006 3:34pm  
Gradually better I hope. (Life was difficult in the past months.)
posted 19-Jan-2006 5:17pm  
I don't think its 'appropriate' but this is only my point of view. It isn't illegal, so I really should keep my nose out of it, unless the 18 year old is my child & the 30 year old is a total loser, drugs or criminal or abusive, etc.
posted 19-Jan-2006 5:21pm  
Is it different if the 18 year old is male & the 30 year old a woman as opposed to vice versa?
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 19-Jan-2006 6:41pm  
I'm 60 and I want a 40 year old. Fudge these old geezers who can't keep up with me!
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier
(reply to patarnone) posted 19-Jan-2006 7:56pm  
Yeah. Younger is better. My daughters-in-law are in the 20 year age difference bracket from me. Yeah, I'd say I'd like doing one of them............. or any younger age.
(reply to Hans) posted 19-Jan-2006 9:35pm  
I hope things do get better. Sorry to hear they were difficult.

I just started my vacation! smile
posted 19-Jan-2006 11:09pm  
Pshtttt... oh HELL no. *Just my opinon of course* grin
posted 20-Jan-2006 4:05pm  
my dad and my stepmom are 14 and 1/2 years apart and she's 30 and he 's 45
posted 21-Jan-2006 11:27am  
You're legal, he's legal.......... What ever gets your goat. Whose business is it who you love but your own?

posted 21-Jan-2006 3:30pm  
I have noticed the age difference thing too..17 and 20 seems way different in age 21 and 24 seem far too..but not as far..and 30 and 33 seem like they're practically the same age.
(reply to ultamate) posted 21-Jan-2006 8:02pm  
> You're legal, he's legal.......... What ever gets your goat. Whose business
> is it who you love but your own?
Ummm... isn't whatever that "gets your goat" a bad thing? And who said anything about "love"? They're just "dating".

(reply to FauxLo) posted 21-Jan-2006 11:18pm  
"gets your goat" = what ever turns you on. "Love" is figurative for love, date, have sex with, what ever.
(reply to ultamate) posted 22-Jan-2006 1:10am  
Most stories that start out, "You know what really gets my goat?" usually lead to something that irritates that person.

What part of the world are you from, friend? I'm curious as to what people recognise this saying in such a way. smile
(reply to FauxLo) posted 22-Jan-2006 7:58am  
I'm from SC and I've heard it used like that as well. I haven't used that saying in years and you're giving me the third degree lol . Spank me! smile
(reply to LindaH) posted 22-Jan-2006 8:30am  
> I think it's probably okay, as long as you
> don't take on a parental role to any kids
> he might have, old enough to be your younger
> sibling.

I wonder what other people think of a 26 yr old step parent bossing a 19 yr old around, telling them what to do, where to go, etc. I mean, now that I think of it, no one else said anything about it when we were 17-19 and she was 24-26 but I think it's a bit warped! Even 15 and 21, or 16 and 22. I think about the only person who was disgusted by it was grandma. Didn't she call her a "kid"?
posted 22-Jan-2006 8:49am  
I'm not sure. It depends on the people involved. I know when my daughter was 18 I wouldn't have wanted her to date a 30 year old guy.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to LoriJanine) posted 22-Jan-2006 12:19pm  
posted 22-Jan-2006 5:31pm  
Well............. I dont think its inapprpriate?
posted 23-Jan-2006 5:26pm  
Depends on the person
posted 24-Jan-2006 3:57pm  
I was 18 when I first started dating my partner, who was 36 at the time. We're still together now, 3 years later.
posted 24-Jan-2006 4:38pm  
If there is an attraction then go for it and dont worry about what people think , the same thing with interracial marriages.
(reply to FauxLo) posted 25-Jan-2006 8:11pm  
Where are the embarrassed smiles? As much as I hate to admit when I'm ....wro.......n...................not right. Three people said that "get your goat" is about what pisses you off. They're not my friends any more. j/k
(reply to ultamate) posted 25-Jan-2006 8:20pm  
> Where are the embarrassed smiles? As much as I hate to admit when
> I'm ....wro.......n...................not right. Three people said
> that "get your goat" is about what pisses you off. They're not my
> friends any more. j/k

image There's your spank. >smile
posted 25-Jan-2006 11:52pm  
Whats the saying......17 will get you 20.
posted 26-Jan-2006 5:01am  
Hmm... I don't think it's inappropriate because an 18 year old and a 30 year old are both legally "of age" and can do whatever they want, but I don't think it's such a good idea for the 18 year old....Even though you're technically "of age" doesn't mean you're rational and mature enough to make smart decisions. Anyway, this is just my opinion...
(reply to autumnlight) posted 1-Feb-2006 4:39pm  
Was kinda curious, if you were 35 dating the same 35 year old, would there still be an attraction? Same or different?
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 1-Feb-2006 5:38pm  
No way! He was at the same level of emotional maturity as me - now I've overtaken him! lol
(reply to autumnlight) posted 1-Feb-2006 7:09pm  
I had a friend in high school, she was 16 dating someone rumored to be 35. The other kids in class somehow found out and were teasing her pretty bad, but she never talked about it to me, and I didn't want to pry. It did upset her, I have no idea what that was about. That's why I asked you, for an insight. thanks.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 2-Feb-2006 12:49pm  
No worries, I hope your friend wasn't hurt.
(reply to autumnlight) posted 2-Feb-2006 3:05pm  
I have no idea.
posted 10-Feb-2006 9:34pm  
I did, so yes.
posted 1-Sep-2007 4:23am  
hey i think once you turn 18 people should not care who you date
posted 20-Jan-2009 7:01pm  
I'm an 18 year old dating someone who is 29. The question is not whether it is "appropriate," but more concerning whether both parties are happy. I think that's the case in all relationships. Cheers! :D
posted 23-Apr-2009 9:13am  
I am finding myself in a situation where I had been married for 8 years, all for nothing. I got married at 21, here I am just turning 29 and i have to say never have i been more mature with regards to outlook on life, and attidute to relationships, this says alot against younger folk who are more immature and can offer much less experience. My ex wife run off and slept with a 33 year old unemployed looser, my divorce is just about ready to be finalised in the next month or so. Personally I dont see a problem with a 30 year old dating an 18 year old, i in fact have had a simular conversation with a friend of mine who is female, and 18. (nearly 19 now) and we seem to have really hit it off well togther (we have often discussed the possibilty of dating, and marrige and family), however we are both aware that we have a good friendship and we dont want to ruin anything that could develop in the future. I do like her an awful lot, and she has told me that she likes me too, and finds me attractive. I find her very very attractive (who wouldnt) too but i have said that my main foucs really is just getting to know her as a friend first, as being honest my relationship break up has really knocked my confidence in other people. She is moving out of home next week, and she has been asking me to help her find flats, i have really enoyed look around with her, and we both feel like we have know each other for years. I am seeing her again this saturday, she has a few life issues to sort out, but looking back when i was 18 i had a few too!

We are good friends, the way i see it if we are able to maintain a good freindship for a couple of years, if anything is gonna happen it will happen and she will be a little more mature (22-23) and i will be by the age of 33 hopefully more trusting in people.

posted 5-Oct-2009 4:44pm  
I think its okay but i'm currently in a small dilemma myself.I'm a 33 year old dating a 19 year old which is fine with me.The only problem i'm having is its a co workers daughter so just wanna know what people think i should do?
posted 29-Jun-2011 3:37am  
yes, im 18 and i would date a 30 yr old man, im sure if a 30yr old woman wanted to date a 60yr man people wouldnt judge as much and if they Do who cares they shouldnt be able to decide what age female or male you should date, it all comes down on how mature younger person is.
posted 16-Jul-2011 8:43am  
Its fine with me cause im 18 and i talk to a 31 year old but what the heck its my life why not live it how i what to its dosnt make him a petrify cause if im old enough to sit in girl and get charged for as an adult then i could date who ever i want :) i have a point
posted 16-Jul-2011 8:45am  
I ment old enough to sit in jail,
posted 24-Jul-2011 11:08pm  
Depends how mature they are. If they are both idiots then its not going to work. I had a 3 year relationship with an 18 year old when I was 38 and it was the best relationship I've ever had and we are still best friends today and will be for the rest of our lives probably. But she was smarter and more mature than most women I know no matter what age. I've heard women are generally 5 years more mature than men and men are generally 5 years less mature than women. So if she's 18 she's really 23 and if he's 30 he's really 25 (only a two year difference). My dilemma now is I am 42 and all my female friends are in the 20's (i am very social and girls still find me fun and attractive). But i guess what is really boils down to in my opinion is that if it's coming from a loving place on both sides it doesn't matter what age a person is as long as they are legal adults. I do have a problem with older men preying on younger women and using them, and i also have a problem with younger women using older men for their money, gifts etc...
posted 31-Jul-2011 10:03pm  
iT reallyy dosent matter Tew me Kuz age Aint Nun But number && as longg as yall Happyy and He treatn you Right Dhen its cool
posted 8-Sep-2011 10:52am  
it definitely depends on the two people in the relationship. Im an 18 year old girl and am seeing a 31 year old, i too think this sounds wrong - however when you see the people in the relationship your opinion may be swayed. when im with him i dont think he acts 31, nor looks 31. at the end of the day the number may sounds wrong but when you see the two people together you wouldnt even note an age difference!! it depends on the relationship. some people in relationships take advantage however old or young! so you cant be ageist. every relationship is different
(reply to samantha120) posted 10-Sep-2011 10:48pm  
You know, saying that he doesn't act his age is not exactly a recommendation.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 10-Sep-2011 11:07pm  
Do you think a 20 year old supermodel dating a 50 year old rock star is appropriate?
(reply to dab) posted 13-Jan-2012 7:31pm  
im a 31 yr old man dating an 18 yr girl. I was very intrigued to know that there are other couples out there in the same situation. how is your relationship view by your/his family?
(reply to jefd15) posted 13-Jan-2012 10:27pm  
I think you replied to the wrong person. My comment was meant to be slightly snarky by pointing out that saying someone doesn't act their age is usually considered a put down.
posted 21-May-2012 3:53pm  
i think teens are obssesed with 30 somethings and, i remember when i was 35 a 18 year old said they did not like my age ,so why is it peoples opinions seem to be deluded
i think if the girl or boy they sould stay in there peer group, and according to human development your not classed as a young adult when you are 18.

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