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multiple22-Feb-2011dreamsGalomorro by votes42659.2%


What are some of the things you dream about?

23They are --
4I do not remember my dreams
4Other answer
0I do not dream

posted 22-Feb-2011 12:54pm  
Mostly I am in an urban setting, not necessarily where I live now, although often I think it is local in the dream, but it will look different than in reality (huh?). I am usually quite active in my dreams, running effortlessly up and down steep hills and outdoor stairways and often flying, sometimes with feet just barely off the ground. The urban settings are sometimes quite magical looking -- like they may be in some European country, and are frequently very colorful. I do dream in color. Narrow little alleys, outdoor marketplaces, interesting old buildings. The people themselves are shadowy and I don't know them.
FordGuy Survey Qualifier
posted 22-Feb-2011 1:03pm  
I dunno. All kinds of stuff. Lets see... last night, I know I had some dreams that I was into, but can't really remember what they were about. I have a lot of dreams where I am floating around my house, my parents house I grew up in, or my grandpas house. I see people and things happening. Goofy.
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Feb-2011 1:12pm  
I dream that I am in some other State other than Colorado or just some dream about something new and different happening in my life
posted 22-Feb-2011 1:12pm  
Well, I do not remember my dreams very often. But when I do, they are doozies. For example, shortly after Sharon and I got divorced I had this bizarre dream about Grant. In the dream, he was a baby again but he was the size he was when Sharon and I split up. He was asking me when Sharon and I would get back together and I had told him that wasn't going to happen. He started crying, but the tears didn't run down his face, instead they pooled around his eyes until it looked like he was wearing a transparent, pool-blue colored domino mask. I woke up sweating and trembling from that one
(reply to FordGuy) posted 22-Feb-2011 1:14pm  
Gee, FG, that sounds like astral projection.
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier
posted 22-Feb-2011 1:35pm  
Hard to say. It varies. I remember driving a purple Corvette the other night. Most dreams are forgotten soon after waking.

One dream I'll never forget. I was laying in an open grave, the sky was red with a full moon, and there were wolves around the edge of the grave looking down on me. My wife woke me up because I was howling out loud.
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier
(reply to FordGuy) posted 22-Feb-2011 1:35pm  
> I dunno. All kinds of stuff. Lets see... last
> night, I know I had some dreams that I was into,
> but can't really remember what they were about.
> I have a lot of dreams where I am floating around
> my house, my parents house I grew up in, or my
> grandpas house. I see people and things happening.
> Goofy.

Astral Projection. I do that frequently.
posted 22-Feb-2011 1:50pm  
Being in school trying to find my classroom is a common dream, even though I'm 52 years old.
New Star Trek or Quantum Leap episodes.
posted 22-Feb-2011 1:50pm  
I don't dream anymore.
posted 22-Feb-2011 1:51pm  
Cities and weird architecture, musicians (most recently the Rolling Stones) and on one occasion, a barfing tiki.
FordGuy Survey Qualifier
(reply to cprasky, cerealkiller) posted 22-Feb-2011 2:15pm  
So there is a name for it? And other people do it? Wow.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 22-Feb-2011 3:40pm  
> So there is a name for it? And other people do it? Wow.

I have tried to do it a number of times. I usually end up with an experience that scares the $#!? out of me and give up on it.

posted 22-Feb-2011 7:11pm  
usually something sexual.
posted 22-Feb-2011 7:32pm  
I always dream about other places. I have a lot of recurring dreams and even though I know Ive been there before, I never realise it was in a previous dream. I only know Im in a dream when elevators appear.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 22-Feb-2011 8:11pm  
Being up at my cabin/cottage with friends and family
posted 22-Feb-2011 8:42pm  
My mom's house, specifically the basement or the back yard.
My last day on the job.
Acid trips with out the drugs.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 22-Feb-2011 8:56pm  
Oh yeah - forgot to mention. I sometimes have "high" dreams too. Trips while dreaming without having taken any substances. Love this!
bill Survey Central Gold Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Feb-2011 9:36pm  
I dream about going back to work where I used to work like 10 years ago. But, it's different and I don't fit in and it's stressful.
Other things too, but I forget 95% of my dreams.
FordGuy Survey Qualifier
(reply to cprasky) posted 23-Feb-2011 7:24am  
I never try to dream about anything. I've never really had a dream scare me, either. Well, that I remember. Maybe I should get one of those dream catcher gigs.
posted 23-Feb-2011 9:47am  
Different things. I can't usually remember. One recent one was about work.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-Feb-2011 10:52am  
Friends or family. Sometimes things that are making me anxious. Various random and weird things or situations.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 23-Feb-2011 12:13pm  
Actually astral projection need not take place only in dreams, though it is common for it to do so. I have also tried to engage in lucid dreaming a number of times, with results very similar to my astral projection experiments.

As well as the dream catcher, you might want to try certain herbs available online such as zachatechichi (perfectly legal, BTW). Also according to shamanistic lore, a pouch of mugwort (avaiable at any herb store) under your pillow aids in dreaming. Also, tea made with mugwort is very relaxing and helps if you have trouble sleeping.
FordGuy Survey Qualifier
(reply to cprasky) posted 23-Feb-2011 1:33pm  
I appreciate the advice, but I think I'll stick with beer.... wink
(reply to FordGuy) posted 23-Feb-2011 1:58pm  
laughing out loud
(reply to cprasky) posted 23-Feb-2011 5:23pm  
I found some tricks to causing lucid dreaming and also manipulating the direction dreams take. It's pretty fun.
(reply to LindaH) posted 24-Feb-2011 9:59am  
> I found some tricks to causing lucid dreaming and also manipulating
> the direction dreams take. It's pretty fun.

Like what? I might be interested in trying again sometime. It usually scares hell out of me, but I may not be ready yet to stop trying altogether.
(reply to cprasky) posted 24-Feb-2011 10:21am  
One is to 'test' your perceptions regularly while awake... like flipping light switches, looking at the clock, checking for dreamlike abnormalities. Even though you know for a fact you are awake and not dreaming, remembering to do this will eventually bleed over to your dream life and you will think to do it while dreaming. Something won't be right then, and you will know it is a dream.

Another thing is to consciously think about lucid dreaming, sometimes thinking about knowing you are dreaming.' If you do that long enough eventually you'll have a lucid dream. The book I was reading even suggested that since I was reading about it, it would be more likely to happen.

There are also ways to control lucid dreams without waking yourself up. It is to expect things to happen rather than consciously try to will them to happen. I "expected" to see Bob Dylan in my dream once, and I walked into another room and he was in there.

Dreams are generally based on expectations. That's why some people have nightmares and other people don't.
(reply to LindaH) posted 24-Feb-2011 1:13pm  
Thank you. Generally when I set out to practice lucid dreaming, I start by keeping a dream log, a notebook by the bedside. On waking I note down whether or not I dreamed and if I did, write down a summary of it. Within a couple of days, I start dreaming more frequently and vividly. The scary aspect starts when I become aware that I am dreaming in the dream, and begin trying to control it. At this point it seems a struggle ensues. I will have to try the "expecting" trick. That seems to offer a way through without the struggle.
(reply to cprasky) posted 24-Feb-2011 1:18pm  
Deliberate control involves a part of your brain that triggers waking. You can wake yourself up by thinking too hard. Expecting is just humming along, being passive about it. You 'just know' someone will be by shortly with your cheeseburger...
(reply to LindaH) posted 25-Feb-2011 11:37am  
Hah - I think reading these comments, and especially yours, helped me to have a lucid dream last night. I was with this guy and put on a Cajun music CD. I started to dance with him, then realized I don't dance. But then realized that this was a dream and I could dance if I wanted to, so did.
(reply to Galomorro) posted 25-Feb-2011 1:54pm  
posted 27-Feb-2011 8:00am  
Too many to cover here...
posted 27-Feb-2011 11:12am  
Since I quit smoking last sept. I've had dreams of smoking. and since I use to work in construction, I tend to dream about going back to construction sites.
posted 27-Feb-2011 1:41pm  
everything being or going wrong and me having to fix it and make it right
(reply to Jody) posted 27-Feb-2011 2:18pm  
Mike Holmes? is that you?
posted 27-Feb-2011 3:56pm  
Monsters, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Vampires, other wierdness...
posted 28-Feb-2011 8:20am  
sex in different places& scenerios, sometimes work comes into play,
posted 28-Feb-2011 9:09pm  
Beautiful Asian women wearing white silk blouses with nothing underneath, and for some reason we are in a library in Beijing and I am asking for the section regarding "how to make grilled cheese sandwiches" and she has no idea what I'm saying either because she doesn't speak English or there is no cheese in this country.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 4-Mar-2011 1:02pm  
Houses. Always houses. Several different recurring houses for my entire life. I think there are about seven of them. It's hard to count houses over 34 years' worth of dreams.
posted 16-Mar-2011 5:05pm  
I dream about people I know and topics I've spoken about.
posted 16-Mar-2011 6:27pm  
I've been reading Keith Richards' autobiography, and last night I had a dream about England.
posted 30-Mar-2011 2:15am  
Toilets with little or no privacy... Sometimes very dirty. Not lately though... I haven't had a toilet dream in a while but I had read once that it reflected the need to have some time alone. I guess being a widow now gives me plenty of time...
Biggles Survey Qualifier
posted 1-Oct-2011 9:41pm  
The other day, I dreamed that I was in theatre when I suddenly gave birth to a premature baby before I went back to watching the operation. After a bit, I decided I should probably know the sex of my baby but when I looked at it (a girl) I realised that she needed an incubator, so I wrapped her in cardboard and walked all over the hospital (and a made up university campus) searching for someone who could prvide one. I got quite invested in the search!
posted 16-Apr-2012 3:11pm  
The other day I dreamed about myself going on a tour around the world, and all the way round was a rainbow, the coach flew onto the rainbow and slided down it, we got an ice-cream on the way back, it was such an enjoyable dream, I also dreamed about going on a rollercoaster and my dog jumped off it. But why would I bring a dog on a rollercoaster i thought. Hope you enjoyed reading:)
Biggles Survey Qualifier
posted 14-Jul-2013 6:06pm  
Last night, I dreamed that I was at a research station and nuclear war was coming. There was a bunker on the station, and I knew that it would be enough to protect us from at least the initial blast. We realised the bombs were going to start falling soon, so two of us got inside the bunker but the rest of the research team were further away. As the bombs were imminent, I turned to my friend and told her that it was too late and that we couldn't open the door to let anyone else in. But then the others came, and I could hear them outside the door even as the bombs were falling. So I opened the door. I hoped that there would be enough time to get them inside, but instead they were swept in by a wave of black-grey foam, the product of the bombs. And I knew it was too late for all of us.

I have such happy dreams wry smile
posted 28-Nov-2015 6:44pm  
posted 28-Nov-2015 10:46pm  
Lately - outside, streets, strip malls I have never seen before, cities. I took a nap today and had a dream about an L shaped strip mall with a pretty decorated corner face. It was green and tan, and the face was shaped like a triangle.
posted 30-Dec-2015 4:36am  
Some weird stuff

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