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Do you have a tattoo?
I have the option for "used to" because tattoos can now be removed.

1Used to

ElvisFan67 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 25-Feb-2004 7:38pm  
Never have.
posted 25-Feb-2004 7:41pm  
I have a tattoo of a heart on my right ankle on the inside. I did it myself with a needle when I was a teenager.
posted 25-Feb-2004 8:10pm  
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 25-Feb-2004 8:29pm  
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 25-Feb-2004 8:47pm  
No. I never wanted one, never will. They aren't my thing. I have nothing against them or people who have them, though. Hi Mandy! grin
posted 25-Feb-2004 8:47pm  
I really wanted one when I was 16-20, but I decided that for something that permanent I could wait at least a few years, and if I still wanted the same design later it would be more likely that I wouldn't regret it. In the meantime, I turned to piercing and stretching, since it's less permanent. I still haven't gotten around to getting the tattoo, but I might do it eventually.
(reply to LindaH) posted 25-Feb-2004 10:14pm  
Hi yourself !!!!!!!raspberry
posted 25-Feb-2004 10:21pm  
No. Not my scene man...
posted 25-Feb-2004 10:53pm  
No, not right now. But I do want one, once I finally have a soulmate and we will want to get symbiotic tattoos of some kind. (How can tattoos be symbiotic?) You know what the hell I mean!
(reply to Zang) posted 25-Feb-2004 10:54pm  
I'll get one on my dick if you get one on yours.......XOXOXOXOXO
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 25-Feb-2004 10:58pm  
posted 26-Feb-2004 12:14am  
Yes, I do.
posted 26-Feb-2004 1:53am  
No, and I never will. Yuck!
posted 26-Feb-2004 2:02am  
posted 26-Feb-2004 5:33am  
No and I don't think I would ever get one either.
posted 26-Feb-2004 7:33am  
(reply to Violet) posted 26-Feb-2004 8:46am  
You think stretching your earlobes is not permanent?
posted 26-Feb-2004 8:55am  
Yes but most people won't call it that; I poked myself with a Rapidograph art pen years ago...
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 26-Feb-2004 9:02am  
yes, two and i have a couple more picked out for future placement!
posted 26-Feb-2004 9:22am  
Yes, I have 3. I would probably have a 4th by now, but someone was drawing me one and I never heard anymore about it. I'll probably just stick to what I have.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 26-Feb-2004 9:28am  
No, I don't. If I ever found the right thing for the right place, I would do it.
posted 26-Feb-2004 9:34am  
Yay, I have two. I love them and are extremely proud of them!
posted 26-Feb-2004 9:55am  
(reply to Irene007) posted 26-Feb-2004 9:58am  
laughing out loud
posted 26-Feb-2004 10:26am  
No, the birthmark on my butt shaped like Great Britain is enough body marks for me.
(reply to CarolL) posted 26-Feb-2004 10:27am  
I don't think so. wink
posted 26-Feb-2004 10:55am  
I have 5 tattoos and I am going to get 2 more as soon as I can. I like tattoos.

I have a long stemmed (colored) rose tattoo on my lower left leg. It is about 7 inches long--it is beautiful and has my husband's name on it. I have freebird on the outside of my right ankle. I have my husband's initials on my hand--left. I have a heart and teardrop with the name TUESDAY in the heart on my back--my oldest daughter, Tuesday, passed away in 1983. I have on the other side of my back some beautiful flowers (no colors in this one). I plan to get one with all my living children's names (David, Adrianna, Miranda) on my arm (Top part) as soon as I find my tattoo artist--he's been incognito for a while. And one for my best friends, all of us are going to get the same tattoo and put the initials of those friends who have already passed away on them. What do you all think? Should I leave my body alone or go for it?

My husband is totally collaged on his upper body and arms.
posted 26-Feb-2004 1:38pm  
i dont have a tatoo but i would like one on the bottom of my back. but im too scared lol
(reply to Violet) posted 26-Feb-2004 1:54pm  
Violet, doesn't piercing and stretching hurt? shock Like ASB I think it's permanent too.
posted 26-Feb-2004 7:13pm  
i dont have a tattoo yet frown lol, i want one though, i just cant make up my mind what to get(it should be something I really like seeing as I'll probably be buried with it on lol)
posted 26-Feb-2004 7:16pm  
No I don't. However the wonderful Mandy has designed one for me which is absolutely wonderful and which I'm thinking of getting.
posted 26-Feb-2004 7:30pm  
No, but I'd like to get one eventually. I want to get Mjolnir on my back and Celtic knot running down my forearm.
(reply to ASB) posted 26-Feb-2004 9:30pm  
Actually, I stretched my right ear to a 00-gauge (the largest size before it's measured in fractions of an inch), since my goal was to stretch it as much as I could without changing the shape of my ear. I kept it for a few years, but decided to take it out on impulse one day. That was about 4-5 years ago, and the hole has shrunk considerably, although it it's still a little larger than a regular piercing hole, but not noticeable. I also stopped wearing earrings altogether (I used to have 3 silver rings in my left ear) a few years ago. I kept another piercing elsewhere I got when I was 17....

Yes, it does hurt a bit, but not terribly. And I did the stretching safely, gradually increasing the size every 2-3 weeks over about 6 months, so it was kind of a neat, relatively painless project.

posted 27-Feb-2004 4:02am  
I don't have any and I don't plan on any. Some of my good friends are heavily tattooed and I like the ink, but it's not for me. As an artist, I usually omit tattoos from portraits I do because I feel they have a tendency to make the entire drawing about the tattoo instead of the person. Too distracting. Tatooing is its own art, but I find most of them disappointingly banal.
(reply to xXx_whoosh_xXx) posted 27-Feb-2004 11:43am  
Good name! wink
(reply to Violet) posted 27-Feb-2004 2:53pm  
the hole may shirk a little but it is still a hole. and it won't go away frown
posted 27-Feb-2004 3:38pm  
Yes grin It's a Triquetra In addition I'm planning on getting a Celtic Tree of Life as a back piece, though I'll probably modify it a bit to personalize it.
(reply to CarolL) posted 27-Feb-2004 3:48pm  
Of course they can be symbolic...I won't get any other kind.

Triquetra - body mind spirit (that's why it's on my left breast area)
Tree of Life - "venerates as a source of wisdom and hope, and enduring link between the upper and lower worlds, a reminder of the eternal cycle of the seasons"
Celtic Cross - many many variations for it's symbolism ... I have my own personal meaning for it a symbolism of my earthy pagan beliefs crossed with modern beliefs....the four points being the four elements and the circle a symbol of life cycles.

So in short...YES!!!
(reply to ASB) posted 27-Feb-2004 8:05pm  
I had four facial piercings, all left in about two years or so, and the holes are gone now, two years later.
posted 27-Feb-2004 9:12pm  
but did you stretch them?
posted 27-Feb-2004 10:15pm  
No. I see now what you mean.
(reply to ASB) posted 27-Feb-2004 10:15pm  
Oops, that was to you.
(reply to ASB) posted 28-Feb-2004 12:48am  
My ears are stretched. In my right ear I have 3 stretched piercings..12 gauge, 8 gauge, zero gauge. In my left ear I have 2 stretched piercings 8 gauge and zero gauge. I stretched my labret from 16 to 14. I stretched my tongue from 14 gauge to 8 gauge...soon to be 6. My eyebrow piercings are 14's but I'm leaving them there.
You might be able to see some of my stretched stuff in my pics
(reply to mandy) posted 28-Feb-2004 7:38am  
Damn girl you got skinny
(reply to ASB) posted 28-Feb-2004 12:44pm  
grin YEP!!!!! Still love me?
(reply to mandy) posted 28-Feb-2004 11:47pm  
of course.grin You are more beautiful than ever. Very sexy gurl grin
posted 29-Feb-2004 2:42pm  
I have five tattoos! Click on the link to see a picture of my most recent, which was designed by Mandy. It isn't finished yet. The rest of the colors will be filled in this spring or summer when it's warm enough for me to be barefoot while it heals.

The little picture this takes you to is blurry, but if you click on the image you can see a larger photo.

my tattoo
(reply to freebird) posted 29-Feb-2004 3:34pm  
I say go for it! Keep tattooing until you have no bare skin!! grin
posted 29-Feb-2004 5:11pm  
But I have a birthmark
posted 29-Feb-2004 11:59pm  
I have had mine since I was 13, and I absolutely hate them..
posted 1-Mar-2004 7:26am  
(reply to SueBee) posted 1-Mar-2004 3:28pm  
Just two more but you never know. smile
posted 1-Mar-2004 4:12pm  
two: a butterfly sipping from a daisy on the right ankle, a vine-y swirl-y black "anklet" tattoo going around my left ankle (my sister has the same one)
(reply to ASB) posted 1-Mar-2004 9:58pm  
Neither will my nostrils or my other (natural) holes, but those don't bother me either raspberry
Now I just have a few more holes than most, and not very noticeable. "Holier than thou?"
(reply to Violet) posted 1-Mar-2004 10:06pm  
I only have 5 unnatural holes and they are all in my earlobes
posted 2-Mar-2004 5:18pm  
Only one though. I was able to stop.
posted 3-Mar-2004 7:25pm  
I can't My father might be watching.
posted 3-Mar-2004 7:39pm  
I have 6 tatoos and plan on getting more. M y first was my twins names, now I am outright addicted to ink and needle!
posted 4-Mar-2004 6:16pm  
Never found anything I wanted to keep forever.
posted 7-Mar-2004 10:31pm  
i have 3...a monarch on the back of my right calf, a moon/star on my left hip (kinda above my butt) and a small orange flower on my right shoulder. i plan on getting no. 4's going on my left arm and it's a celtic knot. i forgot the actual name, but it's two hearts symbolizing the mother & child bond, then i'm going to have two dots put inside for my kids.
(reply to ASB) posted 13-Mar-2004 5:20pm  
Ow ow ow!!!! Were you drunk at the time????
(reply to kirsty) posted 13-Mar-2004 8:26pm  
posted 17-Mar-2004 12:28am  
I have a full color tattoo of three dolphins on my left upper arm. I love it! I'm a beachy guy and I liked dolphins alot. They are smart, friendly, peaceful, beautiful, and athletic. smile
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 20-Mar-2004 2:45am  
posted 22-Mar-2004 4:09pm  
I have a kiss on the left side of my the time...I was in a "Kiss My @ss" mood.
I'd like to get a few more...(small ones).
posted 7-Apr-2004 8:43pm  
No, but I would like to have one. I'm chicken of the pain that may be inflicted with the needles.
posted 11-May-2004 4:10pm  
a blue heart on my back and a purple rose on my thigh
(reply to smackiernan) posted 23-May-2004 4:09pm  
six tatoos and you want more? wow, are they big? guess your not gonna stop till your the tatoo man or something smile
posted 26-May-2004 2:06pm  
posted 12-Jun-2004 12:46am  
I just got my 4th one about a month ago. smile
posted 20-Jul-2004 5:38pm  
yay guys, i just got my first tattoo two weeks ago...didnt hurt as bad as i thought it would but took forever to heal...i love it, its a beautiful butterfly...i hear their addictive...not sure if thats true but i know i already have decided to get another one grin anyone else just recently get one?
(reply to spidertea) posted 20-Jul-2004 5:58pm  
what is your new one of? if you dont mind me asking also, what are your other three tattoos of?
(reply to TrinityAnn2) posted 21-Jul-2004 6:00pm  
goddess symbol with bat
aries symbol
sobriety date
wu fu (Five bats of happiness)
(reply to spidertea) posted 25-Jul-2004 11:08am  
awesome, sorry i was just curious but those do seem like some cool tattoos
posted 28-Jul-2004 6:43pm  
im an extremely conservative republican and i have 30 tattoos. my arms are near sleeved
posted 28-Jul-2004 6:44pm  
and i dont see an end in site i wish oklahoma was controled by republicans and we could get it legal here
(reply to oklarepublican) posted 28-Jul-2004 7:19pm  
Tattoos are illegal in Oklahoma? Or am I misunderstanding you...
posted 1-Aug-2004 5:14pm  
I would love to get one IF it was painless and cheap >$20. In other words, not now, almost certainly never.
posted 8-Sep-2004 1:42pm  
Not right now, but I've had quite a few tattoos (temporary of course). I would kind of like one, but I have no clue what I'd get
posted 3-Oct-2004 1:02am  
A Fire Dragon
posted 14-Nov-2004 3:49pm  
I've got 2 tats.
1 I got a long time ago on my left rear's a Kiss, I was in a Kiss my A$$ mood.
The second tat I got was 3 wks's called a Tribal but it has a Butterfly in the middle.
It's on the lower part of my back. just below the belt line....lots of color..
Neither tat hurt.
But, a lot of people say that getting a tat on your lower back is one of the most painfull places you can get one. because all of your nerve ending go there...
posted 18-Nov-2004 12:26am  
Self mutalzation i thinks not, the human body is far to beautifuol naturally
posted 24-Feb-2006 2:27am  
No, but I would like to get one.

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