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multiple4-Jul-2013healthJessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes21147.6%


Did you take a bath or shower just recently?


LJD Survey Qualifier
posted 4-Jul-2013 8:52pm  
bill Survey Central Gold Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Jul-2013 10:48pm  
I took a shower 5 hours ago.
posted 5-Jul-2013 1:06am  
Yeah! Like this morning! (I was expecting people...) Depression makes people do (or not do) funny things... wry smile
jettles Survey Central Subscriber Survey Qualifier 19 year anniversary at Survey Central today!
posted 5-Jul-2013 8:47am  
Depends on what "recently" means....... I have within 24hrs and will again within the next few hours!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 5-Jul-2013 11:16am  
Not since yesterday morning.
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier
posted 5-Jul-2013 3:52pm  
3 days ago.
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 5-Jul-2013 7:44pm  
Yes I took a shower last night and most every night
Biggles Survey Qualifier
posted 6-Jul-2013 12:53pm  
How recent is recent? It's Saturday afternoon. I last had a shower on Thursday night. I would have had a shower when I got up if I was going anywhere today, but I got home at midnight (after a 16 hour day in work) last night so I'm having a nice quiet day in.
posted 13-Jul-2013 3:41pm  
I had a shower earlier this morning.
Biggles Survey Qualifier
posted 29-Nov-2014 9:06am  
I had one Monday evening before my night shift. I'm trying to get my hair to go longer between washes because it gets frizzy when I wash it too much. I've been stretching it out with the odd dry shampoo. I'm currently managing to wash it every third day and have it still seem okay, and I managed to push it an extra day this week. It's a bit manky today and I'd have washed it if I'd been going anywhere special, but for a quick nip to the shops, pulling it back into a bun was fine. It's doesn't feel very greasy, but it's a bit flat and hanging oddly. I may go to the cinema tomorrow and will have a shower first if I do. If I stay in, I'll shower Sunday evening, ready for work on Monday.
(reply to Biggles) posted 29-Nov-2014 9:47am  
Do you use conditioner or just shampoo? Just curious. My hair gets frizzy too.
Biggles Survey Qualifier
(reply to LindaH) posted 29-Nov-2014 10:30am  
Just shampoo, but I'm trying to cut down on the amount I use. I'm working with the theory that if it lathers, it's too much. Conditioner tends to weight my hair down if I don't wash it every day, but I do spritz some leave-in conditioner in from time to time.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 4-Dec-2014 9:35am  
Not recently enough. It's on my list for today lol. I should get out more.

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