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multiple4-Jul-2013healthJessicaWoman99 by votes21147.6%


Did you take a bath or shower just recently?


posted 4-Jul-2013 8:52pm  
posted 4-Jul-2013 10:48pm  
I took a shower 5 hours ago.
posted 5-Jul-2013 1:06am  
Yeah! Like this morning! (I was expecting people...) Depression makes people do (or not do) funny things... wry smile
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 5-Jul-2013 8:47am  
Depends on what "recently" means....... I have within 24hrs and will again within the next few hours!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 5-Jul-2013 11:16am  
Not since yesterday morning.
posted 5-Jul-2013 3:52pm  
3 days ago.
posted 5-Jul-2013 7:44pm  
Yes I took a shower last night and most every night
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-Jul-2013 12:53pm  
How recent is recent? It's Saturday afternoon. I last had a shower on Thursday night. I would have had a shower when I got up if I was going anywhere today, but I got home at midnight (after a 16 hour day in work) last night so I'm having a nice quiet day in.
posted 13-Jul-2013 3:41pm  
I had a shower earlier this morning.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Nov-2014 9:06am  
I had one Monday evening before my night shift. I'm trying to get my hair to go longer between washes because it gets frizzy when I wash it too much. I've been stretching it out with the odd dry shampoo. I'm currently managing to wash it every third day and have it still seem okay, and I managed to push it an extra day this week. It's a bit manky today and I'd have washed it if I'd been going anywhere special, but for a quick nip to the shops, pulling it back into a bun was fine. It's doesn't feel very greasy, but it's a bit flat and hanging oddly. I may go to the cinema tomorrow and will have a shower first if I do. If I stay in, I'll shower Sunday evening, ready for work on Monday.
LindaH Silver Star Survey Creator
(reply to Biggles) posted 29-Nov-2014 9:47am  
Do you use conditioner or just shampoo? Just curious. My hair gets frizzy too.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to LindaH) posted 29-Nov-2014 10:30am  
Just shampoo, but I'm trying to cut down on the amount I use. I'm working with the theory that if it lathers, it's too much. Conditioner tends to weight my hair down if I don't wash it every day, but I do spritz some leave-in conditioner in from time to time.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 4-Dec-2014 9:35am  
Not recently enough. It's on my list for today lol. I should get out more.

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