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multiple7-Oct-2014healthIseult by votes28261.1%


Do you take anything to help you with sleeping?

I've been battling insomnia on and off. I don't have an issue falling asleep but I tend to wake up in the middle of the night and then have trouble getting back. The link between those episodes and stressful times is quite clear. I've tried most things but they either don't work or lose their effectiveness very quickly.

14I don't take anything
3Prescription sleeping pills
2Another prescription type of drug
2Anti histamines
2'Natural' drugs
2Something else
1Anti depressants approved for treating insomnia
0OTC sleeping pills

posted 7-Oct-2014 11:41pm  
Super-strength Melatonin, a calcium-magnesium supplement, tart cherry extract capsules, 5-HTP, a combination vitamin C with B-complex, white willow bark. Looking into others as well as I have congenital (lifetime) insomnia with sleep apnea. Takes me a long time to fall asleep, I wake on the average of every hour, have restless whole-body (not just restless legs), and probs getting back to sleep. Do not take prescription remedies as I can't afford this and do not like doctors nor want to take strong chemicals. So look for combos of herbs and foods (like yogurt, honey, p-nut butter). Milder things like this do not work as well as stronger chemicals (prescription or OTC drugs) but I am leery of dependence and harmful chemicals in my body, as well as the cost, so keep experimenting with and reading about more natural remedies. For ex. tart cherry is supposed to help as is honey or foods hi in calcium. There are other herbs that are supposed to be good that one can get in health food stores and online so I may try an herbal combination next time I order supplements. 5-HTP is supposed to help. It can be found in natural food stores/sites. Melatonin you can't take too often or it has the opposite effect - keeps one awake, so I take it every few hours when I wake up but not every hour. White willow bark and regular aspirin help me too. Alcohol tends to keep me awake though. Weed I can't afford so dunno if it would be helpful to me. Vit. B6 is supposed to be good.
LindaH Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 8-Oct-2014 12:08am  
I don't take anything.
posted 8-Oct-2014 1:29am  
I on occasion take Calm Tabs by Puritan Pride to go to sleep
posted 8-Oct-2014 5:28am  
No. Never had a problem falling asleep. And if I did it would not be any sleep aid medications, have heard and read too many bad things about them. Personally I like the idea of waking up after a nights sleep.
posted 8-Oct-2014 7:05am  
I have trouble sleeping too. It's similar, I wake up too early. I don't think any of these drugs/remedies work. I believe the main solution is to simply accept it. Try to stop worrying about it. Let it go. You'll be OK. Lots of people don't sleep so well. It's normal. If stress in your life is associated, find ways to lessen that stress. Maybe some form of meditation could help. I've been trying to address my own anxiety/depression by focusing my mind on what's happen now and not the past or possible futures.
posted 8-Oct-2014 7:05am  
posted 8-Oct-2014 10:31am  
I use oxygen when I am sleeping
posted 8-Oct-2014 11:32am  
For anxiety and OCD I take clonopin and risperdal. When I ran out of them for awhile I discovered I couldn't sleep at night. I was lucky to get 4 hours of sleep. Mind was racing all the time. Now that I'm back on them full-time I fall asleep right away and sleep all night.
(reply to LJD) posted 8-Oct-2014 11:33am  
> I on occasion take Calm Tabs by Puritan Pride
> to go to sleep

Hah, I also take two of these every night. Don't know if they really do anything though.
posted 8-Oct-2014 2:07pm  
I suffer in exactly the same way; for some years now, I've suffered waking after a few hours followed by inability to get back to sleep. However, occasionally I'll enjoy a good night's sleep, until recently this would be every few weeks or so. But it's been more frequent of late. It's like gravy when it happens; because you actually feel human during the day. But no, I don't take anything for insomnia, I just get up and try and work. Eventually I'll collapse from exhaustion; but staying asleep can be hard at this stage, eventually I'll get a few hours and then wake feeling awful. But as I say, it's been a bit better lately. Insomniacs tend to view sleep as some kind of gorgeous prize; I know I do.
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 8-Oct-2014 2:34pm  
CK, I take 2 before bedtime also. I believe It does help, but depends on the person's nervous system on how many a person should take. I wake up less at night, but I suspect I need to take 3 to 4 a night to get real deep sleep. Perhaps you may want to up to 3 Tabs? I've been thinking of upping from 2 to 3.myself.

My sister's husband has to take four 4 Calm Tabs, the maximum amount, to be able to sleep.

I wish you well! God bless!

Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 8-Oct-2014 3:48pm  
Nothing. I'm happy to prescribe zopiclone on a short term basis, particularly to hospital inpatients who sometimes struggle to get a good night's sleep in that environment. People often just need to get a couple of good night's sleep under their belts to start to feel better, and that is difficult in shared patient bays with lots of potential disruptions. I'm very reluctant to start anyone on benzodiazepines for sleep, except for very short term use in extremis (like a bereavement). I think I've only started someone on temazepam once and have declined many requests for it. In the community, I usually gave advice about sleep hygiene before considering sleeping tablets.
posted 8-Oct-2014 6:19pm  
I've been taking this mix of natural herbs and melatonin every night. If I wake up in the middle of night, I'll take Ativan to help me go back. It works in 80% of cases. I must not overdo Ativan because it loses its effectiveness quickly.

I've tried everything from the list above. Prescription pills are addictive, I can't stand most anti-depressants, OTC/antihistamines have an opposing effect where they irritate me, melatonin on its own gives me weird dreams, alcohol works okay, and weed makes me paranoid.
jen Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 8-Oct-2014 6:35pm  
I generally don't have problems with sleep. Sometimes I can't sleep, but usually not.
posted 9-Oct-2014 7:19am  
I am like a light switch... I am either on, or off.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Oct-2014 12:19pm  
I take things that do help me with sleeping probably, but that's not why I take them.
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to LJD) posted 10-Oct-2014 12:34pm  
> I on occasion take Calm Tabs
> by Puritan Pride to go to
> sleep

You might as well be smoking a doobie lady.
(reply to they) posted 10-Oct-2014 1:33pm  
What is a doobie?
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to LJD) posted 10-Oct-2014 2:28pm  
Is your aol search engine broken?
(reply to they) posted 10-Oct-2014 5:22pm  
I thought it was a joke, a slang word.

I looked it up, I've NEVER used "weed", or any illegal drug.. I have taken prescribed drugs, which I think are just as bad sometimes.
(reply to LJD) posted 11-Oct-2014 1:10pm  
Under the Federal law marijuana is illegal yet states like Colorado and Washington it is legal I do not understand how this all works and now I am hearing that under the Federal law marijuana could become legal? In the governors race for Governor in Colorado it is John Hickenlooper running against Bob Beauprez both Hickenlooper and Beauprez are talking about repealing the new marijuana law
posted 11-Oct-2014 1:23pm  
No, and I really don't recommend it. Although taking pills for occasional sleeplessness is no big deal, it is very easy to let it become habitual. The quality of sleep you get when drugged is not nearly as good. It is much better to increase the amount of exercise you are getting.
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 11-Oct-2014 2:53pm  
Drugs/alcohol are an assault on our health. Our bodies aren't ours to abuse. I ask why do people want to be out of their minds?

I understand receiving pain medication for accidents, etc.

Why would our government make illegal drugs, legal? To destroy us! That's all we need, more druggies on the street, stealing to feed their habits.
(reply to LJD) posted 11-Oct-2014 3:29pm  
Maybe the government wants to make these drugs legal so that them government officials can have some of these drugs? I really believe that the Republicans and Democrats, the Senate and the House in Washington they all have been smoking some of that pot? You can see a cloud of marijuana smoke hanging over Washington D.C.
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 11-Oct-2014 7:04pm  
Our government is NOT doing what they're paid to do...protecting our nation. All our government has become is become an employment office.

I think you're right our government has to be on something to cloud their brains.

I say protect our borders, get rid of drugs, STOP immigration from nations that we have nothing in common. Clean up our food/water supply and more.

Bring back prayer in schools. HOME SCHOOL
(reply to LJD) posted 11-Oct-2014 9:05pm  
We need God running America God in control of everything a godly government yes bring prayer back in our schools and more of God on our TV'S but it is unlikely? Being surrounded by Sodom and Gomorrah sin and evil all around us
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 12-Oct-2014 12:17am  
Only when people wake up, will the nation change. The nation must turn back to God's Word, rules, laws.
(reply to LJD) posted 12-Oct-2014 10:12am  
Only Jesus will wake them up out of their coma some people they will learn a hard lesson not to turn away from Almighty God?
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 12-Oct-2014 11:59am  
You have that right! .

God bless!
posted 13-Oct-2014 7:19am  
Tried everything. Right now i take a bunch of lunesta to sleep buti have tolerance because ive taken ambien for years
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to LJD) posted 13-Oct-2014 9:05am  
> Drugs/alcohol are an assault
> on our health. Our bodies
> aren't ours to abuse. I ask
> why do people want to be out
> of their minds?

You just admitted to taking drugs to help you sleep!!! How on earth do you think you are better than anyone??? Wake up lady. You are altering your consciousness with herbs. WHAT DO YOU THINK MARIJUANA IS?

I realize you can't teach an old dog new tricks but good lord, you are not a stupid person. You are ignorant as allllll get-out, but you aren't stupid. You could use some serious self-reflection.

they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 13-Oct-2014 9:09am  
Seriously, sometimes I feel like LJD is going to be the death of me. Hate and intolerance masked by Christianity and soft speech makes me feel like something is going to pop in my brain.

It's like she's my own personal troll, created by the devil to disturb me to the very core.
LindaH Silver Star Survey Creator
(reply to they) posted 13-Oct-2014 9:23am  
I experience people sort of like that, only it is intolerance based on ignorance, but not masked by anything, that I am aware. Just superior-acting intellectualism that ignores all the facts.
(reply to they) posted 13-Oct-2014 12:28pm  
I know where you are coming from on this one. There are a few on here that drive me batty and I will not name names. (thank God for Beer)
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Lysannus) posted 13-Oct-2014 12:41pm  
I feel like I can name names since she is my own personal nightmare. I'm surprised any of you can even see her.

I'm just now realizing how offended I should be that there is a beer emote and not a doob one. Maybe that's a can of worms. We don't want to upset the meth heads and crack users.
(reply to they) posted 13-Oct-2014 12:45pm  
Just ask bill, I am sure he can create one if asked just like bacon
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Lysannus) posted 13-Oct-2014 1:25pm  
Only noobs fall for that suggestion!!
(reply to they) posted 14-Oct-2014 2:17am  
God said he'll give you herb, they shall be as food.

There are herbs that can calm your nervous system, like those in Calm Tabs..

I don't think of myself as better than anyone else. I just don't approve of taking drugs that will drive a person to harm themselves, and possibly others. God says beware of Pharma. If a part of an herb is substituted for a chemical, it becomes dangerous.

What concerns me are legal and illegal drugs that can destroy the mind.
(reply to they, LJD) posted 14-Oct-2014 4:39am  
God gave us herbs to use a food, well there you go MARIJUANA. It's an herb, can be put in food and eaten. And then there is poppies where we get opium. Go eat a poppy seed roll and get tested for opiates and you will test positive (wow lots of druggies out there). There are a whole slew of herbs out there that are classified as drugs and are mind altering. Or is this another pick and choose which are ok because "I am using them", and we shall lump the rest in as products of the devil? (That is until they are needed)
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to LJD) posted 14-Oct-2014 7:40am  
So you agree that marijuana should be legalized?
(reply to Lysannus) posted 14-Oct-2014 3:03pm  
I know nothing about illegal drugs.

Years ago, I had a neighbor tell me, her doctor told her the reason many of the young people turned to illegal drugs was because they were trying to heal themselves, searching for a way to feel better. I imagine in the last 60 years the food supply being nutrient deficient, and with the hard music the last few generations have had to endure, is it any wonder why the younger generations turned to drugs?

The young, for the last few generations, have had drugs, immoral behavior, violence thrown at them.

I don't like the prescribed drugs that are on the market that have been altered from natural form because of patent laws.

I am scared of druggies. I've read that all 100% of the young people who have gone in and shot at schools, and other places, were put on prescribed drugs at an early age, and then I'm guessing, because they wanted to feel better, or heal themselves, took illegal drugs as they grew older.

Herbs in natural form, given by someone that KNOWS them, I can understand.
(reply to they) posted 14-Oct-2014 3:16pm  
I don't know marijuana. In some areas marijuana is legal. I worked in a local hospital, and one patient was allowed marijuana. I walked into his room, and smelled something odd. I asked a nurse, and she said it was marijuana. The man had cancer.

I do know that life can be difficult, can change a person's chemistry, You can't separate the mind/body/spirit.

(reply to LJD) posted 14-Oct-2014 6:00pm  
I give up. No more food for the trolls from me.
(reply to Lysannus) posted 14-Oct-2014 6:48pm  
Lysannus, call me what you may, but I believe in natural medicine if at all possible. Faith and Food, are the best medicine,
posted 14-Oct-2014 10:59pm  
Marijuana is sure not natural medicine by any means like cigarettes people get hooked on weed and stoned out of their minds just ask any old hippies from the 60's wow far out how cool and LSD was popular in the 60's take a trip and never leave the farm it is no wonder pot smokers love their marijuana and their LSD an acid trip they are on
posted 15-Oct-2014 7:01am  
Marijuana sure looks man-made / synthetic to me. Just look at how un-natural it looks! (especially when compared to that obviously man-made tomato plant)

posted 15-Oct-2014 5:51pm  
Cannot fool the Federal Drug Task Force them Feds will burn it up
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 17-Oct-2014 4:46pm  
I don't anymore, but when I was struggling with insomnia I took Trazodone, which is an antidepressant approved for treating insomnia. It works on an as-needed basis. I had the same problem--staying asleep, not falling asleep. Trazodone worked great.
posted 12-Nov-2014 6:54am  
Something else -It used to be a book but now it's my laptop. I put something on and quickly fall asleep. It's strange because they say the blueish glow of the monitor (or television) will mess with your brain. They even say that you shouldn't watch any TV for a couple of hours before you go to bed...
posted 17-Nov-2014 1:26am  
Essential oil lavender, special cd I mixed that lends to sleep, make sure everything is right - shower pajamas bedding...otherwise I don't sleep.

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