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single18-Apr-2006work/schoolYukonGold by votes51956.7%


Should students be rewarded with gifts for good attendance?


posted 19-Apr-2006 9:39pm  
Not with gifts. Some reward, but not a gift. Maybe a special privilege or something. In my high school. If you didn't miss more than 2 or 3 days, don't remember which, you didn't have to take finals. Talk about incentive. I had my wisdom teeth out. I was miserable and looked like a pale chipmunk. But I went to school.
posted 19-Apr-2006 9:41pm  
It's not necessary, but it doesn't hurt either.
posted 19-Apr-2006 9:58pm  
Yes! I want to know that there's a good reason for me having only missed three days ever..I won't take a day off for anything..I'm hoping I'll get something from it..But, probably not..
posted 20-Apr-2006 1:53am  
No. It's your loss.
posted 20-Apr-2006 2:51am  
Gifts from who? Teachers, the school, parents? The teachers and schools should not go there, except for maybe a 'special recognition' certificate. Parents can and should do whatever they think is necessary to keep their kid in school and learning. While I do not think that a child should receive something big just for going every day, they do deserve something special but small, like a couple CD's they've been wanting. There is a fine line between 'atta-boy' gifts and bribes.
posted 20-Apr-2006 4:56am  
No. They should just go.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 20-Apr-2006 7:54am  
Yes, because showing up is 90% of the battle.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 20-Apr-2006 8:20am  
Sure. Why not?
posted 20-Apr-2006 1:33pm  
in elementry and middle school, yes. In high school and up, it should depend on the individual professor. You know, you really shouldn't treat adults like children.

Then again, "showing up is 80% of lile" -- Woody Alan
posted 20-Apr-2006 4:52pm  
No, but they should be tortured and put in the cooler for not attending.
posted 20-Apr-2006 5:16pm  
posted 21-Apr-2006 11:29am  
No, not gifts, but maybe a little recognition. At the honor roll assemblies here they mention kids with perfect attendance, which is fine by me.
(reply to YukonGold) posted 21-Apr-2006 12:33pm  
No. I think that may encourage sick children to go to school, thus, spreading whatever malady they have.
posted 21-Apr-2006 1:24pm  
Maybe not significant physical gifts, but certainly given credit for it (weighted in to their grades, perhaps a pizza party for perfect attendance at the end of the school year).
posted 21-Apr-2006 2:33pm  
I'm not sure. The idea is great, but what about kids that want to go but aren't able because of illness. Especially if they keep up with their work and keep their grades up. It's not their fault they are sick. Caleb's school gives certificates each 9 weeks for perfect attendance. They also have an ice cream party each semester. It doesn't bother me that they do this, but I do wonder if some of the kids feel shafted.
(reply to MiniMary) posted 21-Apr-2006 4:53pm  
sick kids go to school anyway, whether they are rewarded or not. very few kids are motivated enough by rewards to go to school when they are sick
(reply to LindaH) posted 21-Apr-2006 6:34pm  
Totally off topic, but why does your avatar have 2 light bulbs?
(reply to RGirl) posted 21-Apr-2006 7:17pm  
It has 2 when I'm on, and only one when I'm off, because I made my avatar a lightbulb. Now I look like I'm always here!
(reply to LindaH) posted 21-Apr-2006 7:56pm  
(reply to LindaH) posted 21-Apr-2006 9:46pm  
> It has 2 when I'm on, and only one when I'm
> off, because I made my avatar a lightbulb.
> Now I look like I'm always here!

So when you're not here, the light is on but nobody's home? Oh wait -- that's what you're like all the time! smiley:::grinlaughing out loud
(reply to LoriJanine) posted 21-Apr-2006 9:47pm  
laughing out loud Yeah I'm like that even when I'm here. Two lights are on but nobody's home!
(reply to MiniMary) posted 21-Apr-2006 11:20pm  
> No. I think that may encourage sick children to go to school, thus,
> spreading whatever malady they have.

If it were a child you would think they wouldn't have much to say on that. Their parents would make them stay home. Hard to pretend you're not sick when you are.
posted 22-Apr-2006 7:02am  
Sure why not, I think that they already are, you don't need to do good work to get good grades, you just need to attend.
That's why the current system does not educate.
posted 22-Apr-2006 10:08am  
No. Attendance is the minimal requirement. There is no real effort involve in showing up to class. I agree with positive reinforcement for things like good grades and community involvement. The problem with gifts for minimal effort is that children grow up to think that their every breath should be rewarded, otherwise, what's the use.

Good old fashion work and effort need to be appreciated more by our society, otherwise the Paris Hiltons of the world will rise and dominate, and the end of humanity as we know it will be upon us.
(reply to LuridHope) posted 22-Apr-2006 10:39am  
> Sure why not, I think that they already are,
> you don't need to do good work to get good
> grades, you just need to attend.
> That's why the current system does not educate.

That's not the case here. My son rarely misses school, but missing one assignment brings a grade way down. He goes to a gifted class one day a week and has to make up the work he misses in his regular class. On Tuesdays he is loaded down with homework. He's also responsible for going to the teacher to make up tests which he forgets if I dont stay on his butt about it. smiley:::grinlaughing out loud Its a good thing she has a web site that I can check and they email each other. She's cool and wont cut slack on missing work. I'm glad. He needs to be responsible.

posted 22-Apr-2006 9:04pm  
No. I think some kind of mention for perfect attendance is reasonable. Gifts, simply for good attendance seems a bit much. Why don't we give them a little snack for each correct answer too? laughing out loud
posted 23-Apr-2006 11:54am  
sure why not?
posted 24-Apr-2006 4:22am  
No, you shouldn't get gifts for turning up to school.
It'd be like giving a person 5 marks for putting their name on an exam paper.
(reply to LindaH) posted 24-Apr-2006 10:16am  
I played sick to the max (when I really was sick though) to be excused from a day at school. My mother, always, knew when I was faking.
(reply to YukonGold) posted 24-Apr-2006 10:25am  
Exactly. I wouldn't want my child to be angry for not being eligible for a perfect attendance award because they are legitamately ill..I don't like the message 'good attendance' gifts sends.
(reply to MiniMary) posted 24-Apr-2006 11:59am  
I know some kids fake being sick to avoid school. I was talking about kids who will go to school when they are sick. I don't think attendance rewards are going to make kids go to school sick, who would not normally go to school sick anyway. It will just keep fakers in school.
I went to a trade school in high school, that offered a steak dinner as a reward for perfect attendence. Most kids paid no attention to it. There were only about 10 to 15 of us at that dinner. Some of us maintained perfect attendance just for the dinner. Some of us just happened to not miss any days.
posted 24-Apr-2006 12:02pm  
I dont think it's the same as getting a reward for writing your name, unless rewards are given out every day for showing up. I think showing up every day for the whole year is remarkable enough to deserve some sort of recognition, though.
(reply to LindaH) posted 24-Apr-2006 3:17pm  
Again, the reward shouldn't be stressed.....and a dinner (for a child) is hardly a reward.
(reply to MiniMary) posted 24-Apr-2006 3:40pm  
A steak feast at school for a teenager is pretty nice. You are right about it not being stressed, though. It shouldn't be promoted as 'this is why you should come to school.. because you get a treat!'
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 25-Apr-2006 1:31pm  
No. Students should be awarded with a better grade for good attendance, for studying, and for doing well on tests.
posted 25-Apr-2006 2:22pm  
They already do, They get rewarded with good attendance and to be taught, If they need more than that to be on time then they need a kick in the face to remind them that school will hopefully get them a good job in the future.
posted 28-Apr-2006 8:57am  
Yes, but I wouldn't make it an excessive award. A token award because it would'nt be right for the ones with legit excuses. (ie. death in the family, illness) who otherwise may have been there. Tough call, sometimes when a kid doesn't get an award for anything he may feel like he's getting punished.
posted 30-Apr-2006 11:14am  
So should people who work. It's really hard to get out of bed sometimes.
(reply to YukonGold) posted 30-Apr-2006 9:37pm  
posted 4-May-2006 4:53am  
The correct answer is no
posted 4-May-2006 7:20am  
Yes, give me gifts.. oh wait that would mean I actually have to go in.. humm
posted 16-Jun-2006 12:09pm  
Crap no! Go to school and be a good kid or be rewarded with punishment for poor attendance!

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