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multiple22-Aug-2007dreamsGalomorro by votes52861.7%


What is/are the strangest dream(s) you've ever had?

17The strangest or most unusual dream or dreams I've ever had was/were:
5I don't remember my dreams.
5I dream, but I don't think any of them were particularly strange or unusual.

posted 23-Aug-2007 3:20pm  
It's more of a nightmare than a dream, but I prefer not to talk about it.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 23-Aug-2007 3:54pm  
On strange dream I had was when I had my part time job, and worked for a friend of mine, and I dreamed that I was married to her. We apparently still ran the business together, and she was doing paperwork for the business and the baby (apparently my boy as well) I had to tell her the next day at work.
posted 23-Aug-2007 4:12pm  
THe weirdest dream that I have ever had was when I was pregnant, I dreamed that my OB office was in a building with a huge aquarium, and you could pet the sharks and such, well the sharks and eels saw me, and freaked out, and wanted to kill me... I freaked out, and the eels were chasing me through the building (I hate under water animals) And finally I went up to the aquariums science dept, and asked why the eels and sharks hated me, and they told me that I must have the blood of a long line of fisher men in me... So they took a godfish, and squeezed its blood onto a cross for me, and I was to go down by the sharks holding that out, well it didnt work, and the eels were chasing me again, and I woke up crying VERY hard
posted 23-Aug-2007 4:13pm  
I'm flying on giant suspended swings so the lions don't get me, I'm slicing off fingers and blending them, I'm watching my brother have his neck snapped by an orangutan, I'm asking a teacher for sex... in their classroom (dead face)... dreams rock.
posted 23-Aug-2007 4:15pm  
I LOVE my strange dreams: One really fun kind is "high dreams." This is when I feel like I'm on some kind of psychedelic in the dream and it feels just like it would in reality, and always very pleasant -- except I haven't even done weed in literally decades in real life. So this is really a kind of "flashback," I suppose, that comes to me in the form of dreams. Another is my ongoing searches for houses and stairway-streets that are often a combination of previous dreams of the same subject matter mixed with a few different details. This kind is harder to explain. Sometimes I have dreams in which I feel earthquakes but then the next day I check to see if there were any that night but there were not. Also superactive kinds -- flying dreams, running up and down hills, skimming just slightly off the ground really fast, skateboarding really well, speeding along barely skimming the water in a sleek speedboat... I'd like to find a "dream pill" that would make me remember my dreams more. Oh, and the nightmare kind -- the only real nightmare I've ever had. A huge fire in the distance gaining on me. I'm trying to get away and feel like I'm not moving fast enough. I tell myself to wake up -- say to self, "You can wake up -- this is only a dream."
posted 23-Aug-2007 4:52pm  
I've had lots of strange dreams, just last night I had a nightmare about being trapped in a Mayan civilization - this is thanks to Apocalypto, though it was months since I saw it
posted 23-Aug-2007 9:55pm  
Most of my dreams are and are mostly beyond my explaination.
posted 23-Aug-2007 10:24pm  
I've had a lot of strange dreams but I'll only share three of them.

I had this dream when I was in my teens...still remember it very well and it still is a little scary.
We had a flowering tree ( don't know what it's called) that sat about 50 yards off the road and for some reason in the first 4 or 5 years that we lived there there was 3 people who ran off the road and hit or nearly hit that tree.
*One night I had a dream that under the tree was a port whole to hell. You could stand near the tree and hear screaming and moaning. I told my mother I was scarred and she told me not to worry...the cow will keep the demons away (A cow with a bell around it's neck was tied to the tree). I guess the cow kept the demons from escaping but to be sure to keep out or rid our house from any demons that might have escaped a priest came in to bless the house. I was in our front room when the priest came in and started throwing holly water and chanting. The front room looked like a jungle with plants (My mother had a lot of plants on the front porch that she would bring in in the winter but not that many. While the priest was doing his thing a crow came out from the jungle of plants and swooped over the priest head. I knew that the crow was a symbol that someone would die.* I guess I got too scared at that point and woke up.

When I was in my mid twenties I used to have this recurring dream.
*I was a baby in a crib. To the right of my crib was a window that look out to the drive way. To the left side of the room in the corner was a door that I knew to be a closet. Beside my crib to my left was a bed with a white bed spread. It was one of those with the fussy protruding flower designs. I could also smell kerosene. Behind me was what I knew to be a door that lead to the main part of the house. The house was very quiet which I knew was unusual. I felt very alone and helpless but yet I was not afraid. I tried to turn my head to see out the door but I couldn't turn my neck that far so I tried to roll over but I couldn't do that either. I was sure my mother had left me alone.*
I had this recurring dream for mouths before I told my mother about it. According to her I described the very room were my crib was in up until we moved about a month later. She said there was a kerosene heater between the head of the crib and the door leading to the main part of the house. She told me there was no way I could remember that but I did in my dreams. I never got the nerve to tell her how alone I felt or if she had ever left me alone. I never had the dream again after I told her about it.

I had this dream just recently on the Saturday before fathers day. Just for some back gown my Father passed away Nov.30. Up until I had this dream I thought of my Dad everyday from the time I woke till I fell asleep. I looked at his pictures, read his letters he had wrote me and I cried over him everyday.
*I was cleaning and restocking my mothers fish tank only the fish tank was a pond and the pond was right across from my work place. I decided I need to put more water in the "fish tank" so I went into my work place to ask about a hose so I could run it out to the pond. When I came out of the building there was a UPS truck in the drive. I walked across the drive then when I passed by the UPS truck I could feel someone's eyes on was my Dad! He looked to be in his 40's. His hair was dark and he had a mustache. He was wearing jeans, a red and green button down shirt, a thick black belt and some kind of boots that I knew to be military issued. Behind my Dad was a blue and white pick up truck that was probably a late 1970 to mid 80's. Beside the truck was a guy that I didn't know but figured it was one of his old Navy buddies. In the drivers seat was an older man who look a lot like my Dad so I would guess it was his dad. When I seen my Dad I scrammed Daddy and ran into his arms. We didn't talk much, in fact I don't think we talk at all. I knew he wouldn't be staying long. We were standing at the drivers side of the truck when my Dad looked up at the high way with cars racing passed and said, " Is that Robert? " Even if I could see who was passing by I don't know who Robert is. I just said, "I don't know." I knew my Daddy was ready to ride off into the sun set chasing down his old buddies. I didn't say good by or beg him to stay, I just smiled, and I woke up smiling too.*
I still think of him and even cry sometimes but I don't look at his pictures and letters everyday anymore. I think that dream help me realize that he is happy where ever he's at and I know he just wants me to be happy too.

Sorry it's so long.
(reply to EyesOfCharisma) posted 23-Aug-2007 10:26pm  
That was strange...stay out of the water just in case!
posted 23-Aug-2007 11:56pm  
Recently I dreamt that I was assigned to help save the world and I had to retrieve the secret weapon- Xena. She was in a sleep state in the wall of a building and I had to infiltrate the enemy territory and set her free. Once we had Xena on our side it was over. That is when the dream ended. I'm not kidding and this really isn't strange for me but I imagine it is strange for others.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 24-Aug-2007 12:48am  
I think strange enough thoughts that my dreams pale in comparison.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 24-Aug-2007 8:28am  
Mostly pregnancy dreams.

Once I dreamed of the truth before someone told me a lie. They told me that lie to save my feelings - so I never told them I knew the truth. That was 15 years ago.
posted 24-Aug-2007 1:30pm  
I haven't been dreaming much lately, however, most of my dreams are inherently strange and unusual, so I'd have a hard time picking just one.
posted 24-Aug-2007 1:31pm  
I was laying down face up in an open grave. Even though it was night the sky was red and there was a large yellow full moon. Ringing the grave were wolves staring down at me. I was howling like a wolf at them.

Turns out I was howling for real because my wife came in and woke me up.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 24-Aug-2007 3:13pm  
That makes me think of Stephen King.
posted 24-Aug-2007 11:18pm  
During one dream I had, it became so unrealistic that I became aware that I was dreaming. I tried to wake up but instead went into another dream. It wasn't long before I realized it was a dream too. Like a bad movie, I spent that night going from dream to dream trying to get to either a awake or a normal dream. When I finally woke up it took a while to realize that I was at last,really awake. To wierd.
posted 24-Aug-2007 11:47pm  
The strangest dream I had and true and I hardly remember it , was a Baptist or Fundamentalists preachers whom
I knew at one time
And they hated me so much and so much anger and hatred in their churches, I saw those Preachers in my dream
down in the pits of hell the deepest hell they were in and me I said because of what you did to me?? you are here
posted 25-Aug-2007 3:30pm  
I don't remember my dreams................ and when I do its very disjointed
posted 26-Aug-2007 1:32pm  
I gave birth to a girl pop tart. we forgot to feed her and she died.
posted 8-Sep-2007 11:47pm  
They are all strange and unusual.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 15-Sep-2007 3:39pm  
I had a few dreams with members of SC in them - that was pretty weird, since they weren't even users that I have met.
posted 22-Sep-2007 6:55pm  
My unusual dreams are far to long to write down here.
FauxLo Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 17-Oct-2007 7:17pm  
FoxTurtle's strangest dream was when he was a human, so...
(reply to FauxLo) posted 18-Oct-2007 11:12am  
> FoxTurtle's strangest dream was when he was a human, so...

I have always wondered how Foxturtles can type...

FauxLo Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Irene007) posted 18-Oct-2007 12:32pm  
FoxTurtle wonders the very same thing, so...
(reply to FauxLo) posted 18-Oct-2007 5:46pm  
Well, you're pretty damn good with the flippers there!
posted 21-Oct-2007 8:59am  
I've had some really strange dreams, but I don't believe dreams mean much.
posted 14-Nov-2007 11:09am  
A 2D spider coming to life on a wall in some building, me running away with someone else and that person's identity kept changing. I got in a truck that looked like a people carrier on the inside, it fell apart down a little lane. I ran into a house followed by everyone else who now wanted to kill me, i then started running away again but through disney princess castles and home only to jump off of Jasmines balcony into a department store half normal and half full of flowers. I turned myself into a flower but was still running around. When someone found the flower that i supposedly was i woke up. (well that's the short version at least!)
posted 1-Apr-2008 7:05pm  
I love my dreams. Sometimes they are so weird and realistic, like my dreams about my alter-egos; I've been a lost princess from Romania, I've been a futuristic vandal, I've been married to Julian Casabalancas (lol)...
posted 16-Aug-2008 12:56am  
I was in the middle of nowhere and bears started coming out of nowhere. They were killing everyone but I got away to somewhere with alot of people who were scared of them to... Then 5 cars drive up and my friend yells "yay fat people!" they were very "big" and had guns and were killing some of the bears but there were to many so a team went out to see where the bears were coming from. When they got to the field they saw that the bears were made from some bio cube things that were fuseing 4 at a time to make each bear. Then they found out that to save themselves they had to make a bear themselves and it would be a good bear to fight for them. Then when they were about to put it together my friend woke me up...
posted 27-Jun-2013 6:11am  
One time i dreamed that my best friends sister was seriously sick, his parents came at me and told me "she is very sick" then a woke up and remembered my dream, a week a go his mom calls me to tell me why doesn't he answer the phone then she tells me his sister is sick once u see him tell him to call me.

One other time i dreamed my boss was calling me ... A woke up checked my phone as usual, got one missed called from him.

Now i keep dreaming the end of the world and it keeps freaking me out, explosions in the city, giant aliens taking over.... Its weird because some of my dreams come true, pls tell me im not the only one.

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